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OSI Industries Got Awarded With The Globe Honour

General information on OSI Industries.

OSI Industry’s history has spanned more than 100 years, of being a producer of the best butcher shop products and quality services since 1909. Otto Kolschowsky’s acted as the founder of Osi industry. Osi began as a shop for butcher meat that ensured that food was delivered with highest standards of sanitary, healthy and safe. It continued to provide market strategies, which were sustainable and secured growth to a more elevated sprawling network globally. In the year 1995, OSI industry sold a hamburger to McDonald’s, which initiated its extension to today’s industry.

OSI Industry together with Pickstock partnered jointly and built a secure network which was commendable in the United Kingdom. Osi industry created a system that was strong with Ready Foods in Edmonton, a company that produced quality beef and chicken. OSI industry was capable of developing custom food product and management of food chain supply in the world. They processed and distributed products of custom food.

In 2016, OSI industries got awarded with the Globe Honour, for their exemplary environmental risk management. The award was on the 25th of November 2016, during a luncheon that held in Draper’s Hall. It was one of the 18 organizations in the world in 2016 who were offered a Globe Honour.

Acquisition of Baho food by Osi Industries.

Baho Food manufactured deli meat, snacks and convenience foods. OSI Industries purchased Baho Food. David G. McDonald who acted as the chief operating officer and president of OSI said that the addition of Baho Food to their OSI gave them a broader presence in Europe. He contended that the brands and products of Baho Food complimented those of OSI industries.

The purchase of Tyson Food Plant by OSI Industries.

OSI Industries purchased Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. It acted as the storage warehouse and a facility for food processing.

Flagship Europe acquired by Osi Industries.

OSI Industries acquired the Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group. Flagship Europe supplied pies, products of sous vide, and frozen poultry. David McDonald said that addition of Flagship to them gave them a broader presence in Europe.

OSI’s expansion over the years led to its excellent rating among the Americas top 100. OSI was responsive and consistent with customers’ needs. OSI industry produced the best foods, and that’s what made them be among the top 1090 in America.

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Equities First Financial Holdings That Is Telling People

There are many publications out there, but trying to find one that you can read on a constant basis and you know is giving you real information is hard to do We are currently in the generation of fakes news and we do not know what is real and what is fakes. This is why the French Tribune s such a great source of information. The publication is great and ha some interesting stories for the reader. The publication just did a story about Equities First Financial Holdings that is telling people how they can go to the company if they have some need in making money and saving it as well. The company is great for people who wish to put money to the side for tomorrow. The company is great at helping you put money to the side in case of a raining day.Look at Equities if you want to know more.

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LimeCrime: The Best Vegan Makeup On the Market

Lime Crime Is Here To Stay!

By now you’ve heard of LimeCrime as a leading makeup brand to showcase your individual style! Doe Deere revolutionized the industry with high pigment materials and cute packaging to amass a large following of fans.

What you may not know is the cruelty free tactics of Lime Crime to make this brand so pure and unique. The results are fantastic and work with your conscious lifestyle. The vegan appeal has contributed to the brand’s success and continues to impress customers to this day.

What Can I Expect from LimeCrime Products?

Venus XL Palette

The upcoming Venus XL Palette is a whirlwind of color with eye-catching shadows to help yo look your best. This whimsical palette features matte and glossy finishes for a look all your own. What’s even better is the vegan process to make a fabulous gift and addition to your makeup collection.

Unicorn Hair Dye

This semi-permanent hair dye turns your look to the wow factor. Available in many colorful shades, this vegan product is easy to apply when you want a splash of color to make you look and feel great.

Other Popular Products

LimeCrime prides itself on all-natural products that will help your skin. With bold lipsticks, eye makeup, and skin care items, Lime Crime reigns supreme as a vegan makeup brand.

Experience Make Up With a Dedication to Self Care

Lime Crime is a leading beauty brand with cruelty free ingredients for the woman who prefers their makeup without any hassle. This brand has no ingredients derived fro animals and never tests on critters for a full experience.

