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The Excellence Of Securus Technologies Customer Service Takes The Prize

Securus technologies provides the technology to keep communities safe. They are experts in the field of criminal and civil justice with a solid gold customer service department. I am positively delighted they have been awarded Gold Stevie Awards for their exceptional customer service training and sales capabilities. The Stevie Award represents the top honors for sales professionals, business development and customer service. It is amazing Securus has been awarded not one but two separate Stevie Awards for both customer service and sales.


The awards presentation was in Las Vegas, Nevada at Caesars Palace. The attendees included 650 executives that came from all over the world. There were over 53 categories for the awards and the judging committee consisted of 75 members. The award placements were for Bronze, Silver and Gold. Danny de Hoyos is the Senior Vice President for Securus Technologies. He is pleased all their hard work in customer service has been recognized.


A large part of Securus Technologies success is because their training team emphasizes with the situations the customers are currently dealing with. They strive to take care of all the customers issues the very first time they call. They focus on the needs of their customers and understand how much stress they are under. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to Securus Technologies.


There were numerous comments made by the judges regarding Securus Technologies. They felt the company plays an important role in society and were pleased with the services provided. I liked the comment about how the judges felt Securus Technologies were doing everything possible so their training teams could improve the results the company was receiving. That shows true dedication.


The Sales and customer service awards presented by the Stevie Awards are fast growing and exceedingly competitive. The awards highlight the most important categories for businesses and recognize the importance of building a good business reputation.


Why Securus Is the Preferred Communication Provider for Prison Systems

Securus has been the go-to company by law enforcement officials and government agencies. The reason behind this is the provision of their highly secured information systems that can be used for various top-secret services and the provision of secure communication networks for the prison system. Securus also offers inmate and detainee tracking however it should be noted that their tracking services aren’t limited to this alone.


Securus is an American company; it has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. In as much as the company is located in Texas, Securus has other regional offices in Dallas metro and Atlanta Georgia. Most of the company’s workload is handled in the secure facilities in Dallas Metro and Atlanta Georgia.


As of now, Securus serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 American states. The company’s services aren’t limited to the American mainland as the Securus also provides its services for prison systems in Canada and Mexico.


The company’s objectives are centered towards crime prevention and solving already committed; this is the primary reason Securus is considered to be law enforcement agency’s number one companion. Recently Securus received emails from the local communities who were providing feedback for the services the company offered. Most of the emails thanked Securus for the services they have been providing in making local communities safer.


Among the emails was one from a prison system, the reason they wrote to Securus was to thank them for providing vital information that led to apprehending a rogue member of staff. The apprehended member of the team was corrupt, it was confirmed that he had the habit of sneaking in contrabands for prisoners and in return, the inmates were giving him financial compensation. Using the information provided by Securus, the prison system was able to obtain an arrest warrant and search warrant that proved vital in charging him.


Securus Technologies – Facilitating Regular Communication between Inmates and their Family and Friends

Securus Technologies is one of the leading prison technology companies in the United States and offers its services to the correctional facilities in Canada and Mexico as well. Presently, more than 2,600 correctional facilities and more than 1.2 million inmates are using the wide range of services offered by Securus Technologies. The numbers are expected to grow shortly as the company works on many different products and services in the said field. The primary objective of the company is to help advance the communication services in the correctional sphere to ensure that the prisoners have the means to communicate with their loved ones without any hiccups.



Securus Technologies has kept its price nominal and continues to find new ways to decrease the price further for the benefit of the inmates. There are many services that Securus Technologies offer, which includes phone services, money transfer services, voice messaging system, video visitation, kiosks, photo sharing service, video services, and more. These services help the inmates to meet and talk with their loved ones without any issues and on a regular basis. Securus Technologies like to keep the company’s operations and planning transparent for its customers and investors.



It is why the company’s CEO, Rick Smith, recently extended an open invitation for them to visit the company’s technology center in Dallas, TX. The press release through which the invitation was given also mentioned the comments of the law enforcement officers extracted from the letters sent by them to the company. The comments praised how the efficient services of Securus Technologies are helping them work in a safe environment and get effective results. The information tracking system offered by Securus Technologies supports the law enforcement officers get the information they need in time to catch the culprit and convict them in the court of justice through proper evidence.



Securus Technologies – ConnectUs Automated Forms

Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of inmate communications, parolee tracking and government information has introduced a time and money saving service. It is the automation of inmate grievance applications and other forms. Changing these forms from paper to electronic applications will reduce the time spent processing the requests. The platform used is called ConnectUs.

ConnectUs will reduce the work formerly involved. Because forms are on paper, corrections officers are currently responsible for each step of the implementing process. The paperwork includes medical forms, sign-up forms, grievances and handbook acceptance forms. This wide range of paperwork must be distributed, collected and then routed to the correct authorities. These applications and grievances must be logged and a response must be given. They are also copied, filed and then finally archived and stored.

Rather than having corrections officers perform all this work, ConnectUs simplifies the whole process by changing from the physical movement of forms to the electronic transfer of them using the platform. Because the forms are now digital, the application can be accessed online. Inmates can follow-up on the status of a form with self-service options. Using the self-service set-up, the inmate can check the form’s status online and accept or appeal the decisions online too.

Each institution can have forms developed that suit their particular needs. Each institution has complete control over the content of the forms available for the inmates to access. Included in the system is a digital bulletin board that allows corrections staff to leave notes for the inmates. This allows for more efficient communications. The digital platform also allows for translations in different languages.

Reducing the work load processing inmate forms creates makes ConnectUs an excellent choice for Securus Technologies to implement. Money will be saved by lessening the workload and paper costs. Less time will be wasted as well. Most importantly, the prison population which is rarely content, will now have one less complaint as their concerns will be addressed in a faster more expedient manner through the digitized processing of inmate forms.