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End Citizens United Supporting Conor Lamb to Aid the Growth of Pennsylvania

     The election campaigns in the United States have become more about which corporate lobby would win rather than which political candidate would win. The interest of the people are subdued by those of the corporations and wealthy individuals, and it has become a practice that has become so evident as well as taken for granted that even the everyday people have accepted it as part and parcel of how the system works. And, while the finger cannot be pointed on all the politicians, there are probably good numbers of people in the system who are putting the interest of corporations above that of the people whose vote they take to become politicians in the first place.

The vote bank politics is not something new, and money plays a significant role in how such things are processed. The fancy elections and its elaborateness need cash to be executed. Big companies and affluent individuals are the ones who shell out millions of dollars to support the politicians who they feel would favor their interests after winning. In the United States, the Supreme Court has given a free hand to the individuals and the corporations to offer unlimited funds to the political parties and candidates of their choice without any accountability. It has made it easier for the companies to spend money to buy out politicians and get on top of their priority list. So, once these politicians win, it becomes quite apparent that they would have to return the favor to the companies and wealthy individuals who funded their elaborate election campaigns.

End Citizens United, a political action committee, which has been protesting for the last couple of years against the Citizens United verdict given by the Supreme Court, has been supporting political candidates that support a change in campaign finance rules. End Citizens United wants to bring transparency and accountability in the campaign finance structure so that the companies cannot pressurize the political candidates with their donations and make the entire election process, a way to get into the power corridors without any accountability. End Citizens United supports political candidates who are against the existing campaign finance rules, and one of the political candidates it supports is Democrat Conor Lamb, who would be standing in the special elections to be held in March. Conor Lamb, a 33-year old ex-marine, and present Federal Prosecutor would be representing Pennsylvania. People have been showering their support on him, even though the district is known to be pre-dominatingly conservative.

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New Guidelines Coming to Finance Industry

One of the most important assets that all organizations have is its employees. Due to the cost and challenges that go into finding new employees, many organizations choose to outsource their staffing services to a firm that specializes in recruiting and hiring. There are many advantages that, when an organization chooses to outsource at staffing including reduced costs, better allocation of business resources, and the ability to recruit more talent.

One resource that all businesses could benefit from that can help with their recruiting needs is GoBuyside. GoBuyside is a modern platform that is currently used by more than 500 companies and clients located all over the world. The GoBuyside is largely used by organizations in the financial services and investment industry. The GoBuyside application and platform uses a unique approach that businesses of all sizes are able to use to attract and land some of the top talent in the world.

One of the advantages of using the GoBuyside platform is that the company can also provide plenty of information and feedback that organizations can use to improve their practices. One area of practice that the GoBuyside focuses on is the the compliance side of hiring employees. Over the past year, the company has continued to provide updates on new regulations that are likely going to impact countries across Europe in the coming year.

According to the company, the General Data Protection Regulations will be further enhanced in coming years. These sets of regulations that are set forth are generally designed to help to protect consumer data and information about employees and clients. Due to the continued increase in prevalence of data hacks, the General Data Protection Regulations is more concerned than ever before when it comes to protecting data. The newest regulations will require companies to take the steps necessary to make sure that they are better protecting data.

While the new rules set forth by the General Data Protection Regulations will help to protect data, it will also help to ensure that organizations are doing the right thing with data that they do receive. The guidelines will give organizations and investment firms more rules when it comes to how data is brought in and used. The latest rules that are set up by the organization will also increase the importance for enhanced compliance at each company. Organizations will now likely focus on hiring more compliance professionals to ensure they understand and follow these regulations.

Barbara Stokes and GSH are Rebuilding After Hurricane Season

Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama is a Huntsville-based federal contractor that specializes in building temporary structures for temporary housing and commercial structures. The company offers land planning, utility and foundation services, and project management services as well. They utilize an in-house staff of CAD designers and site supervisors that can handle a project from start to finish. They are the go-to provider of modular structures made from sustainable materials on the Gulf Coast. Barbara Stoke is the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of GSH and brings a multitude of experience to the company.

