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Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three-Step Approach

One of the most valuable employees of Wealth Solutions is Richard Dwayne Blair. This individual is highly endowed with knowledge in financial matters. Mr. Blair has helped numerous clients to have a good financial plan that is a result of extensive planning. He knows how to tackle different client issues independently as each need differs from the other. Due to his influence on clients and expertise in financial management, Wealth Solutions has experienced rapid growth in the customer base as well as increased profits. Recently, Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair offered an insight of how he approaches a client’s issue.


The following is the stepwise plan of how he tackles it:

  • Step one. The first thing is building an interactive relationship with the client. This relationship is meant to create a deep understanding between the customer and the advisor. Richard Dwayne Blair refers to this stage as the time to develop a financial roadmap for the client. In this session, the client is asked to share his/her financial goals and fears. Richard, on his part, listens keenly while devising on the best option for a particular client.


  • Step two. This is usually the stage where the information obtained in the initial step is acted on. Richard Dwayne Blair proposes investment strategies to the client that matches their ambitions. Often, this investment is a long-term one. He also proposes means of ensuring that the investment is implemented within a particular timespan. Richard is keen to advise customers to invest at a stage when the market demand is high. This ensures that the customers are less prone to making losses.


  • Step three. This is the final stage, and it involves the actual implementation of the proposals made in the previous step. Richard Dwayne sees the client through the implementation process while making adjustments to cover for arising issue that was unprecedented. Richard Dwayne Blair also closely follows the progress of the client to see everything goes according to plan. If there arises a gap in the implementation, Richard advises the customer of how to overcome such an obstacle.


Equities First Financial Holdings That Is Telling People

There are many publications out there, but trying to find one that you can read on a constant basis and you know is giving you real information is hard to do We are currently in the generation of fakes news and we do not know what is real and what is fakes. This is why the French Tribune s such a great source of information. The publication is great and ha some interesting stories for the reader. The publication just did a story about Equities First Financial Holdings that is telling people how they can go to the company if they have some need in making money and saving it as well. The company is great for people who wish to put money to the side for tomorrow. The company is great at helping you put money to the side in case of a raining day.Look at Equities if you want to know more.

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Loans Collateralize by Stocks Gains Popularity as Equities First Holdings Spreads across the Globe

Equities First Holdings has turned a global lender just 14 years in operation. Not many people took EFH serious when it commenced business activities in Indiana. However, the situation is altogether different today as more and more business persons and organizations are embracing its alternative shareholder financing solutions. Also, the shortcomings of conventional credit-based loans provided by banks and other lending institutions have aided the fame of EFH and its stocks-based loans. Today the organization has offices in most of the major cites in the world including New York, London, Sydney and Bangkok to mention but a few.

Working capital is indispensable in business, but the banking system keep turning down loan requests from business establishments and individuals particularly the startups. While banks may refute this allegation, the heavy lending criteria they place before borrowers get the job done for them. Those who are lucky to meet the requirements find it tough paying back because the interest rates are just too high and the borrowers may be force to do away with their private properties to reimburse the banks.

Stocks-based loans from EFH have proven to be the escape rout for smart and intelligent people. You do not need to look for huge collateral, the rates are not outrageous. Another good thing about stocks-based loans is that the interest rates are fixed, which provides some level of certainty to borrowers. The non- recourse feature of this type of loans helps to reduce the risk involved on the part of borrowers. All a borrower stands to lose in the event he or she default in paying back is the stock use as collateral, nothing more.Stocks-based loans from EFH remain one of the most viable escape routs from the hurdles placed by banks and other lenders of conventional credit-based loans before business persons in need of quick working capital.

Equities First US Should Be On the Top of Your List of Lenders to Potentially Borrow Money from

If you have been searching for a lending company that may give you some of the best offers of loan terms, then you may have found the page that will be suit you. Equities First Holdings is an organization that has been in the business of providing loans for potential borrows for quite some time. They essentially exist to ensure their borrowers are happy with the terms that they receive and can make repayments without any issues due to low interest rates.

Equities First Holdings is an organization that provides you with an opportunity of reaching your financial goals at a much quicker rate than you may have been able to had you not been able to borrow capital at all. This is why Equities First Holdings is a preferred lender in the industry, one that is nearly unmatched in the quality of services it offers. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives. They will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have in pertinence to the loan you may be wanting to borrow. All you will need to do is go through the application process and wait for an approval. Once the approval is completed, you will be asked a few questions so that the lending organization can get an idea of what loan terms may be best for you. It is a quick and easy process that is well worth going through. However, if you’re not necessarily sure about whether you qualify at this moment, please do not hesitate to ask one of the representatives. They will have a quick check conducted on you and may be able to let you know very quickly whether you qualify to obtain loan or not. Then, they may provide you with interest rates.

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Richard Blair Reminds People To Be Cautious When Using Airbnb

Access to the net has made it easier than ever for people to get the maximum possible use of their own home or an apartment. While some companies offer people the opportunity to rent space they may not be using, the granddaddy of all companies with a practical monopoly on this practice is known as Airbnb. Airbnb is a company that offers owners and travelers the chance to meet up to their mutual benefit. While on the surface, this may look like a great opportunity, as fiscal professional reminds people, such a rental choice can be fraught with unexpected problems.

Be Very Careful

As in all things, it is vitally important for anyone who is thinking of renting out property to someone to be fully aware of any and all possible implications of doing this. The possibility of earning a little extra cash must be weighed in the balance by the reality that some risks in renting may exist. Blair reminds home owners that it is necessary to carefully think about any problems that may happen while renting out a room or even a couch to strangers from across the country. A good plan is one that will take such potential risks into account and help work to make sure that, should something bad happen such an accident in the house, the owner will be fully protected in the event of possible issues such as a lawsuit or the loss of any personal property.

Effective Advice

Richard Blair has been in the business of providing fiscal advice for many years. As a true fiscal professional, he is well aware of the reality that capital management that is done properly is capital management that helps the investor avoid any possible risk in some way. This is one of many reasons why his clients know they can trust his advice when it comes to any given fiscal venture that may catch their eye. He has many years of experience in the real estate field as well as the overall field of capital management. This is why he knows just how imperative it is to avoid increasing such risks by failing to protect against possible risks that may result from renting out a space. Maximizing the use of any house can be vital. It can also be an ideal way to pay the mortgage. He reminds people to use common sense in doing so



Amazing Financial Advice

Have you ever thought of renting your house on Airbnb? Well, if not then you should be aware that this is among the simplest and quickest way to make good money. You can consider renting part of your house for some time to travelers and by so doing you are able to raise enough cash to settle payment for your property. However recently it has been noted that some incidents can lead to unexpected outcomes and problems. There are chances that the temporary renters may end up damaging your property that is not covered by your homeowner insurance. This will leave you in financial and legal issues that you had not anticipate for. Considering the following issues is important to ensure that you do not incur additional costs from the amateur hotelier.

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