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Desiree Perez Starting to Get Recognized

Desiree Perez may not be a household name but to those in the music and entertainment industry, she is approaching legendary status. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jay-Z’s conglomerate, Roc Nation, Perez has established herself as a very capable businesswoman. Recognition was recently bestowed up on Perez when she was named as one of the most influential executives in the music industry by Billboard Magazine. The recognition is long overdue for a woman who has quietly ran one of the world’s fastest growing conglomerates, Roc Nation.

Perez, who goes by “Des”, has been a successful businesswoman for over 25 years. She started in the entertainment industry as a night club and music venue manager in the New York City area in the early 1990s. During her time as a venue manager, Des established close business relationships with many of the music industry’s biggest names, including Jay-Z. They have been close friends for many years and Jay-Z regards her as having one of the most savvy business minds in the industry. He chose her to run his previous business, SC Enterprises, and picked her to run Roc Nation when he formed the company in 2009, and learn more about Des Perez.

Des is regarded as one of the best negotiators in the business and has helped Roc Nation become a major player in the entertainment world. A few of the deals she has made include the Samsung deal with Rihanna, Beyonc√©’s Formation Stadium deal, and even helped Robinson Cano secure a $250 million deal with the Seattle Mariners. She was chosen to head up Roc Nation’s new venture, the music streaming service Tidal, in 2016. She negotiated a lucrative deal with Sprint for $200 million in early 2017, a deal that gave Tidal exclusive access to 45 million Sprint users. Des is married to Roc Nation Sports President, Juan Perez.

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Tidal is expanding from Desiree Perez Leadership

Tidal is a company that offers music that is of high quality. Since it was re-launched in March 2015 by Jay-Z, the company has become famous to music lovers. Customers who have flocked in find that it is affordable and the monthly subscription is user-friendly. Among many artists, the company has also become popular. The cost of subscription is affordable going at $9.99 per month. It is also important to note that Tidal pays its artists well with the exceptional amount of royalties.


Tidal is also a unique in that its owners are musicians, so they know what the fans want. That’s why they work towards achieving that goal. Among the owners is Jay-Z, who has been in the music industry for years. He has been able to establish himself. It is the first musician-run streaming company. It is thriving in the entertainment industry. Other companies have already set such as Spotify and Apple Music. However, Tidal is working to ensure it is at the top.¬† Souce


It is quickly expanding, and it is currently excelling in the iTunes store. The albums of the famous artist, Kanye West, made a lot of attractions and within just a month there were million trial subscribers. The app is becoming popular among many music lovers. Jay-Z wants the company to excel. There had been a series of leaders defecting from the company, and that prompted Jay-Z to appoint the right person to head the company. The head has become a significant force in the business and has contributed a lot since she rose to the position.

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It is Desiree Perez who has been an associate of Jay-Z for a long time. Even those who are working with Desiree say that she has worked and contributed a lot the company since she was appointed. She plays a significant role in getting artists to put their music in Tidal. She has an excellent reputation in the music industry since she has made achievements. She is also a member of the Hova influential Circle together with her husband, Juan Perez.

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