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President Trump’s Latest Executive Order Fought By End Citizens United

One of the campaign promises of President Donald Trump was based on the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, a law many political experts was one of the few barriers to maintaining the separation of Church and State. The Johnson Amendment has now been placed under threat through an Executive order signed by President Trump which states the Internal Revenue Service should not actively pursue any groups crossing the rules and regulations introduced by the Johnson Amendment; End Citizens United is actively seeking to fight the introduction of this Executive Order which has been at the heart of the campaign financing rules since it was introduced in 1954. Visit to know more End Citizen United.

Before becoming Vice-President and then President following the assassination of President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson fought to ensure Churches, charities, and universities were not allowed to have a major say in the financing of elections across the U.S. Johnson’s Amendment, as the law became known passed the Senate with ease and has been protected by the majority over the last six decades as the separation of Church and State has always been seen as an important part of the U.S. political landscape; the unprecedented attempt to remove Johnson’s Amendment as among the most important in U.S. political history is now being fought by End Citizens United.

The End Citizens United group was formed in 2015 and is presided over by CEO, Tiffany Muller who has made it her mission to ensure the right to a fair and democratic vote in the U.S. is protected at all costs. Refusing to take the donations of major billionaire donors is a key part of how End Citizens United maintains its integrity as the group will only operate as a traditional PAC instead of taking the higher donations permitted to Super PAC’s.

As an endorser of many Democrats, End Citizens United has worked to protect many voting rights and fought alongside well-known liberal figures such as Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren who have promised their support to the work of End Citizens United. The Johnson Amendment states any charitable organization registered with the IRS will have its tax-exempt status removed if the group funds political parties or candidates in a bid to make sure these groups are not used by those trying to funnel cash into the political campaigning cycle. Not only will any repeal of the Johnson Amendment result in large tax exemptions being claimed by churches, charities, and universities along with the individual donors who will also benefit from their taxes. Read more:


George Soros and his Impact on Global Politics

Becoming a world leader for any individual can seem like a herculean task. After all, how do you ever get enough of a voice to implore anything to anyone who might listen? George Soros knows that through hard work and dedication just about anything can happen. George Soros is a world renowned philanthropist who has donated billions of dollars to his philanthropic arm, the Open Society Foundations. George Soros, a hedge fund investor by trade, has also become one of the loudest voices in the world of politics. Let’s take a long look at the history of George Soros and what led him to his place in history as one of the most prominent progressives in recent history and more information click here.

George Soros was born to a happy family in Hungary but that wouldn’t be his experience for long. In 1944, when Soros was just 14 years old, armed Nazi forces marched into his country in order to begin their occupation. For the next year or so almost half of a million innocent Hungarian Jews would be mercilessly killed. Watching it all was George Soros and his family. The Soros family played a huge part in helping Hungarian Jews forge papers in order to escape before fleeing themselves. Soros and his family would emigrate to London where George would take up multiple jobs just to afford his higher education and learn more about George Soros.

As a philanthropist George Soros has been putting all of his cards on the table for decades with the Open Society Foundations, or OSF. The Open Society Foundations is a network of grassroots foundations that help to bring freedom of expression, democracy, and social justice to those who need them all over the world. Soros and the OSF have worked with Africans struggling during Apartheid, the Roma people of Europe, and embattled minorities here in the United States. Soros and the OSF focus on helping those that struggle with discrimination in order to find a path to a better life and world experience and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Now, as a politician George Soros has been more than focused on just bringing progressive politics back into the greater world. Soros has become almost a spokesperson for progressive politics all around the world. The 2016 Presidential Election saw something uniquely terrifying: the rise of Donald Trump. Trump brought firebrand nationalism to the mainstage of American politics and his destructive rhetoric was just violent enough and just brash enough for Soros to remember his own past in Hungary when Nazi forces marched to town and follow him

George Soros is opposed to violent nationalism and as such he became one of Donald Trump’s loudest opponents. Soros continues to stand tall against Donald Trump as Trump has taken the White House in order to pursue his agenda and read full artilce.

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End Citizens United: For A Fair Country

After the Supreme Court allowed the funding of politicians by interested individuals in 2010, there was a significant rise in the number of people who were bought, and they have ruined the democracy of the country and the way that things used to work.

The imbalance cause here can only be remedied by the enacting of an amendment that will allow the citizens to end the law which was dubbed citizens united. So, end citizens united was formed to combat that and turn the table back to the normal elections with integrity leaders who have not been influenced by the money that the billionaires pour into their campaigns.

Birth of End Citizens United

It was formed to combat this blatant abuse of power that has been seen across the elections that have taken place. Their aim is to get to the grassroots people who can then contribute towards building a better democracy.

By allowing the corporations to replace the voice of the people, this law has ruined the way that democracy is supposed to work.

The Goal of End Citizens United

When you have these big money players flooding the politicians’ campaigns with their money, there is a lack of transparency, and basically, the leaders are getting in power, but they have already been bought by these powerful people.

With that kind of money, these people posses that have the power to ruin the way that the elections have always worked to turn the leaders into some puppets. The president could owe them a favor and who knows what they will ask for in return.

If the people in the grassroots can be able to see what is going on here, may be they can help stop it by exercising the power of majorities to make an amendment to that kind of law. Follow the group on LinkedIn.

The Democrat Agenda

The group that wants to end citizens united is not in this for the political ideology. They want to end the way that these people are abusing the laws. They want to help the Democrats who are the ones facing the big moneyed people on the Republican side win.

Ending Citizens United

The campaigning process and the elections have been marred by these people constantly meddling here and there that there is the need to have them curbed and that can only be done if the people are willing to get together and say not to this.

The Koch brothers, for example, have invested heavily in these politics, and they are filthy rich which makes it hard to see what is going on behind the curtains.

In Conclusion

So far they have gotten the word out and hope that the people will see the things that are happening behind the curtains then help stop those things from happening.

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