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Accomplish Your Dental Goals With MB2 Dental

Great Teeth Start With MB2 Dental

If you were to see a traditional dentist in today’s modern times, you’ll probably experience prolonged treatment and a hefty bill for the work,but Dr. Villanueva, lead dentist says, he works with his patients on an independent basis to create a unique dental plan to accomplish your goals for your smile. They offer a spa dental environment with gentle technicians that cater to you before, during, and after your dental care with a follow-up visit. You’ll have the confidence to meet the demands of a job that requires up-close interaction or to pursue a modeling career.

MB2 Dental Treatment Options

You can learn all the benefits of taking care of your teeth for better oral digestion, and oral care health. They want their patients to know they’re smile is the hands of the professionals with over 25+ years expertise. A dental professional at MB2 has the ultrasound technology to find out exactly what your teeth needs to give you an amazing smile or maintain an already breathe-taking set of pearly whites. Get the benefits of a growing professional dentistry that will make your smile more than a number.Don’t wait another minute, if you’re suffering from emergency dental needs including a knocked-out tooth because of an inability to pay. MB2 offers amazing payment plan options on a bi-weekly or monthly scale. They cater to their customers with limited resources with an amazing in-house financing options designed for low-income patients or clients without insurance.

MB2 Dental Services

– teeth whitening options

– emergency services

– licensed & bonded technicians

– orthodontist referral

– dental counseling

– affordable x-rays

– spa dental environment

– pediatric dentistry

– braces traditional/clear

– and much more…

They offer many great locations across the Eastern part of the nation. You will find yourself in a spa dental setting, close to mass transit at each of their locations, and allowing you to get back to work or school fast. They take the guesswork out of several repeat visits for follow-up care. For example, their clear braces take the place of traditional braces that have several office visits, and cost a fortune. Patients prefer their dental care services over competitor networks that only accept select insurance. Go directly to the MB2 Dental website for more details on their superior dental options for patients of all ages today.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Educates Medical Industry About Opioid Alternatives for Pain Management

PR Newswire recently provided an article to Markets Insider called “Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams with Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on Innovative Collaboration to Educate Physicians and Patients about Responsible Opioid Use”. The article details the latest initiative and collaboration for Cancer Treatment Centers of America which is focused on the reduction of opioid use for cancer patients.The latest collaboration for Cancer Treatment Centers of America with Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is called the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative. The initiative is geared towards creating a more responsible administration and use of opioids while also raising awareness about opioid alternatives for pain management options.

The Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative is oriented around three major goals. They seek to provide evidence-based material to create a procedure of non-opioid pain management tracks. This will eventually minimize or remove opioid use for cancer patients who have used to opioids because of surgery or for pain management. Secondly, the initiative seeks to create a conversation within the medical community at large about creating a more responsible use for opioids and instilling a greater awareness about alternatives. Finally, they seek to educate the cancer patients who have largely been left out of the conversation. Cancer patients need to be aware of the effective alternatives to opioids and how to use them effectively without becoming reliant on the pain management opioids when they are required.

Pacira and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are looking at the next steps for the collaboration by providing guidelines for cancer patients while ceaselessly working for a clinical consensus. The publication of the work would help the patients by providing more education and awareness of different pain management options.Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a network of hospitals across the country. They have locations in Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Tulsa. They specialize in the treatment of adult oncology patients.Cancer Treatment Centers of America is focused on providing the best possible care throughout the entire treatment process, from diagnosis to cancer treatment to supportive therapies and pain management to improve quality of life.

Penelope Kokkinides and InnovoCare Health Make Modern Healthcare Reality

There is little doubt that InnovaCare Health is leading the way in terms of providing affordable healthcare. The company’s values and strong leadership through Chief Executive Officer Richard Shinto, M.D., continue to focus its efforts on ensuring the patient comes first, and that modern medical care is available to the masses who so desperately need it. While not always the case, this success and good news story only gets better with the addition of tried and true medical administration veteran Penelope Kokkinides.In June 2015, InnovaCare Health’s Dr. Shinto announced a few new team members that he had chosen for his dream team heading up this innovative, essential company.

Mike Sortino was named the Chief Accounting Officer, Jonathan Meyers was named Chief Actuary Officer, but the crème de la crème was the addition of Penelope Kokkinides to the team as Chief Administration Officer. InnovaCare has not only been leading the charge in providing affordable healthcare, it has been earning awards left and right since Dr. Shinto took over the company, including the prestigious “Access to Caring Award” in 2014. The addition of Penelope in summer 2015 has only improved the outlook and effort of the company.Penelope came to the table with over two decades of experience in medical administration and care management. Her experience includes the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight HealthCare, Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health, and Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, just to name a few. In an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope said “I take the time to prioritize what tasks need to get done and what I ultimately want to get done.

This is essential because a lot of time can be spent simply thinking about what you’d like to be done.” Her organizational skill and dedication to her work have been instrumental in making InnovaCare so successful over the last two years.In 2016, Dr. Shinto and Penelope’s leadership and dedication to the people they serve pushed InnovaCare Health to join in on the Health and Human Services “Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network” initiative. This innovative initiative helped move the United States’ health care system’s payment model toward one that is based more on quality than quantity, a concept firmly steeped in the InnovaCare Health’s value of patient first. Continually focused on excellence, Dr. Shinto and Penelope are bound to continue driving InnovaCare into the future and providing affordable modern healthcare to the people who need it most.