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End Citizens United’s fight Against Big Money Politics

The Johnson Amendment was put in place to ensure that non-profit organizations that are exempted from paying taxes do not take part in political campaigns. Republican leaders seem to be working towards watering down this amendment, which the president has already signed an executive order to that effect.

The End Citizens United believes that this move is bound to allow politicians to use churches for secret campaign spending. When Lyndon Johnson brought the amendment to the floor of the house in 1954, his clear message to the church was that they could only be tax-exempt if they steered clear of political activity.

Over the years, the integrity of the church has not been compromised by mega political donors as a result of this amendment. End Citizens United have made it clear through their president, Tiffany Muller, that they would not want more ways of buying democracy to be created.

The amendment hasn’t exclusively restricted tax-exempted organizations from weighing in on political issues. Churches have not had any problem with it as they can participate in political activities freely especially in holding voter registration drives.

The drivers of the motions seeking to weaken this amendment are looking to provide an avenue for tax-free money to be channeled to political causes. They have not targeted the Johnson Amendment directly due to the public outcry that this will apparently cause. Subtle legislations with clauses that undermine the amendment are being used instead.

Founded in 2015, End Citizens United has tried to overturn the 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC decision that created a lot of room for dark money to get into the campaign trail. This onslaught on the Johnson Amendment is a fight that they are taking in their stride.

This political action committee has unapologetically endorsed likeminded candidates including Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Hassan, Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossoff, Catherine Masto and Russ Feingold all in an attempt to straighten out the campaign finance system. They are raising funds in preparation for the next election cycle, and they have a target of $35 million. They have used their ‘Stop Big Money’ slogan on Twitter to make their agenda known while running campaigns through social media.

Enacting reforms in campaign finance is their primary agenda, and they seek to do this at the local and state level. Some non-partisan groups have weighed in on ECU activities, and they seem to agree that it is an uphill task. The pressure that PACs put on political players, as well as the Supreme Court, is all the same appreciated as it prevents things from getting worse.

Given that the political class hardly give up in having things go their way, End Citizens United still have a lot to do now and the many years to come. Support from other concerned parties will surely keep ECU at the top of their game. For more information visit:


How MB2 Dental Solutions Helps Dentists Manage Their Practices

MB2 Dental Solutions is a Carrolton, Texas-based dental services provider. They help dentists manage their practices in a number of ways. They can manage tasks such as payroll, IT, human resources, accounting and finance, and most everything else that goes into operating a dental office. The one key is that they respect the dentist-patient relationship and so the dentists that are affiliated with them maintain 100% clinical autonomy at all times.

The management of MB2 Dental Solutions is known for not micromanaging their employees. That is one of the key beliefs of the founder and chief executive officer of the company, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He has said that it is his belief to hire the best and smartest people and then get out of their way and let them do their jobs. This has worked very well for the company and the result is that the company now more than 80 affiliated dental offices spread out over six states.
Another way that MB2 Dental Solutions helps their dentists is by maintaining a job board for dental field including general dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. Any of the MB2 Dental Solutions locations can put their job on MB2 Dental Solutions website and find highly qualified dental professionals to fill it.
As a mark of MB2 Dental Solutions success, Sentinel Capital Partners joined a new partnership with them that brought in new private equity to the company. The partnership will help MB2 Dental Solutions attain its goals of expansion into new markets and more affiliated dental offices in the future. A partner at Sentinel Capital Partners, Paul Murphy, said that he appreciated MB2 Dental Solutions motto of “patients come before profits” and how they are able to both hire and retain a very talented team of dentists and staff. When talking about the deal Dr. Chris Vellanueva said that he and his team were ready to engage in their next phase of growth.
MB2 Dental Solutions has also been helping out since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, especially Houston where several of their affiliated dental practices are located. They have so far raised more than $83,000 to help the victims of this hurricane. They also held a drive to get food, clothing, blankets, and other necessary items out to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Their goal is to ultimately raise $100,000 in support of the victims.

