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Samuel Strauch Is A Successful Real Estate Investor

Samuel Strauch is a distinguished and decisive real estate expert. He has served in real estate industry for quite a long time and has helped many clients in need of real estate services. Samuel Strauch has been involved in many deals related to real estate industry such as purchasing and selling of homes as well as commercial entities. He is highly exposed to all the aspects related to real estate industry.

Samuel Strauch completed his degree in business at Hofstra University which is based in New York. After his undergraduate degree, he proceeded to Erasmus University in Rotterdam and finally terminated his education in Harvard University.

Samuel Strauch engaged in banking after his graduation. However, he did not last for long in this job but instead, he started working in his family real estate business. After serving in this venture for some time, he gained intensive experience in real estate and settled on starting his own real estate company. He established the Metrik Real Estate Company that has grown tremendously and is currently doing great.

Real estate is a business venture where any ambitious person can simply get into and make a great success within some few years. However, it calls for great insight of the industry. It’s very critical to take good enough time and get enough knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work in this sector before establishing one of your own.

Samuel Strauch accepts that anybody can be a successful investor in real estate enterprise as long as they are willing to make the sacrifice. You also need to beware that it’s mandatory to work hard and tireless to achieve your objectives to make a great deal of income.

It’s so encouraging that many people have engaged themselves in this enterprise and after laying a reliable baseline, they have managed to extend their company to various income streams. They are not unique in any way, and you have the potential to do the same and even better. However, it’s always wise to consult an expert such as Samuel Strauch for a destined guide and advice towards it. Never hesitate to do this, it’s just for your good. All you need is to follow him on Twitter, and he will not hesitate to assist you with all you need to know.

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Imran Haque, A Great MD

Imran Haque is a well known Internal Medicine Specialist. He is based out of Asheboro, North Carolina. Dr. Haque is very intelligent. Dr. Haque studied at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem. He graduated from medical school with honors in 1998. As of today, Dr. Haque has been studying medicine for over 20 years. He also is enrolled in the maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine, which is a great accomplishment.

Dr. Haque is affiliated with many established hospitals including Randolph Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital, and many more! In addition to being affiliated with hospitals, Dr. Haque is also affiliated with many other medical professionals and offices.

Even through Dr. Haque is an entrepreneur, he is still very humble. Dr. Haque recommends other entrepreneurs to always respect and be kind to people who they cross-paths with. Other than education, Dr. Haque has maintained a great reputation from having great morals. His business is ran off of a famous saying which is, “Treat others as you wish for them to treat you.”. He has been able to develop several professional and personal relationships by being polite to everyone

Dr. Haque looks to former President, Barack Obama, for inspiration. He loves how the former president is always very calm with an exceptional demeanor. Dr. Haque has publicly stated that a key factor of entrepreneurship is multitasking well. Multitasking leads to great productive days for Dr. Haque! He is constantly working hard to bring more unique ideas to life for his patients and for the medical field in general.

Dr. Haque is a huge fan to modern medical technology. For Dr. Haque, it is exciting to watch how technology changes medicine. Technology has been a great benefit for health care professionals. It has brought great new ways for the practice of medical to be done. Even the simplest updates like digital-real-time medical records is a perk for Dr. Haque. He likes all of these updates because it helps him provide great medical care to all of his patients! Dr. Haque is a great man and medical professional!

Cancer Treatment Center of America Efforts to Battle Cancer

The most common cancer among men is the Prostate cancer. The Cancer Treatment of America, the National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp are partnering to increase awareness of Prostate cancer and to increase access to screening among men. LabCorp went as far as providing free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening to 2000 men over the age of 40 years who met their eligibility requirements. After the first lot of 2000 men, LabCorp has continued providing the PSA screening at a discounted price of $25.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2107 there will be new 161,360 prostate cancer diagnoses since one out of seven men is anticipated to be diagnosed with cancer in the course of their lifetime. Family history and race are the risk factors. African-Americans have higher chances of developing Prostate cancer which is predicted in one out of five men.

