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Perry Mandera Supports Charity and Youth Aid Movements!

Perry Mandera earned his respected reputation within the business industry. Mandera founded The Custom Companies Inc., a service that offers business support to clients of different backgrounds across the globe. His company has existed for over thirty years, but his recent charitable sprees have shed new light on his character and his personality, especially when looking at his efforts to assist The Mercy Home.


Perry Mandera served in the armed forces, which brought him a different perspective on some of his life experiences. Mandera supports a large selection of charitable organizations that are related to his personal beliefs. Mandera’s history in the armed services personally connected him with charitable organizations that aid struggling veterans. He endorses charitable organizations that support the armed forces. Mandera has a wish to prevent the years of suffering that can be caused by devastating sicknesses. He makes an effort to focus on helping companies that support children who are in need as well.


Perry Mandera is a supporter of The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. This organization is a charitable company that focuses on preventing child abuse across the globe. The organization has assisted thousands of kids in several different ways such, one of which is the excellent youth mentoring services that are available. The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls provides efforts in providing resources to support abused children through various techniques. The mission has always been to help as many people as possible, to try and change the world for the better.


Mandera has a personal motivation and will to aiding young kids in his home community. He’s a big fan of youth sports, and helps kids get involved in sports like football and baseball. Mandera also wants to set a good example to try and teach kids the fundamental values that are important to finding success in life.