Improving the Dental Care System with Villanueva’s MB2 Dental

Dental care is one of the most important health care services we have in the market today. One person who has been instrumental when it comes to dental health care services has been Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an active dental professional and the founder to the famous MB2 Dental. Unlike with traditional dental care, MB2 Dental is a dental service that seeks to give management and other corporate services to dentists so that they can have enough time to concentrate on their practice hence improving the quality of dental care.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva’s idea of MB2 Dental was informed after he graduated from dental school. As a practicing dentist who was just starting in the trade, Dr. Chris was faced with two options; he was to either join a reputable and established dental practice in order to enjoy their economies of scale or alternatively start up his own private practice. From this scenario, Villanueva was able to come up with an idea that provided solutions for both worlds. In addition to offering management and other dental services, MB2 is also concerned with quality issues and hence invests its resources in procuring state of the art dental technologies and also the training of its member. So far MB2 has employed over 500 employees across six US states and 70 affiliates location.

How is MB2 changing the future of Dentistry?

When it comes to the future of dentistry it is without a doubt that MB2 is the hope for the future. This business is set to take over the future of dentistry with its unique principle of cohesion. MB2 understands and appreciates the fact that when dentists come together under one umbrella there is more they can achieve as opposed to going out individually on their own. This business also takes a fresh and youthful approach to dental care thus impacting positively on the lives of both dentists and their patients.

Thanks to Villanueva and MB2, oral care shouldn’t be as challenging as it was some decades ago. With the progressive and up to date care standards, patients are guaranteed of nothing short of quality from their practitioners.

Cancer Treatment Center of America Efforts to Battle Cancer

The most common cancer among men is the Prostate cancer. The Cancer Treatment of America, the National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp are partnering to increase awareness of Prostate cancer and to increase access to screening among men. LabCorp went as far as providing free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening to 2000 men over the age of 40 years who met their eligibility requirements. After the first lot of 2000 men, LabCorp has continued providing the PSA screening at a discounted price of $25.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2107 there will be new 161,360 prostate cancer diagnoses since one out of seven men is anticipated to be diagnosed with cancer in the course of their lifetime. Family history and race are the risk factors. African-Americans have higher chances of developing Prostate cancer which is predicted in one out of five men.

Former NFL coaches including Herm Edwards and Bill Cowher will be featured in the Prostrate Pep Talk campaign. They are charged with the responsibilities of creating awareness of the risks of Prostate cancer and encouraging fellow men to go through the disease screening. The three organization have given screening priority since screening is the first defense against Prostate cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is a network consisting of five hospitals that focus on serving adults who have Cancer. The Cancer Center has its headquarters in Boca Raton. CTCA’s treatment and care blend genomic testing, radiation, immunotherapy, precision cancer treatment and chemotherapy. CTCA uses informed supportive therapies to control side effects caused by cancer.

CTCA has five hospitals located in Tulsa, Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta from which it serves patients from anywhere in the world. CTCA was founded by Richard Stephenson. The facility earned Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission. The network is among the best cancer treatment and care facilities in America.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team up With Others to Defend Against Prostate Cancer

Starting at the beginning of September and running through the middle of this month, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America joined with LabCorp and the National Football League Alumni Association in helping raise awareness of prostate cancer by offering free and discounted exams. 2,000 men who were 40 or older, that were able to meet the criteria, were offered free prostate exams at any of LabCorps locations throughout the country. Anyone signing up after the first 2,000 has been able to do so at a discount rate of $25. Awareness and early detection is the purpose of this initiative against the most common form of cancer for men; especially among African-Americans who are 70 percent more likely to develop Prostate Cancer. Also, a family history of Prostrate Cancer places men in a higher risk category.

Beginning in Zion IL in 1988, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have grown to include five hospitals in the country that serves cancer patients throughout the United States. Their approach uses both conventional treatments as well as integrative therapies. This approach treats cancer as well as manages the side effects. The oncologists on site include specialists with expertise and training in many forms of the disease; including Prostrate cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America stress that when caught and treated early enough, Prostate cancer has a high survivability rate. A diagnosis of cancer can be terrifying, and treatment decisions can be life-saving options that must also consider the quality of life after treatment. The hospital’s oncologists work with the patient in order to help them make the most informed decisions. Treatments include hormone therapy and advanced radiation therapy. The goal is to treat cancer while helping patients manage the side effects of that treatment. These side effects can influence bowel, urinary, and sexual functions.