Former NFL coaches including Herm Edwards and Bill Cowher will be featured in the Prostrate Pep Talk campaign. They are charged with the responsibilities of creating awareness of the risks of Prostate cancer and encouraging fellow men to go through the disease screening. The three organization have given screening priority since screening is the first defense against Prostate cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is a network consisting of five hospitals that focus on serving adults who have Cancer. The Cancer Center has its headquarters in Boca Raton. CTCA’s treatment and care blend genomic testing, radiation, immunotherapy, precision cancer treatment and chemotherapy. CTCA uses informed supportive therapies to control side effects caused by cancer.

CTCA has five hospitals located in Tulsa, Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta from which it serves patients from anywhere in the world. CTCA was founded by Richard Stephenson. The facility earned Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission. The network is among the best cancer treatment and care facilities in America.

The Golden Era of Daniel Taub

Being an ambassador is a very noble task. This is because it comes with sacrifices. One has to move from their homeland and live in another land. This means new climate, culture, food different from what you’re used to in your state. To some with families, it means adjusting to the educational system of their current state. This is why this a call only a few people can answer.

Daniel Taub is among the confident individuals who have been loyal enough to handle the task for his state. Being an ambassador means to be the bridge between the two countries. To ensure they bond and exist peacefully with each other.

Daniel Taub has been Israelis ambassador since 2011.During his reign, a lot of positive changes took place. One of his most significant achievements is the success he had in the economic world. It is described as the golden error. This is because the annual bilateral trade amounted to $7 million. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

In addition, 300 Israel businesses were established in the Great Britain. This was a benefit to both the countries. For Israel this many more revenue as a result of the expanded market. To the Britain, this also meant revenue, a variety of products and most important creation of employment opportunities. This is a great plus because unemployment is a universal issue.

Daniel Taub also established peace and diplomacy between the two countries. This has been seen through the cultural exchange, education and lifestyle exchange between the two states.

During his encounter with the queen when asked how it would feel like being a representative of a country he had migrated to less than 30 years, he had a simple answer. He said that he was glad to have a chance to bring up his children in their historic land. He also says that he sees this opportunity as a chance to show his appreciation to the two states. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench

He explained his gift to the two countries would be to bring them together. Four years down the line, in his farewell party his happy to testify that he accomplished his mission. Everyone else seconds him in the sense that he was a successful ambassador. They are sad to watch him leave the post. The successor to his seat, remain anonymous.

Daniel Taub explains that the cooperation between the two states simplified his work, contrary to the way people viewed the position as stressful. He says it was an amazing experience.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team up With Others to Defend Against Prostate Cancer

Starting at the beginning of September and running through the middle of this month, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America joined with LabCorp and the National Football League Alumni Association in helping raise awareness of prostate cancer by offering free and discounted exams. 2,000 men who were 40 or older, that were able to meet the criteria, were offered free prostate exams at any of LabCorps locations throughout the country. Anyone signing up after the first 2,000 has been able to do so at a discount rate of $25. Awareness and early detection is the purpose of this initiative against the most common form of cancer for men; especially among African-Americans who are 70 percent more likely to develop Prostate Cancer. Also, a family history of Prostrate Cancer places men in a higher risk category.

Beginning in Zion IL in 1988, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have grown to include five hospitals in the country that serves cancer patients throughout the United States. Their approach uses both conventional treatments as well as integrative therapies. This approach treats cancer as well as manages the side effects. The oncologists on site include specialists with expertise and training in many forms of the disease; including Prostrate cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America stress that when caught and treated early enough, Prostate cancer has a high survivability rate. A diagnosis of cancer can be terrifying, and treatment decisions can be life-saving options that must also consider the quality of life after treatment. The hospital’s oncologists work with the patient in order to help them make the most informed decisions. Treatments include hormone therapy and advanced radiation therapy. The goal is to treat cancer while helping patients manage the side effects of that treatment. These side effects can influence bowel, urinary, and sexual functions.