Barbara has recently helped secure a federal contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), that is a reported $28.5 deal. This deal will create hundreds of jobs in six different states. GSH will be tasked with building temporary housing for thousands of people that have been displaced from their homes by Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters. Barbara’s experience with securing government contracts was vital to the deal coming to fruition.

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University in 2001 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She has extensive experience in running a business, having been the owner and operator of the Pisces Corporation in the 1990s. Prior to starting GHS with her husband Scott, Barbara worked as a manager at aircraft manufacturing giant, Boeing, where she learned the ins and outs of securing federal contracts. He desire to help those in her community drove her passion to start GSH. The mother of three children, Barbara is a true rock star to the people of Huntsville, Alabama.

TMS Health Solutions Is Actively Helping Its Patients to Live Without Depression

Depression is a serious illness that can overwhelm an individual’s personality and make it difficult for them to function on a healthy level. While the use of medication and/or therapy is usually effective for treating most cases of depression, a fairly-high percentage of depression patients suffer from what is known as treatment-resistant depression.



Fortunately, a medical practice in northern California regularly provides an effective type of alternative treatment for treatment-resistant depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS.


At TMS Health Solutions, skilled clinicians and staff members use electromagnetic energy to stimulate the brain and treat treatment-resistant depression. The use of magnetic pulses to stimulate nerves is safe and useful and has been approved for therapy by the FDA since 2008. The process basically involves having a magnet placed over certain areas of the brain as you sit and relax in an office atmosphere.


TMS therapy Oakland does not require any type of surgery or sedation and rarely produces unpleasant side effects. The therapy takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes. It requires regular visits over four to six weeks and is done on an outpatient basis. Because there is no sedation involved, TMS patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately following the therapy.


To help ensure that the optimal treatment results are achieved, the clinical team at TMS Health Solutions works with patients’ primary care providers and other doctors. As the treatment goes on, the staff members regularly update the other doctors and provide them with a final report at the end of the treatment plan.


TMS Health Solutions maintains seven modern clinics throughout northern California, with three located in the Sacramento area and four more situated in the San Francisco area. Founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007, the company is devoted to offering the best care possible and allowing patients to happily recover and move forward with their lives.


As a leading group psychiatric practice, TMS Health Solutions consistently provides top-rate, patient-focused care, while continuing to research and implement new and innovative approaches to the treatment of depression. Being an insurance-based medical practice, TMS Health Solutions accepts most major health insurance plans.


Non-invasive TMS Health Solutions

The FDA approved transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy in 2008 as safe and effective. TMS is for patients who fail to respond to antidepressants and other forms of depression treatment. TMS is a proven and non-invasive option for treating depression.


It is essential for physicians to be able to recognize patients who are resistant to medical treatment. Physicians also need to know if transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy should be considered as an option.

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Recognizing the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression is the first step of the process. The physicians would need to explain the role and the mechanics of TMS, as well as communicate the safety and efficiency of the treatment, before referring a patient for TMS. Numerous studies over the past several years have shown that TMS produces positive results. Electromagnetically stimulating the brain causes neurons to fire or become active again.


TMS treatment sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes. Patients receive a total of 30 sessions, Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. Patients are observed by a technician during each session, but the patients simply recline in a chair with the TMS coil on their head during the session.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation can improve brain activity in the underactive portions of the brain. This treatment is not the first line of options and is for usually for more major or severe cases of depression. It is also not a certain cure but rather a path to a better direction. 85% of patients continue to do well after a year of treatment.