Glen Wakeman: Successful, Experienced, Internationally-Known Financial Services Professional And Entrepreneur

Business executive Glen R. Wakeman has had a successful career in financial services that has spanned more than two decades. He has also been responsible for running companies in 30 countries and revolutionizing many of their practices. Now he is co-founder and CEO of a brand new company, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. The company provides early-stage entrepreneurs with the software and online business planning services to assist them in transforming their ideas into viable businesses. Wakeman also shares his great expertise by mentoring, training and developing C-level executives.

Wakeman began his 21-year business career working in several business development positions with GE Capital. Even at that early stage of his career, the company’s governing board identified him as a role model for leadership development Crunchbase. His experience and innate understanding of institutional securities, insurance agency operations, and mortgage, commercial and retail banking enabled him to work his way up the corporate ladder and become president and CEO of the company.

Part of the reason for Glen Wakeman’s success in the financial services industry is his solid educational background. He’s a University of Scranton graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance. Wakeman also attended the University of Chicago where he earned an MBA. He then went on to attain Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Wakeman founded and served as president of the business accelerator Nova Four. The company provided developing businesses with strategic advice as well as access to capital. Wakeman currently provides counseling services for several companies.

Internationally known as a business executive, entrepreneur, mentor and writer, Glen Wakeman writes popular blog posts to share valuable information on proven methodologies for improving business performance through proper leadership, governance, strategy, risk management, execution and human capital development. His work in the United States, the UK and Latin America has led to him receiving numerous national and international awards for leadership and corporate social responsibility. Glen Wakeman’s work has generated billions of dollars for an array of diverse companies worldwide.

More at

Dr. Villanueva, partner of Dentist

Dr. Villanueva’s has a wide range of experience in dentistry, as he has held a number of separate positions in this medical field. He has been both an associate dentist and trained a diverse group of students striving to work in this field. He has also been a Dental Director and now holds the title of CEO for MB2, one of the only Support institutions in the country created for Dentist and owned by fellow Doctors. Dr. Chris Steven’s vast knowledge of business and corporate strategy has made him remain effective in assisting institutions in making certain that they remain within the clinical autonomy’s standards and guidelines. He has a true desire to uphold the integrity and nobility that the Dental Industry has strived to maintain. Dr. Villanueva continues to enjoy practicing dentistry for his patients, while remaining passionate about assisting budding dentist with direction, after they complete their dental schooling.
After being born in Ohio, Dr. Villanueva spent a majority of his child and teen years traveling to a variety of countries in the Asian and South American Continents. He graduated from High School in Venezuela and went on to marry his loving wife, Carol. She is also a Doctor who practices at her own institution based out of Texas. Dr. Villanueva and Dr. Carol are proud parents of their four lovely kids.
Dr. Villanueva’s company, MB2 Dental Solutions, is a dental institution designed to serve the role of a partner to dentists and dental practices all over the country. They give their affiliates a unique set of services that assist in helping maintain and advance their practices in the most efficient and practical ways while continuing to provide their patients with the highest standards and expectations they have already set in place. The company assists its affiliate practices in always remaining within the tight guidelines and regulations of clinical autonomy. MB2 makes sure that their partners maintain efficient techniques and methods regarding the everyday operations of their practice and ensures that they continue to provide care at their highest potential.
MB2 strives daily, to be a community in which dentist across the country can come together to provide outstanding dental care to their valued patients. By assisting their affiliates with maintaining the business realm of their practices, Dentist are given the opportunity to dedicate their time to doing what they love doing most; providing each individual patient with care and treatment they need to ensure they leave with a smile.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Provide Prostate Cancer Screenings Through October

PR Newswire recently published an article provided by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America entitled, “Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Labcorp Team Up to Offer Prostate Cancer Screenings in September”. The article details the latest efforts to raise awareness and increase screenings of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is common among men, afflicting one out of seven men.

Starting in the beginning of September and going through the middle of October, the NFLA and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are joining Labcorp in the fight to educate men about the prevalent cancer by offering 2,000 free PSA screenings.

The Prostate Specific Antigen screening will also be available at a discounted rate of $25 throughout the campaign. The article discusses those who are high risk, namely African American men and those who have a family history of the disease.

There is also a Prostate Pep Talk campaign, hosted by head coaches of the NFL like Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards, and Dick Vermeil. Edwards has personally known many friends and co-workers who have been diagnosed, some who have unfortunately lost the fight.