The Passion for Rallying That Made Rodrigo Terpins Achieve His Best Moments

Have you ever heard of Rodrigo Terpins, the famous rally driver from Brazil? Rodrigo has been rallying in major rally competitions for quite some time now. He is a prosperous businessman who has invested in different sectors to diversify his income generation means. He comes from a family in which he adapts much from his father who is also an entrepreneur and has the passion for the rally sports proving that his family has made an impact on who he is today.

In his youth age, Rodrigo Terpins used to play basketball, and he was committed so much in that nobody thought he could alter his passion. Afterwards that when he enrolled to driving rally cars and enrolled to the Brazillian sports where he participated in several competitions. During his career, he has participated in many competitions including the Sertoes rally where he was confident and to represent his team during the 22nd edition. He has emerged as one of the best and to be the leading driver remains a priority as he does this out of passion. His love for rallying cannot be excluded because he portrays it whenever he gets in that car and drives for the best of his team. He emerged position three in the prototype category ad position eight in the overall ranking. This competition was not long compared to the other previous rallies because it only passed through the states of Goias and Minas Gerais. Check out Odiario for more.

He explained how thrilled and happy he was after the race stating that the outcome was beyond his expectations. He said that he had a good experience with his partner Fabrício noting that they had a brilliant car that was able to withstand the state of the roads they were using. He added that the race was tight and competitive, but they managed to hold the best position with a fascinating outcome. This was one of the best races he had ever participated and explained how much he was happy with the race preparations, the organizers for making a unique race making it the shortest race he had ever taken part and becoming one of the few drivers who were able to complete the race in a good position.

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Look To The Future of Mankind Through the Mind of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is known as a guru of technology. He has made his reputation as an entrepreneur of the future. Carefully following the technology industry closely, Jason Hope has determined that the IoT (Internet of Things) is an important part of our future being connected to vitally important applications and devices that are shaping the world of tomorrow and learn more about Jason Hope.

As a graduate of Arizona State University and receiving an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason Hope has been dedicated to achieving success before he entered college. His interests have always looked to the future of mankind and achieving the unachievable tasks today is in his plans. Jason Hope has been following the research in rejuvenation biotechnologies the SENS Foundations has been researching due to the increasing problems arising in the senior years of the elderly. People are living longer, but they are still susceptible to the aging process and the diseases associated with a longer life expectancy, such as Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, Liver Disease and Kidney Failure. etc. If there were a way of avoiding some of the catastrophic illnesses that suddenly attack an elderly person, it would certainly add new meaning to life expectancy and productive years and Jason on Facebook.

Jason Hope has pledged $500,00 to support the Research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies and its Mission to Fight Age-Related Diseases. The SENS Foundation is located in Mountain View, California, approximately 30 miles south of San Francisco. As a philanthropist, Hope has followed the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey, following the progress of studies done on the subject and hopes this contribution will be a beginning of other pledges to follow this effort moving this research in a positive direction for the future of senior health and aging and resume him.

In addition to technology and philanthropic donations and pledges, Jason Hope’s interests are in the future, not burning bridges, and “knowing the right people at the right time.” Networking is very important and staying in touch with your network is vital to success. Jason’s advice is to look to the future, and the recommended reading for information on new and intelligent devices is the book “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies” by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. It is all about where our personal lives and business applications are moving forward and more information click here.

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George Soros and his Impact on Global Politics

Becoming a world leader for any individual can seem like a herculean task. After all, how do you ever get enough of a voice to implore anything to anyone who might listen? George Soros knows that through hard work and dedication just about anything can happen. George Soros is a world renowned philanthropist who has donated billions of dollars to his philanthropic arm, the Open Society Foundations. George Soros, a hedge fund investor by trade, has also become one of the loudest voices in the world of politics. Let’s take a long look at the history of George Soros and what led him to his place in history as one of the most prominent progressives in recent history and more information click here.