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Healthy Living with Organo Gold

With Founder Bernardo Chua and Co-Founder Shane Murand Organo Gold, a privately held corporation began in 2008 in Richmond, British Columbia. As of 2016, Organo was distributed all over the globe with roughly 400,000 independent distributors. Products offered from Organo Gold are beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. A selling point with this company is their premium coffees and teas in which contain a product called Ganoderma. The beverage products are flavored with organic Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, also known as the red Reishi mushroom, traditionally used in the Asian culture. The mushroom adds a mild flavor to the coffees and benefits with triterpenoids and amino acids. The Ganoderma mushrooms are ‘adaptogens’ a natural substance to help the body adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.
” Organo is a global network marketing company on a mission to change lives by helping people reach new levels of balance, freedom, and well being through our premium products and business opportunity.”
The Organo instant coffee products are easy to use and perfect for on the go. Emptying the packet into a cup of hot water or over ice wherever you are the Ganoderma mushrooms gives off a nutty flavor. Compared to other brewing methods, instant coffee has been said to contain higher amounts of antioxidants.
Organo is a corporate sponsor of the ‘OG Cares Foundation’. Organo not only gives back to the community but offers a chance to learn and to grow with the company as an independent distributor with support help and business tools to help build your business and achieve the goals you set.

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End Citizens United’s fight Against Big Money Politics

The Johnson Amendment was put in place to ensure that non-profit organizations that are exempted from paying taxes do not take part in political campaigns. Republican leaders seem to be working towards watering down this amendment, which the president has already signed an executive order to that effect.

The End Citizens United believes that this move is bound to allow politicians to use churches for secret campaign spending. When Lyndon Johnson brought the amendment to the floor of the house in 1954, his clear message to the church was that they could only be tax-exempt if they steered clear of political activity.

Over the years, the integrity of the church has not been compromised by mega political donors as a result of this amendment. End Citizens United have made it clear through their president, Tiffany Muller, that they would not want more ways of buying democracy to be created.

The amendment hasn’t exclusively restricted tax-exempted organizations from weighing in on political issues. Churches have not had any problem with it as they can participate in political activities freely especially in holding voter registration drives.

The drivers of the motions seeking to weaken this amendment are looking to provide an avenue for tax-free money to be channeled to political causes. They have not targeted the Johnson Amendment directly due to the public outcry that this will apparently cause. Subtle legislations with clauses that undermine the amendment are being used instead.

Founded in 2015, End Citizens United has tried to overturn the 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC decision that created a lot of room for dark money to get into the campaign trail. This onslaught on the Johnson Amendment is a fight that they are taking in their stride.

This political action committee has unapologetically endorsed likeminded candidates including Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Hassan, Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossoff, Catherine Masto and Russ Feingold all in an attempt to straighten out the campaign finance system. They are raising funds in preparation for the next election cycle, and they have a target of $35 million. They have used their ‘Stop Big Money’ slogan on Twitter to make their agenda known while running campaigns through social media.

Enacting reforms in campaign finance is their primary agenda, and they seek to do this at the local and state level. Some non-partisan groups have weighed in on ECU activities, and they seem to agree that it is an uphill task. The pressure that PACs put on political players, as well as the Supreme Court, is all the same appreciated as it prevents things from getting worse.

Given that the political class hardly give up in having things go their way, End Citizens United still have a lot to do now and the many years to come. Support from other concerned parties will surely keep ECU at the top of their game. For more information visit:


How MB2 Dental Solutions Helps Dentists Manage Their Practices

MB2 Dental Solutions is a Carrolton, Texas-based dental services provider. They help dentists manage their practices in a number of ways. They can manage tasks such as payroll, IT, human resources, accounting and finance, and most everything else that goes into operating a dental office. The one key is that they respect the dentist-patient relationship and so the dentists that are affiliated with them maintain 100% clinical autonomy at all times.