The campaign began with a press conference in New Jersey with Beasley Reece, Edwards, Mike Quick, and Jon Runyan. It will also include a variety of events at different Cancer Treatment Centers of America around the country including cities like: Atlanta, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, or CTCA, encourages personalized treatment through precision medicine. They have experts that specialize in treating cancer and multidisciplinary care teams to help patients with therapies to manage side effects and remain strong during treatment.

Cancer Treatment Center of America also provides the Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry that seeks to understand how drugs perform on a range of cancers. They seek to match the drugs to the different kinds of tumors with genomic mutations.

Neurocore and Their Focus on Depression

A recent article was made by about important, eight facts concerning depression. Being one of the most common mental illnesses, 16 million (about 6.7 percent) of adults have major depression each year. This mental illness often starts in adulthood, and more so among women. Approximately two-thirds of people suffering from depression don’t seek help. The ones who do normally experience a complete remission. This is mainly due to the mental illness being a general problem; however, the following includes eight facts showing how depression have a more impact than one may think:

1. This mental illness can develop with no outside factors– a stressful life occurrence, such as divorce, abuse, unemployment, or financial problems, has a higher risk in developing depression. However, a genetic factor to depression is also suggested through research.

2. There are many depressive disorder types– major depression is when continual, inescapable sadness and low self-esteem occur daily for two weeks minimum. Persistent depression is when symptoms occur daily for at least two years without ever reaching the point of major depressive. Postpartum depression occurs after childbirth and lasts from two weeks to one year. And seasonal affective disorder is when depression symptoms occur in seasons with limited sunlight, like winter.

3. Symptoms and signs may or may not be obvious– it varies for each person. Persistent feelings of numbness, emptiness, or sadness are some general signs. Some suffering from depression may have too little or too much sleep, lose interest in activities once enjoyed, encounter weight loss or gain, experience irritability, and more. And even though some may have inner turmoil and severe negative thoughts, they may appear to function normal around others, which is known as high-functioning depression.

4. Depression can have a negative physical impact to the body– physical symptoms can include shortness of breath, general tension, stomach problems, headaches, and more.

5. Young people’s second leading cause of death is suicide with depression being the major cause of it.

6. The World Health Organization stated that depression is the leading disability cause in people age 15 to 44.

7. More depression research funding is desperately needed– depression receives only one percent of funding that breast cancer obtains yearly even though there is just as much people dying from suicide as from breast cancer.

8. Even really severe depression cases are treatable– earlier treatment is more effective; however, additional treatment may be required for more stubborn types.

About Neurocore

Launched in 2004, Neurocore Brain Performance Center specializes in offering brain-based, data-driven assessments and training programs that assist children and adults in managing stress, improving sleep, and improving concentration. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they have nine brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan.

They offer a free consultation over the phone. You can complete their online form, and they will contact you for the free phone consultation. Otherwise, you can call their toll free number. Neurocore performs brain diagnostics and customized programs personalized for each client.

Find more information on Neurocore Facebook.

New Data Is Used By The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America To Inform Its Work

The Eviti system provides digital records and treatment plans for physicians and patients to work with to ensure all the necessary data and treatment options open to any individual are explored and uncovered. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been working in collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts to produce a new version of the digital medical records program allowing access to anonymous treatment plans, DNA results, and much more to ensure every patient is given the fastest possible response to their cancer treatment options.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been working to produce a new way of exploring the options opened up by digital medical records to speed up every aspect of the diagnosis and treatment spectrum. One of the major areas of concern for both clinicians and patients is the time taken by insurance companies to agree to specific treatments, a period of time the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hope will be reduced with the aid of the Eviti system that allows access to large amounts of data regarding the time constraints and effectiveness of each chosen treatment plan.

The aim of the the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is to put the patient at the very heart of every decision being taken during the course of the treatment recommended by a physician to ensure it is the very best option for the individual. This medical network of hospitals was founded by Richard J. Stephenson, an investment banker, who became upset at the available options open to his mother during a failed bid to cure the form of cancer that eventually caused her death.

Richard J. Stephenson oversaw the opening of the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital in Zion, Illinois in 1988 and has seen a further four locations open over the course of the next two decades.