George Soros was born to a happy family in Hungary but that wouldn’t be his experience for long. In 1944, when Soros was just 14 years old, armed Nazi forces marched into his country in order to begin their occupation. For the next year or so almost half of a million innocent Hungarian Jews would be mercilessly killed. Watching it all was George Soros and his family. The Soros family played a huge part in helping Hungarian Jews forge papers in order to escape before fleeing themselves. Soros and his family would emigrate to London where George would take up multiple jobs just to afford his higher education and learn more about George Soros.

As a philanthropist George Soros has been putting all of his cards on the table for decades with the Open Society Foundations, or OSF. The Open Society Foundations is a network of grassroots foundations that help to bring freedom of expression, democracy, and social justice to those who need them all over the world. Soros and the OSF have worked with Africans struggling during Apartheid, the Roma people of Europe, and embattled minorities here in the United States. Soros and the OSF focus on helping those that struggle with discrimination in order to find a path to a better life and world experience and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Now, as a politician George Soros has been more than focused on just bringing progressive politics back into the greater world. Soros has become almost a spokesperson for progressive politics all around the world. The 2016 Presidential Election saw something uniquely terrifying: the rise of Donald Trump. Trump brought firebrand nationalism to the mainstage of American politics and his destructive rhetoric was just violent enough and just brash enough for Soros to remember his own past in Hungary when Nazi forces marched to town and follow him

George Soros is opposed to violent nationalism and as such he became one of Donald Trump’s loudest opponents. Soros continues to stand tall against Donald Trump as Trump has taken the White House in order to pursue his agenda and read full artilce.

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A Woman of Grit and Charm that is Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonBorn in San Francisco, California, wine has played a huge role in Julia Jackson’s life. Born into a family of hardworking parents, wine icon Jess Jackson and former lawyer Barbara Banke, she knows what achieving success entails.Her exposure to wine and the art of making wine it started when she was a kid. One of her most memorable experience was going to the family’s château in Saint-Émilion and diligently working alongside the cellar people from 6:30 every morning to 10 p.m. every day for two weeks. Her appreciation of wine and respect for the people who make it increased tenfold.With a degree in studio art from Scripps College and a certificate in business management at the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management, Julia never settles down despite the accomplishments she achieved in the past.

Julia JacksonShe now works in the marketing department serving a major role as the company’s spokesperson. With over 60 brands like Benvolio, Matanzas Creek, and Murphy Goode under the Jackson Family Wines portfolio, Julia’s business acumen plays a vital role in introducing her family’s wines to a new generation of wine aficionados around the world. Her preferred varietal, in fact, is the Cabernet grown in Sonoma County.Miss  Julia Jackson also does her share of giving back to the community by founding Cambria: Seeds of Empowerment. It’s a program that gives annual cash grants amounting to $100,000 to inspiring women who are making a difference in the community and worldwide.

Amicus Therapeutics; Technology for the Future

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that is breaking ground in the therapeutic world. They are a global company based out of Cranbury, New Jersey but also have locations all over the world. They are currently operating in Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and France as well. One aspect of the business that Amicus Therapeutics prides themselves on is that they are primarily patient-oriented, and only do operate around the fact that what they are doing is always in the best interest of the patient and their family.

Amicus Therapeutics is a business driven company that uses advancements in technology to power their practice. They specialize in the research and development of a clinical trial program for rare human genetic diseases. After establishing a clinical trial for the disease that is being studied, Amicus Therapeutics will then move forward with developing a treatment plan using the wide range of technology that is available to them (SeekingAlpha).

Some examples of existing programs that they are currently offering treatment for include; Fabry disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), and Pompe disease, all of which are genetic disorders that are extremely rare and difficult to find treatment options. Amicus Therapeutics puts their patients first and do whatever it takes to provide their them with quality care and fair treatment. When researching a particular disease, Amicus Therapeutics starts at the root of the disease and comes up with a pre-clinical plan, after it is determined what the condition entails, they then are able to move it into the clinical trial period, which is where their extensive scientific knowledge and technology advancements help to provide not only answers but also relief to the people suffering from these rare conditions. For more information or if you are seeking medical help for a rare genetic disorder go to