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Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas is a renowned financial expert who boasts of extensive experience and skills. Christopher has been managing a 20-people European Credit Group. The organization focuses on investment of principle opportunistic nature. Christopher uses his extensive knowledge of investment to guide other investors on the advantages and how to make investments. Chris has discovered that university and college students and other youths delay for too long when investing money.


Christopher Linkas advised that young people should ensure that they invest their money regardless of their economic status. Chris pointed out that many young people do not invest money hiding under the claims of paying back their student educational loans.


Christopher Linkas boasts extensive experience in international investment markets. He has a broad spectrum of various stock markets such as Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, and Greece. Chris argues that young people are not expected to retire for many years; hence they need to start investing at an early age regardless of their financial situations.


Christopher Linkas noted that it is also imperative for investors to reinvest. He pointed out that reinvestment helps in compounding interests hence fetching more returns for the investor. He quoted the saying of a great scientist, Albert Einstein that goes that compounding and reinvesting is equal to the natural wonders of the world. He said that investors are likely to have a substantial amount of money in their bank account if they consider reinvesting and compounding their dividends.


Christopher Linkas accused young investors of ignoring the attraction and fascination of dividends. He argued that young people want fast money forgetting that money takes time to accumulate. He encouraged young investors and businesspeople to consider long-term investments for them to reap sustainable returns.


Chris Linkas has vast experience across a range of industries. He knows the risks involved in investing. Chris confirmed that every investment is prone to risks. However, he cautioned young investors over investing in sectors that require high levels of risk-taking. He continued that there is no essence of losing 70% or more of one’s investment overnight as a result of one bad stock pick.


Glen Wakeman on What it Takes to Bring an Idea to Life

Glen Wakeman – world traveler, CEO, business owner, and mentor conducted an interview with Ideamensch to discuss his long, storied career in hindsight.


One of the companies created be Mr. Wakeman was LaunchPad Holdings, a company which, according to Glen Wakeman, was founded with the intentions of matching ideas with cash. In the interview, Wakeman talks about how he has heard so many incredible ideas from people without the knowledge or resources to make them a reality.


“An idea isn’t a plan,” said Wakeman. “So we thought we would make it easy and intuitive to build a plan with a simple software platform.”


That’s exactly what LaunchPad Holdings does. It takes an individuals concerns and ideas into consideration and produces a business plan for the customer.


Wakeman also explained his own personal techniques when bring a new idea together.


“[I] force myself to explain [my ideas] to others,” Glen said.


Before he speaks to anyone, he sits down and plans out his idea, creating an outline and going through the necessary steps required to bring the idea to life.


“Sometimes when you have to say [ideas] out loud, you realize how dumb they are,” Wakeman explained.


This process not only allows him to weed out the bad ideas, but it gives him the basic groundwork required to make an idea into something tangible. When Wakeman shows someone an idea, he makes sure that he is showing someone who will provide him with real feedback. He doesn’t want to explain his ideas to someone that is too nice or forgiving because they don’t have what it takes to criticize his work.


Wakeman also stressed curiosity in his interview, explaining that it is one of his most productive traits. In the interview, he explained that his curiosity makes him a better problem solver, encourage innovative, and creating a better experience for his customers.