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Whitney Wolfe Contributes to The Age of Exposure

With all of the controversies and surprises that have been revealed about different famous figures in the media, it is safe to say that this is the age of exposure. One of the most common revelations in this age is the misconduct towards women. People are seeing more and more the types of oppression and violence committed against women and i n some cases, even men. In many cases, it is celebrities. However, one of the major cases comes from the online dating industry. Whitney Wolfe is one of the people that have had to deal with misogyny and harassment on account of her gender.

Instead of sitting down and being a victim, Whitney Wolfe has decided that she is going to take action and set up something that is going to empower her and other women. Bumble is her way of saying that she is tired of things being the way they are. One area of life that she believes is a representation of every other aspect of life is dating. When it comes to dating and relationships, women are told that they have to wait for a man to come by. Women are also told to approach other aspects of their lives in a similar way.

Whitney Wolfe is one of the women who only want some of the same freedoms that men have. She wants women to be able to live in the world as actual human beings instead of pieces of property that is up for grabs by the first entitled man. Whitney Wolfe wants to be able to encourage men to treat them right and enforce her boundaries. She is hoping to inspire women to do the same. One thing that she has done to help inspire women is expose the people that have harassed her and demanded that they be held accountable for their actions.

About Whitney Wolfe :

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is one the most know colleges within the United States. They are known for their dynamic teachers in the world of fashion, savoring art in the graphics industry, and a concept for creativity in the photography department. The Academy of Art University has been around for many years and its home location is in San Francisco, California.

The professors at the university are among the top creative professors within its industry. We it comes to the best, Academy of Art University will have the best hired for the utmost profound education for its students. The fashion world has a special place for the Academy of art University students. Every year the students prepare for the most famous fashion week that is held in New York. Not many other universities have this ability. This is one of the best qualities of Academy of art University.

The graphics department within the university is one of the highest honored departments within its industry. The professors and students collaborate to ensure on a successful education and learning process.

Photography is also another best feature of the university. The photography education is an all around segmented education that ensures students have the ability to learn the necessary skills to become a successful photographer. The classes are integrated within hands on training for the benefits of real situations within the photography industry.

All in all the Academy of art University is an amazing school all together. They have a wide range of diversity within the school along with advanced professor withstanding years of experience to assist all students’ within their particular industry of their choosing. The school has functions for students to project their talents as well as online courses for long distance education. In reality they have everything covered in an essential proper university.


Fabletics Brings Back Authenticity and Comfort to Sportswear

Whether you run a locally based business or an online one, customer satisfaction is the primary determiner of your success. There are many ways to determine whether your clients are satisfied, but the best way is through reviews. Studies show that nowadays customers run to social media and business sites to give feedback on the service or product that the company offers.


Moreover, 50% of potential consumers visit business reviews before they make purchases. The kind of feedback they get there plays a significant role in their end decision. That is because most of them view reviews as recommendations from people who have used the goods before. Hence, they expect that the experience they had is the one that they too will have. That is why it is important for businesses to ensure that the quality of goods and services is flawless. Since they realized this, 76% of the successful business brands continue to add positive customer reviews to their websites to increase the purchases.


Another method that enterprises use to enhance their customer base is through search engines. Positive reviews also play a major role here. That is because the higher the number of positive appraisals you get, the higher your ranking will be in search engines such as Google. That means you will get even more revenue since many prospects will be driven to your business through this method.


About Fabletics

Fabletics is a good example of a company that uses the crowd power to their advantage, and that is what makes them stand out even in the face of stiff completion from other brands. They are highly active concerning the response they give to customer reviews. They boast about 30,000 reviews on Trust pilot a site, which assists businesses to increase their ratings and the biggest one at that. They collect the information they get from reviews and use it to improve the quality of the products of the company.