With certification and a stunning array of reviews, Lime Crime has been recognized by vegan fans and even PETA! If you’re looking for high quality makeup and a new look, Lime Crime does the job for you.

OSI Group management talks about Baho acquisition

American food manufacturing company OSI Group is rapidly growing its market under the leadership of President David McDonald and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin. The company has recently expanded its market to countries outside of North America. The company has been trying to attract business to its side by concentrating on attracting the best companies in other countries especially in Europe.

One company they have acquired is Dutch Food Company called Baho. This is a leading food company in the region which has been supplying food products to about 18 countries in Europe. It looks a like a good acquisition for the American company. With a company that has a reputation in the market and one that has a good presence as well as considerably large food production plants. Baho is going to assist OSI Group to penetrate the European market.

OSI Group has concentrated on expanding business reach to countries outside of the United States. They are also hoping to do the same thing they are doing with production capacity to product development. For a company that is going to have a worldwide presence, it is good to ensure that the company has a wide variety of products which they can supply to all their customers. OSI Group appreciates that there is growing need for a variety of foods and they need to catch up with the trend that the customer wants. OSI Group has been consulting with the clients to learn which things they would like to see the company supply. Numerous products have been are recommended by the customer, and the company wants to make sure that as they expand, also meet the demand of the customer.

President David McDonald has helped the company reach to where it is today. He has worked closely with the CEO to ensure that the company moves out of the American market and start business operations in other regions. He termed the acquisition of Baho as an opportunity to have a “broader presence.“ Europe is one of the best markets for any business, and the penetration of OSI Group will have an impact.

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Accomplish Your Dental Goals With MB2 Dental

Great Teeth Start With MB2 Dental

If you were to see a traditional dentist in today’s modern times, you’ll probably experience prolonged treatment and a hefty bill for the work,but Dr. Villanueva, lead dentist says, he works with his patients on an independent basis to create a unique dental plan to accomplish your goals for your smile. They offer a spa dental environment with gentle technicians that cater to you before, during, and after your dental care with a follow-up visit. You’ll have the confidence to meet the demands of a job that requires up-close interaction or to pursue a modeling career.

MB2 Dental Treatment Options

You can learn all the benefits of taking care of your teeth for better oral digestion, and oral care health. They want their patients to know they’re smile is the hands of the professionals with over 25+ years expertise. A dental professional at MB2 has the ultrasound technology to find out exactly what your teeth needs to give you an amazing smile or maintain an already breathe-taking set of pearly whites. Get the benefits of a growing professional dentistry that will make your smile more than a number.Don’t wait another minute, if you’re suffering from emergency dental needs including a knocked-out tooth because of an inability to pay. MB2 offers amazing payment plan options on a bi-weekly or monthly scale. They cater to their customers with limited resources with an amazing in-house financing options designed for low-income patients or clients without insurance.

MB2 Dental Services

– teeth whitening options

– emergency services

– licensed & bonded technicians

– orthodontist referral

– dental counseling

– affordable x-rays

– spa dental environment

– pediatric dentistry

– braces traditional/clear

– and much more…

They offer many great locations across the Eastern part of the nation. You will find yourself in a spa dental setting, close to mass transit at each of their locations, and allowing you to get back to work or school fast. They take the guesswork out of several repeat visits for follow-up care. For example, their clear braces take the place of traditional braces that have several office visits, and cost a fortune. Patients prefer their dental care services over competitor networks that only accept select insurance. Go directly to the MB2 Dental website for more details on their superior dental options for patients of all ages today.

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Is Changing Online Dating For The Better

It is not easy being a woman who is looking for love on a digital platform, not only do you have to sift through potential partners who are not at all compatible with you but you also have to deal with being sent tasteless and insulting messages from other users. This can make the dating experience and one’s experience as a user of a technology platform, two experiences that are seemingly converging to the point where they might one day become totally unrecognizable, a very harrowing one. This is where tech entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the online dating platform that is known as Bumble, comes in. In an online world where harassment and incivility is increasingly defining the way that people interact with the strangers that they meet online.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s company Bumble is working to change the world of online dating by creating an app that gives women control.In an interview with the fashion publication Refinery29 Whitney Wolfe Herd discussed, in detail, the features that make her app stand out among the plethora of online dating tools that are currently available to young, single, twenty somethings. One of the aspects that Whitney Wolfe Herd mentioned in the interview with regard to Bumble is the fact that the app allows the women who are using it to initiate the first interaction. This is important because the barrage of messages that female users receive on dating apps, largely from the opposite sex, can be overwhelming and incredibly toxic.

