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David McDonald: Leading OSI Group to Greatness

Beginning as a simple love for animals while growing up on his family’s farm, David McDonald is now currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group, an international leader in providing value-added protein items, such as sausage links, hot dogs and hamburger patties. With his passion for animals so dear to heart, McDonald chose to major and obtain a degree in animal science from Iowa State University and then began his career venture with OSI Group in 1991.

Working his way up from a ground level project manager to the current President and COO, David McDonald has successfully led OSI Group to a profiting and international phenomenon.

David McDonald holds high hopes and standards for what the future holds for the company and strives to provide high quality services for the local and international clients it serves. Expansion is a major part of a company such as OSI Group and they recently bought Baho Foods, a Dutch company focused in deli meat selections and the processing of other food items. The addition of this company helped to solidify OSI Group’s presence in the European sector: this in addition to their ever growing presence in China. In an interview with Inspirery, McDonald discussed his enjoyment over the newest facility that was launched in China and described OSI Group’s international successfulness as simply becoming part of the local culture and understanding the needs of that community. While with OSI Group, David McDonald has also assisted in obtaining ten other Chinese factories that specialize in poultry productions.

Credited with a major profit rise since his tenure, David McDonald holds the standards for quality at an extremely high bar. This standard of quality is what helps the company gain and maintain it’s client base companies. With McDonald’s assistance OSI Group will continue to expand and positively impact more and more of the international food providers market with their high quality products and driven dedication for food safety.

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David McDonald- Exploring New Frontiers

Baho Foods recently became the newest addition to OSI Group’s list of successful brand following the recent acquisition by the latter, in a move that is expected to further increase the company’s reach and introduce it into some new European markets. Technically a giant in its own right, Baho Foods is one of the largest food processing companies in the Netherlands and specializes in the processing of Delhi foods. It has an extensive network of contacts and retailers in the country and in several other countries in various continents. On the other hand, OSI Group is one of the largest processors of beef in America and also exports its products to many countries across the globe. In retrospect, therefore, it only seems that the move was always on the way coming and it was just a matter of time before one was acquired by the other given that the two companies share the same basic common interests. According to David McDonald, the acquisition of Baho Foods industries by his company is a move that will complement the latter’s ventures and help the company penetrate into new markets.

OSI Group is currently headquartered in Aurora, Illinois since moving its headquarters from Chicago and David McDonald currently serves as the company’s president and Chief Executive Officer. The company has, under his steady leadership, expanded into three continents and currently has at least 10 retail stores in China alone. Of course with the addition of Baho Foods to the holds with its significant number of outlets in tow means that the total number of outlets owned or used by the OSI Group is going to increase even further in the next coming months.
David McDonald is a man who has built a successful career in food processing industry and has demonstrated the capacity and experience to always get the job done. He went to college at the Iowa State University from where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science. Naturally, because of this he jumped head-on into the meat industry and even served as the chairman of North American Meat Institute before he joined OSI Group as a Project Manager and started clawing his way up the ladder.

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