They can know what both the minority and the majority of their customers expect from them through the reviews. Hence, the kinds of products that they make depend on the direct opinions of their clients which make them feel valued. Thanks to this, Fabletics has seen a tremendous growth in the sportswear industry since it was established four years ago and prides itself on having almost 90 percent of its sales and profits coming from repeat customers. Therefore, by using information it gets from reviews, Fabletics manages to attract and retain 85% of its clients while at the same time attracting new ones. Today it ships over two million orders and makes millions in sales.


The company’s leadership has played a remarkable role in its high flying success and Kate being part of it has helped it rocket even higher. Due to her active lifestyle, she possesses an optimistic view on Fabletics brand and thinks that its authenticity is what keeps it at the top of the game. She has continued to show enthusiasm towards the brand and has been actively involved since the first day that it was launched. Kate is remarkably proud of working with Fabletics and is not planning to leave anytime soon. If you do not have a Fabletics gear, you are missing out on the best experience while working out. Take the life quiz today and get to know the one that suits your personal needs and in the best way possible.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is shaking up the Fashion E-Commerce Sector With its Cutting-edge Strategies

Despite controlling a fifth of the entire fashion e-commerce sector in the United States, Amazon is getting stiff competition from Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Started as a fashion startup three years ago, Fabletics has since established itself as a real competitor to Amazon. Don Ressler and Kate Hudson, the brains behind the company, are both experts and talented in their different way. Don is experienced in incubating startups as well as in e-commerce marketing. Kate, on the other hand, has a background in athletics, which gives Fabletics an upper hand in the designing of activewear and fitness products.


How Fabletics is Winning Clients


As at last year, Fabletics was valued at over $250 million. This remarkable growth over a short period can be attributed to several strategic factors that Don and Kate put in place, and worked perfectly for the brand. The duo designed a subscription model for clients where they can subscribe as members. The members are then presented with better deals, fairer prices, and convenient shopping. This complemented the highly innovative and sophisticated designs for Fabletics’ products and eventually winning the much-needed clients’ trust.


Another strategy that has worked well for Fabletics is the establishment of physical stores in nearly all strategic cities across the United States. With stores in major cities in states, such as Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Florida, set to open in the near future, Fabletics will keep making inroads in areas other companies are struggling to penetrate.


Reverse Showrooming


Showrooming is a strategy that many entrepreneurs avoid due to its ambiguous nature. The argument within marketing circles is that the technique mostly kills rather than grow brands. This argument is authenticated by the fact that clients have the tendency of sourcing for information about certain brands online, comparing prices, and then opting to make purchases elsewhere. As innovative as it is, Fabletics has neatly crafted the technique and tailored it to its advantage by coming up with a more effective reverse showrooming technique. The company starts by developing relationships with clients through taking part in communal events. After earning trust from the immediate community, Fabletics is guaranteed that the bigger percentage of people who walk into their stores will become members.



The Rules that Helps Fabletics to Grow


Recently, Kate Hudson shared some rules that govern her brand and how they have contributed to its success. She noted that Fabletics designs products based on the feedback it gets from the market. Secondly, she remains hands on to ensure that everything runs according to plan. Thirdly, Fabletics’ products are designed in all shapes and taste for everybody. Most importantly, Kate and her staff are driven by a passion for their job.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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WEN Cleansing Conditioner after One Week of Use

The cleansing conditioners of the hair care line by Chaz Dean called WEN have been raved about for a very long time. They are primarily a product that is 5-in-1 and is meant to substitute five products that most women use on the regular. It is entirely natural and consists of no harsh chemicals, They are supposed to restore health and purify the hair.

On Bustle, a woman wrote about her experience trying out the Fig cleansing conditioner for one week. Her hair is fine, and her goal was to have moisturized, bouncy, and shiny locks. The first time she used the WEN Hair cleansing conditioner, she was incredibly surprised by the amount of product she was recommended to use. The directions point out that the appropriate amount of her hair length (shoulder length) is 16 to 24 pumps.

