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Ara Chackerian: Successful Businessman in the Field of Medicine

Ara Chackerian is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States, being able to establish his medical startup that thrived, thanks to his dedication and hard work. He established the TMS Health Solutions and offered the public a new way to treat mental disorders by using a method called the transcranial magnetic stimulation, also known as TMS. Before he established the TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian is struggling to find out which business would surely thrive if he would start investing in one. A friend of him suggested that he should be opening up a medical startup because it would gain the most number of profits. Knowing that he would be able to open up a medical startup in California in a short amount of time, he decided to finish all of the papers needed to open his business. When the day of his business opening came, he ran several ads that would encourage the people to visit his clinic and try the treatment he is offering.



The transcranial magnetic stimulation is a method improved by Ara Chackerian, which uses electromagnetic signals to treat the brain from depression and other related disorders. He never imagined that the business he established would become an instant hit, and when the public knew about the services offered inside his clinic, many people started showing up, with hopes that their problem with depression will be eradicated. You can check out




Ara Chackerian started to innovate the treatment that he is offering in his clinic, and by the time the treatment reached popularity, many scientific journals have explained that the transcranial magnetic stimulation offered at his facility is proven to be effective. The experiment of Ara Chackerian to operate in the medical business field is a success. He now has concrete evidence that the medical industry is profitable, and he started inviting some of his friends to invest in his company.



Today, Ara Chackerian enjoys the success of the company he established. The TMS Health Solutions proved that if a medical product would look and sound promising to the public, it will sell out and many people will be looking for it because of the rising demand for the product.


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Life Line Screening, Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone knows living a healthy lifestyle in important, but sometime we lack the motivation to put our health concerns first. This is a mistake. Nearly six hundred thousand Americans a year die of cardiovascular related diseases. That is a sobering thought isn’t it. What is even worse is that nearly twenty percent of those that died could have been prevented with some simple preventative changes to there lifestyle, such as a new dietary habit or a bit of exercise. There is also getting preventive screenings to give a person a better idea of there overall health and motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.

Cardiovascular disease is a deadly one. It is also scary because it does damage slowly without a person knowing until it is to late. Most times a person won’t know until they have a heart attach, which it almost always fatal. This is why it is often referred to as the silent killer. It is like a shark that sneaks up behind you before it attacks. The good news is that those who receive poor screening results are more willing to make life changes. Also, those with positive test results are also motivated to make lifestyle changes as well.

Life Line Screening recently did a study on nearly three thousand of its own customers to see if getting a screening is a motivating factor in making healthier lifestyle changes. The study showed that those who underwent the screenings really were motivated to make healthier lifestyle changes. It also disregarded the testing results, everyone felt more motivated. This meant that everyone made significant progress in changing there dietary and exercise habits and were make further plans for down the line as well. It also had the an advantage to those with poor testing results, to be more willing to follow the advice of there doctor.

Sometime we all just need a little motivation to get on the task of living a healthier lifestyle. This is were Life Line Screening as a part to play. Not only can preventative screenings tell you the real status of your health, it can also provide a motivation factor to put you on the right track. Founded in nineteen ninety three, Life Line Screening has built up a strong and reliable reputation for there screenings. Not only can the company provide cardiovascular screening, but can also provide Finger Stick Blood Tests, Ultrasound Screenings and an Electrocardiograph. With such a selection of screening for your health, they are definitely worth a try.

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Amicus Therapeutics; Technology for the Future

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that is breaking ground in the therapeutic world. They are a global company based out of Cranbury, New Jersey but also have locations all over the world. They are currently operating in Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and France as well. One aspect of the business that Amicus Therapeutics prides themselves on is that they are primarily patient-oriented, and only do operate around the fact that what they are doing is always in the best interest of the patient and their family.

Amicus Therapeutics is a business driven company that uses advancements in technology to power their practice. They specialize in the research and development of a clinical trial program for rare human genetic diseases. After establishing a clinical trial for the disease that is being studied, Amicus Therapeutics will then move forward with developing a treatment plan using the wide range of technology that is available to them (SeekingAlpha).

Some examples of existing programs that they are currently offering treatment for include; Fabry disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), and Pompe disease, all of which are genetic disorders that are extremely rare and difficult to find treatment options. Amicus Therapeutics puts their patients first and do whatever it takes to provide their them with quality care and fair treatment. When researching a particular disease, Amicus Therapeutics starts at the root of the disease and comes up with a pre-clinical plan, after it is determined what the condition entails, they then are able to move it into the clinical trial period, which is where their extensive scientific knowledge and technology advancements help to provide not only answers but also relief to the people suffering from these rare conditions. For more information or if you are seeking medical help for a rare genetic disorder go to