By incorporating a feature that allows female users to decide whether or not they want to initiate a conversation with male users the power to control the interaction shifts back to female users and allows them more room to avoid messages and potential partners that treat them in a discourteous fashion.In the interview Whitney Wolfe Herd pointed out that the way that her app is designed also makes things easier for the men who are using it because it can cut down on the pressure that they might feel to start the conversation. When the pressure to reach out to female users on a dating site or app is taken away it can also cut down on the risk of rejection that Whitney suggested that some men feel when they are on the dating market. All in all Whitney Wolfe Herd has proven that her company Bumble is changing the way people date in the modern age for the better.

Third wheeling my favorite @bumblebff ‘s on the cover of the Spring @saks catalog 💃🏼

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The Co-founder of TMS Health Solutions Ara Chackerian.

Ara Chackerian is the Co-founder of TMS, the general partner and the board member of the company. TMS Health Solutions bases its operations in California and offers psychiatric services to individuals suffering from disorders such as bipolar, anxiety and schizophrenia. TMS Health Education which happens to be the Affiliate company to the TNS functions by educating the general public on neuromodulation to society. The leadership structure of the company is made up of medical and business-oriented individuals who strive to get bring out the best in Patients.

Ara Chackerian doubles up as a board member of the company. Ara manages the ASC capital firm that deals with the investment of healthcare facilities that are in their early stages of operations. Chackerian had interest in the field of entrepreneurship and investments before joining the TMS Health Solution. Chackerian has more than 20 years of experience in the development of healthcare companies where he is interested in healthcare technology.

Ara Chackerian has been part of formations of many companies which including the BMC Diagnostics, TMS and Pipeline RX. Giving back to the society is one crucial virtue that Ara Chackerian Possesses which has seen him support nonprofit organizations that support the development of the youth in the community and education. This company usually are international and base their operations in countries such as Nicaragua, Armenia and the United States.

Ara is Marketing graduate at the University of Florida State where after graduating was able to be a tutor and also researched for over thirty years before finally retiring in 2003. The research he performed in the institution centered on the reflection of effects of history on institutions and in turn the effects that institutions impose on individuals. Check out

Ara recently visited Armenia where his parents were initially before migrating to the United States. The visit saw Ara Chackerian visit an orphanage in the country where he took it upon his will to mentor the orphans. Ara has developed a commitment to help the society with his efforts seeing him develop programs in Armenia and Nicaragua. The program also aims at promoting young orphan women in their transformation to adults.

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The Dallas Women’s Foundation: In pursuit of Greatness

The advancement in women’s economic security has been a hot topic as of late. Female empowerment is at an all-time high thanks to an abundance of progressive movements. The Dallas Women’s Foundation personifies this notion to the highest degree. This is the world’s largest regional women’s fund for the advancement of social and economic change. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more productive female organization that poses this much clout. On October 20, 2017, this remarkable event held its annual luncheon at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole Hotel. There were well-over 1,300 attendees at the conference as well as a guest speaker. This guest speaker just so happed to be Dr. Hope Jahren.

This woman is the epitome of female empowerment, and she has the resume to backup all claims. Dr. Hope Jahren was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People. She is a dedicated doctor, an award-winning scientist as well as a best-selling author. She has also produced up to 70 studies that has been published in a vast range of publications. What more can you ever ask for and who’s better to get on board with the movement? One of the best features of this grand event is that its keynote address was broadcasted via livestream. That’s right! Thanks to advanced technology, over 10,000 students in North Texas got a chance to view the event in all of its glory. This is definitely setting a great tone for girls and women alike. On the other hand, NexBank SSB just so happened to bless the foundation with $100,000 in capital.

