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Waiakea Water Wow! The Next Big Thing in Bottled Water

In today’s world, more consumers are reaching for bottled water as part of their daily shopping habits. Be that because of convenience, taste, quality, or any number of other factors, bottled water is generally considered a superior alternative to tap water. However, not all bottled waters are created equal, and Waiakea Water is set to surpass them all.


Waiakea Water is the brainchild of Ryan Emmons, the CEO and founder of the company. During his time growing up in Hawaii, he couldn’t help but notice the superb quality of the Hawaii volcanic water that he found at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano near his Uncle’s home. He felt it was the best water he had ever tasted, and he was eager to share it with the world.

Along with its outstanding taste, this volcanic water has several health benefits that most people don’t think about getting from their drinking water. It is naturally alkaline (coming it in around 8.2 on the ph scale), which can help the body to process and recover from the amount of acid it is typically exposed to on a daily basis via other foods and drinks. The alkalinity of the water has also been shown to help fight off some of the effects of acid reflux and heartburn over time. Aside from its naturally higher ph, Waiakea Water also contains an average of 32.4 milligrams of silica, which surpasses the recommended daily value of 30 milligrams, and over time, has been shown to aid in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

The benefits of Waiakea Water don’t stop within the human body, their environmental efforts are also noteworthy. To begin with, coming from an area of Hawaii that receives rain an average of 360 out of 365 days a year, Waiakea water is incredibly sustainable. The company then goes on to use 100 percent rPET bottles, which require 85 percent less energy to produce than non rPET bottles, and they also use 90 percent less water in their manufacturing process than most bottled water companies.

All in all, Waiakea Water is a highly awarded company on the rise, and the sky is the limit.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Educates Medical Industry About Opioid Alternatives for Pain Management

PR Newswire recently provided an article to Markets Insider called “Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams with Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on Innovative Collaboration to Educate Physicians and Patients about Responsible Opioid Use”. The article details the latest initiative and collaboration for Cancer Treatment Centers of America which is focused on the reduction of opioid use for cancer patients.The latest collaboration for Cancer Treatment Centers of America with Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is called the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative. The initiative is geared towards creating a more responsible administration and use of opioids while also raising awareness about opioid alternatives for pain management options.

The Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative is oriented around three major goals. They seek to provide evidence-based material to create a procedure of non-opioid pain management tracks. This will eventually minimize or remove opioid use for cancer patients who have used to opioids because of surgery or for pain management. Secondly, the initiative seeks to create a conversation within the medical community at large about creating a more responsible use for opioids and instilling a greater awareness about alternatives. Finally, they seek to educate the cancer patients who have largely been left out of the conversation. Cancer patients need to be aware of the effective alternatives to opioids and how to use them effectively without becoming reliant on the pain management opioids when they are required.

Pacira and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are looking at the next steps for the collaboration by providing guidelines for cancer patients while ceaselessly working for a clinical consensus. The publication of the work would help the patients by providing more education and awareness of different pain management options.Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a network of hospitals across the country. They have locations in Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Tulsa. They specialize in the treatment of adult oncology patients.Cancer Treatment Centers of America is focused on providing the best possible care throughout the entire treatment process, from diagnosis to cancer treatment to supportive therapies and pain management to improve quality of life.