During the shower, her hair felt thicker, which was a pleasant surprise, and after she blows dried her hair, it was bouncy, shiny, and lively. In the morning, however, the volume was gone, and the roots of her hair were already starting to get oily. On the second day after a second wash, the hair was less greasy. Although her hair was getting more and more flat through the day, the shiny and healthy look of the hair remained.

On the morning of the fourth day of the experiment, the hair was excessively oily and frizzy looking. Dry shampoo was not as effective as she had hoped it would be and curling the hair did not improve the situation either.

The actual positive results of the cleansing conditioner by WEN were visible on day five. The hair was smooth, shiny and silky and on day six the pleasant effects continued.

At the end of the seventh day of the experiment, the woman had experienced both advantages and disadvantages with the cleansing conditioner by WEN. Although the hair had been looking very shiny and it was soft, it would become greasy very fast if she did not wash it every morning. She will continue to use the product but not on a daily basis.

For more product information, visit Wen Hair Care’s social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

A Unique Online Shopping Experience Awaits at Fabletics

Looking for a place online where you can buy all your workout apparel at discount prices, with free shipping, and of the highest quality? The you should surf over to Fabletics and take advantage of incredible buying opportunities. To give you just a taste of what to expect, Fabletics is offering new customers the ability to buy anything on the website for only $25 with free shipping. That is only the beginning of the deals awaiting you.


As soon as your sports apparel arrives, you will rush back to the Fabletics to take advantage of all their incredible deals. Women have discovered it is best to apply for VIP membership first, because the savings are amazing. To apply, all you do is simply fill out a brief Lifestyle Quiz, then a sales associate will be assigned to your account to help you take advantage of all deals to be had. Once approved, your VIP status earns you the right to buy anything in the store for $49.95 for as long as you stay a member.


VIP membership also entitles you to free shipping on every order here out. One of the other advantages to being a VIP member is you have a store associate looking for sports apparel that matches your quiz answers and recommending new items for you to buy. At the beginning of the month you log into your account, if you like the selection made for you, just approve the choice and it is on the way. You also have the option to choose something else or even skip the month.


All this buzz about Fabletics has resulted in women posting comments on various review sites about their incredible shopping experiences.


Rachel left a comment at Trust Pilot, “When I heard Kate Hudson was the co-founder of Fabletics, I knew I found my new source for yoga pants and workout apparel. I love the choices made for me, i have not yet been disappointed.”


Donna remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “Each one of my orders has free shipping, the price of the apparel is a fraction of the stores at the mall. I use my extra cash to treat myself once a month to a little shopping spree at the spa.”


Jill commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “If you are looking for high-quality workout apparel that is priced like you are shopping at Target, this website is for you. My VIP membership has me locked in at one price, you will love saving all this cash too.”

The Benefits of Wearing Athleisure as Workout Clothing

Health experts advise people of the need to constantly exercise in order to keep fit and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Getting into a strict and regular work out plan is not easy due to certain factors like a demanding career or the fact that one has to take care of small children at home. One of the essential things that one ought to consider is a workout routine on and clothing that he or she can slip into during workout and still run to town to carry out errands or even go to work in.

At the same time it is important to have such workout clothing on that are comfortable during a workout session and still doing other activities. It is not advisable for people to exercise in casual clothing that they would normally where to work, to the market, to school or even at the club. This is mostly because some of these clothing are heavy and would cause someone extreme discomfort like the inability to properly stretch their body when they start exercising. It is therefore important to look for clothing that one can exercise in and at the same time be able to wear the same training outfit when going out to the club with friends for a drink.

Fabletics has been able to help many people in the United States and around the globe by providing this kind of workout clothing referred to as athleisure clothing. ran a story detailing the benefits of athleisure of Fabletics and how extremely comfortable it is when working out and at the at the same time designed in a stylish way that people can still wear them when running around town to take care of other activities.

