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Waiakea Water Wow! The Next Big Thing in Bottled Water

In today’s world, more consumers are reaching for bottled water as part of their daily shopping habits. Be that because of convenience, taste, quality, or any number of other factors, bottled water is generally considered a superior alternative to tap water. However, not all bottled waters are created equal, and Waiakea Water is set to surpass them all.


Waiakea Water is the brainchild of Ryan Emmons, the CEO and founder of the company. During his time growing up in Hawaii, he couldn’t help but notice the superb quality of the Hawaii volcanic water that he found at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano near his Uncle’s home. He felt it was the best water he had ever tasted, and he was eager to share it with the world.

Along with its outstanding taste, this volcanic water has several health benefits that most people don’t think about getting from their drinking water. It is naturally alkaline (coming it in around 8.2 on the ph scale), which can help the body to process and recover from the amount of acid it is typically exposed to on a daily basis via other foods and drinks. The alkalinity of the water has also been shown to help fight off some of the effects of acid reflux and heartburn over time. Aside from its naturally higher ph, Waiakea Water also contains an average of 32.4 milligrams of silica, which surpasses the recommended daily value of 30 milligrams, and over time, has been shown to aid in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

The benefits of Waiakea Water don’t stop within the human body, their environmental efforts are also noteworthy. To begin with, coming from an area of Hawaii that receives rain an average of 360 out of 365 days a year, Waiakea water is incredibly sustainable. The company then goes on to use 100 percent rPET bottles, which require 85 percent less energy to produce than non rPET bottles, and they also use 90 percent less water in their manufacturing process than most bottled water companies.

All in all, Waiakea Water is a highly awarded company on the rise, and the sky is the limit.

Health And Business Opportunities With IDLife

There are two common desires in society. People want to get in shape and become wealthy. Fortunately, there is an opportunity for people to both with IDLife.

IDLife is a health and fitness company that is designed to help people get in the best shape of their lives. There are multiple methods to do this as well. For instance, some people may need to lose a little bit of weight to get to where they need to be health wise. Others may actually need to gain a little weight so that they can become stronger. The most important aspect of fitness is in the diet.

IDLife has plenty of supplements and advice when it comes to fitness. For one thing, people are often deficient on some nutrients because of their diet. Therefore, they may find themselves struggling to get to optimum health. There is always something lacking in their lives that they need to get them to the best possible health. Some people lack energy and strength. Others lack motivation and focus. The issue can be dietary by nature. There are some nutrients that can help the body gain energy and help the brain focus on the tasks at hand.

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IDLife is not just here to sell products to customers. It is also here to give people money making opportunities. When people buy products from the company, they also have the opportunity to start up a franchise where they can make money. All that is needed is for them to fill out a form and then send it in to the company. If IDLife approves of the application, then the user will receive a replica of the website with his unique code. If a customer clicks on the website and buys an item, the user will gain a commission from the sale.

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Penelope Kokkinides and InnovoCare Health Make Modern Healthcare Reality

There is little doubt that InnovaCare Health is leading the way in terms of providing affordable healthcare. The company’s values and strong leadership through Chief Executive Officer Richard Shinto, M.D., continue to focus its efforts on ensuring the patient comes first, and that modern medical care is available to the masses who so desperately need it. While not always the case, this success and good news story only gets better with the addition of tried and true medical administration veteran Penelope Kokkinides.In June 2015, InnovaCare Health’s Dr. Shinto announced a few new team members that he had chosen for his dream team heading up this innovative, essential company.

Mike Sortino was named the Chief Accounting Officer, Jonathan Meyers was named Chief Actuary Officer, but the crème de la crème was the addition of Penelope Kokkinides to the team as Chief Administration Officer. InnovaCare has not only been leading the charge in providing affordable healthcare, it has been earning awards left and right since Dr. Shinto took over the company, including the prestigious “Access to Caring Award” in 2014. The addition of Penelope in summer 2015 has only improved the outlook and effort of the company.Penelope came to the table with over two decades of experience in medical administration and care management. Her experience includes the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight HealthCare, Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health, and Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, just to name a few. In an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope said “I take the time to prioritize what tasks need to get done and what I ultimately want to get done.

This is essential because a lot of time can be spent simply thinking about what you’d like to be done.” Her organizational skill and dedication to her work have been instrumental in making InnovaCare so successful over the last two years.In 2016, Dr. Shinto and Penelope’s leadership and dedication to the people they serve pushed InnovaCare Health to join in on the Health and Human Services “Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network” initiative. This innovative initiative helped move the United States’ health care system’s payment model toward one that is based more on quality than quantity, a concept firmly steeped in the InnovaCare Health’s value of patient first. Continually focused on excellence, Dr. Shinto and Penelope are bound to continue driving InnovaCare into the future and providing affordable modern healthcare to the people who need it most.

My Dog Is Losing Weight Very Well By Eating Beneful

I really am shocked to know that my dog has gained so much weight, even though I thought that he had just gotten bigger over time. I really thought that my dog was just getting older and bigger in size, but I didn’t think that he was getting fat. My veterinarian who sees the dog every few months was surprised when I brought the dog in for his last checkup, especially since I hadn’t been there for over six months. I had been out of town, and I was letting someone else watch my dog during that time, and it had been three months since I had seen my dog.

I was sad that I had to leave my dog for three months, but I was working out of town, so I made sure to get him a good sitter. It looks as if the sitter was feeding the dog anything he wanted to eat, and I couldn’t believe how big he was when I came back and saw him.

The vet said that the dog was very overweight by at least 15 pounds, and that was excessive for any dog. She asked me how is it that the dog had gotten so big in such a short period of time, and I let her know that I wasn’t home for three months, and the dog was being watched by a sitter. I told her that the sitter was obviously feeding her all the wrong foods, even though I had instructed her to mostly give the dog, dog food. The vet gave me some advice on helping the dog to start losing weight.

The first thing she advised me to do was by Beneful Healthy Weight, and she suggested it because it’s in the Beneful brand, which is something she has always used for her own dog. She also told me that if I made sure the dog got to exercise each day while eating Beneful Healthy Weight, then I would gradually see the dog’s weight decline. She said that it wasn’t good for a dog to lose a lot of weight at once because it could be harmful to his health, so Beneful healthy weight would make him gradually slim down in size.

She also advised me to make sure to take the dog for at least one or two walks a day, and the more walking he could handle, and then the more weight he might lose. I took all the advice that the veterinarian gave me, and after leaving the vet I went straight to the store to buy Beneful Healthy Weight. I was skeptical about the weight my dog would lose, but two weeks had passed, and I believed I saw a change in him. One month later at the veterinarian visit he had lost several pounds.