The management of MB2 Dental Solutions is known for not micromanaging their employees. That is one of the key beliefs of the founder and chief executive officer of the company, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He has said that it is his belief to hire the best and smartest people and then get out of their way and let them do their jobs. This has worked very well for the company and the result is that the company now more than 80 affiliated dental offices spread out over six states.
Another way that MB2 Dental Solutions helps their dentists is by maintaining a job board for dental field including general dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. Any of the MB2 Dental Solutions locations can put their job on MB2 Dental Solutions website and find highly qualified dental professionals to fill it.
As a mark of MB2 Dental Solutions success, Sentinel Capital Partners joined a new partnership with them that brought in new private equity to the company. The partnership will help MB2 Dental Solutions attain its goals of expansion into new markets and more affiliated dental offices in the future. A partner at Sentinel Capital Partners, Paul Murphy, said that he appreciated MB2 Dental Solutions motto of “patients come before profits” and how they are able to both hire and retain a very talented team of dentists and staff. When talking about the deal Dr. Chris Vellanueva said that he and his team were ready to engage in their next phase of growth.
MB2 Dental Solutions has also been helping out since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, especially Houston where several of their affiliated dental practices are located. They have so far raised more than $83,000 to help the victims of this hurricane. They also held a drive to get food, clothing, blankets, and other necessary items out to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Their goal is to ultimately raise $100,000 in support of the victims.

Improving the Dental Care System with Villanueva’s MB2 Dental

Dental care is one of the most important health care services we have in the market today. One person who has been instrumental when it comes to dental health care services has been Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an active dental professional and the founder to the famous MB2 Dental. Unlike with traditional dental care, MB2 Dental is a dental service that seeks to give management and other corporate services to dentists so that they can have enough time to concentrate on their practice hence improving the quality of dental care.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva’s idea of MB2 Dental was informed after he graduated from dental school. As a practicing dentist who was just starting in the trade, Dr. Chris was faced with two options; he was to either join a reputable and established dental practice in order to enjoy their economies of scale or alternatively start up his own private practice. From this scenario, Villanueva was able to come up with an idea that provided solutions for both worlds. In addition to offering management and other dental services, MB2 is also concerned with quality issues and hence invests its resources in procuring state of the art dental technologies and also the training of its member. So far MB2 has employed over 500 employees across six US states and 70 affiliates location.

How is MB2 changing the future of Dentistry?

When it comes to the future of dentistry it is without a doubt that MB2 is the hope for the future. This business is set to take over the future of dentistry with its unique principle of cohesion. MB2 understands and appreciates the fact that when dentists come together under one umbrella there is more they can achieve as opposed to going out individually on their own. This business also takes a fresh and youthful approach to dental care thus impacting positively on the lives of both dentists and their patients.

Thanks to Villanueva and MB2, oral care shouldn’t be as challenging as it was some decades ago. With the progressive and up to date care standards, patients are guaranteed of nothing short of quality from their practitioners.

Cancer Treatment Center of America Efforts to Battle Cancer

The most common cancer among men is the Prostate cancer. The Cancer Treatment of America, the National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp are partnering to increase awareness of Prostate cancer and to increase access to screening among men. LabCorp went as far as providing free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening to 2000 men over the age of 40 years who met their eligibility requirements. After the first lot of 2000 men, LabCorp has continued providing the PSA screening at a discounted price of $25.

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2107 there will be new 161,360 prostate cancer diagnoses since one out of seven men is anticipated to be diagnosed with cancer in the course of their lifetime. Family history and race are the risk factors. African-Americans have higher chances of developing Prostate cancer which is predicted in one out of five men.

Former NFL coaches including Herm Edwards and Bill Cowher will be featured in the Prostrate Pep Talk campaign. They are charged with the responsibilities of creating awareness of the risks of Prostate cancer and encouraging fellow men to go through the disease screening. The three organization have given screening priority since screening is the first defense against Prostate cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is a network consisting of five hospitals that focus on serving adults who have Cancer. The Cancer Center has its headquarters in Boca Raton. CTCA’s treatment and care blend genomic testing, radiation, immunotherapy, precision cancer treatment and chemotherapy. CTCA uses informed supportive therapies to control side effects caused by cancer.

CTCA has five hospitals located in Tulsa, Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta from which it serves patients from anywhere in the world. CTCA was founded by Richard Stephenson. The facility earned Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission. The network is among the best cancer treatment and care facilities in America.