For quite some time now, Fabletics has been able to help both men and women who are interested in comfortable and at the same time stylish sporting outfits. The clothes from Fabletics on facebook are also made in a way that the women can use them when carrying out other activities like going out with friends or wearing the outfit to work. The workout clothing that is provided by Fabletics is also affordable for many people making it the best option for most people. This information can also be sourced from

Fashion Rules To Break According To Doe Deere

With every new season comes a set of new fashion rules the so called experts think we should all abide by. And while some of these rules turn out to be good suggestions in times of uncertainty, that doesn’t mean they are binding and must be used in every situation.

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup line, feels the exact same way. If you have ever seen Deere, you know she makes her own rules. Some even call her the unicorn queen because nothing she does is in line with the rules.

Here are just a few fashion rules Deere herself feels every woman should break:

#1 – Never Mix Too Many Colors

Color can be a very dicey subject. So how much is too much is the million dollar question? That really depends on who you ask. Deere believes the key to making multiple colors work is coordination. This goes for your clothes, your hair, and your makeup.

Some of the combinations Deere loves include peach and periwinkle, and pink and green. When you look at these colors on paper they may seem a little too busy. But if you dabble around with them a bit you will see just how lovely they can be together.

#2 – Go Easy On The Patterns

If color has got you stumped, wait until you start messing around with patterns. For many women patterns are very intimidating. The good news however is they don’t have to be. Deere believes patterns are fun and the more you have, the better. While Deere loves print on print, she also points out there is no right or wrong way to pair patterns.

Her advice is to keep the color schemes the same. If you ever get stuck, sticking with the same color family can help alleviate the confusion.

Who Is Doe Deere?

Born in Russia and raised in the jungle known as New York City, Doe Deere is on a mission to show women makeup can be used for more than just covering up imperfections. As founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Deere wants women to know makeup should be used as a form of self expression.

Deere lives by the motto “beauty is only skin deep”. Here definition of beauty is not what “looks right”, but rather what feels right. In 2008 she launched he own line of colorful cosmetics that inspires women to simply be free.

Doe Deere Shares Her Beauty Philosophy

The idea of beauty is something that can change from person to person. What one person may see as beauty, another person may feel is not so beautiful after all. The same is true of that of fashion. Fashion is one of the world’s most important industries. it is also an ideal that many people around the world find useful both as a means of self expression and as a way to learning how best to dress for an important occasion such as a job interview or date with someone they want to be around for the rest of their lives.

In many instances, people have turned to skilled fashion guides for help as they figure out how best to use existing fashions to their advantage. Many people provide fashion advice of all kinds as well as demonstrate how old rules can be remade for the needs of today’s contemporary woman. One such person is fashion pioneer Doe Deere. In an article for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks to her readers and fans about the kind of fashion they can adopt to their own needs and wants. She also talks about the kind of ways they can take contemporary fashion rules and break them effectively.

Fashion has been governed by an unofficial series of ideas for many decades. Such ideas are typically based on what works for many women. For example, as Deere points out, people are told not to pair a thick eye that catches attention with a lip that also aims to show off at the same time. She tells readers to ignore such rules in favor of their own belief system.

Her entire career in the field has been based on the idea that people should be able to make their own fashion rules. Deere is the founder and owner of her own highly successful line of cosmetics. Retailed through a site called Lime Crime, her cosmetics line features items that are unique, high quality and can help people figure out their own color and fashion style. This has allowed her to develop a huge base of fans who are devoted to her ideas and want to use them as inspiration for their own personal fashion expression.

Her work in this field has focused on providing her clients with the opportunity to be part of the world of fashion. She offers highly innovative fashionable looks on her own site. In her world, it is possible to break any fashion rule desired and still look great at the same time. Many of her clients have been happy to work with her to achieve their own personal kind of fashion understanding of the world and use her specific understanding of the world of fashion to help them create their own looks at the same time.