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Jorge Moll Gives Thoughts On Effects Of Technology In Healthcare

The day will soon be at hand when physicians will be able to access all the information of a patient they are treating with a single voice command.


Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist and President of the D’Or Institute, says that technological innovation is a rapidly growing trend across the globe and is causing it to become impossible to have a discussion regarding the healthcare industry without talking about the benefits of technology.


Moll, who is from Brazil, says that the many technological advances made in the United States like have spilled over into the healthcare industry. Moll also fondly recalled a visit he and the D’Or Institute received from Dr. Albert Chan, of Sutter Health, who has become the largest network for healthcare in Northern California.


Jorge Moll says that the work Dr. Chan and Sutter Health is doing mirrors the work of the D’Or Institute in that it utilizes new technologies to improve the patient experience.


While in Rio De Janeiro, Chan spoke about major trends in the industry and expressed a passion to instruct others on how technology can be used to improve the way patients receive care.


Jorge Moll is in agreement with Dr. Chan and says that aligning medicine with technology is benefitting physicians upon initial consultation with patients because never before has an entire patient history been available to a doctor with a voice command. Google Glass is currently being used to provide this technology.


Moll also says this technology also improves interaction between patient and doctor because now that doctors no longer have the need to dig through mountains of files to access information, more time can be spent and more attention can be paid to patients.


Jorge Moll says that the process is becoming much more efficient as all information is stored remotely after a patient consultation and is available for review immediately by a specialist. The increased productivity allows the physician to provide a different level of both convenience and interaction that patients are responding to in a favorable way. Moll also reports on the trend that is seeing smartphones and tablets playing a larger roll in the retrieval of patient information.