NexBank SSB is based out of Dallas, Texas. This community banking center always seem to have a hand in important causes in the area. The bank has great leadership, offers a wide selection of banking solutions and has roots that dates back to nearly a century. With a solid financial-backing, the Dallas Women’s Foundation will be seeing brighter days in the future and that’s a fact.

End Citizens United Supporting Conor Lamb to Aid the Growth of Pennsylvania

     The election campaigns in the United States have become more about which corporate lobby would win rather than which political candidate would win. The interest of the people are subdued by those of the corporations and wealthy individuals, and it has become a practice that has become so evident as well as taken for granted that even the everyday people have accepted it as part and parcel of how the system works. And, while the finger cannot be pointed on all the politicians, there are probably good numbers of people in the system who are putting the interest of corporations above that of the people whose vote they take to become politicians in the first place.

The vote bank politics is not something new, and money plays a significant role in how such things are processed. The fancy elections and its elaborateness need cash to be executed. Big companies and affluent individuals are the ones who shell out millions of dollars to support the politicians who they feel would favor their interests after winning. In the United States, the Supreme Court has given a free hand to the individuals and the corporations to offer unlimited funds to the political parties and candidates of their choice without any accountability. It has made it easier for the companies to spend money to buy out politicians and get on top of their priority list. So, once these politicians win, it becomes quite apparent that they would have to return the favor to the companies and wealthy individuals who funded their elaborate election campaigns.

End Citizens United, a political action committee, which has been protesting for the last couple of years against the Citizens United verdict given by the Supreme Court, has been supporting political candidates that support a change in campaign finance rules. End Citizens United wants to bring transparency and accountability in the campaign finance structure so that the companies cannot pressurize the political candidates with their donations and make the entire election process, a way to get into the power corridors without any accountability. End Citizens United supports political candidates who are against the existing campaign finance rules, and one of the political candidates it supports is Democrat Conor Lamb, who would be standing in the special elections to be held in March. Conor Lamb, a 33-year old ex-marine, and present Federal Prosecutor would be representing Pennsylvania. People have been showering their support on him, even though the district is known to be pre-dominatingly conservative.

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New Guidelines Coming to Finance Industry

One of the most important assets that all organizations have is its employees. Due to the cost and challenges that go into finding new employees, many organizations choose to outsource their staffing services to a firm that specializes in recruiting and hiring. There are many advantages that, when an organization chooses to outsource at staffing including reduced costs, better allocation of business resources, and the ability to recruit more talent.

One resource that all businesses could benefit from that can help with their recruiting needs is GoBuyside. GoBuyside is a modern platform that is currently used by more than 500 companies and clients located all over the world. The GoBuyside is largely used by organizations in the financial services and investment industry. The GoBuyside application and platform uses a unique approach that businesses of all sizes are able to use to attract and land some of the top talent in the world.

One of the advantages of using the GoBuyside platform is that the company can also provide plenty of information and feedback that organizations can use to improve their practices. One area of practice that the GoBuyside focuses on is the the compliance side of hiring employees. Over the past year, the company has continued to provide updates on new regulations that are likely going to impact countries across Europe in the coming year.

According to the company, the General Data Protection Regulations will be further enhanced in coming years. These sets of regulations that are set forth are generally designed to help to protect consumer data and information about employees and clients. Due to the continued increase in prevalence of data hacks, the General Data Protection Regulations is more concerned than ever before when it comes to protecting data. The newest regulations will require companies to take the steps necessary to make sure that they are better protecting data.

While the new rules set forth by the General Data Protection Regulations will help to protect data, it will also help to ensure that organizations are doing the right thing with data that they do receive. The guidelines will give organizations and investment firms more rules when it comes to how data is brought in and used. The latest rules that are set up by the organization will also increase the importance for enhanced compliance at each company. Organizations will now likely focus on hiring more compliance professionals to ensure they understand and follow these regulations.