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Whitney Wolfe Contributes to The Age of Exposure

With all of the controversies and surprises that have been revealed about different famous figures in the media, it is safe to say that this is the age of exposure. One of the most common revelations in this age is the misconduct towards women. People are seeing more and more the types of oppression and violence committed against women and i n some cases, even men. In many cases, it is celebrities. However, one of the major cases comes from the online dating industry. Whitney Wolfe is one of the people that have had to deal with misogyny and harassment on account of her gender.

Instead of sitting down and being a victim, Whitney Wolfe has decided that she is going to take action and set up something that is going to empower her and other women. Bumble is her way of saying that she is tired of things being the way they are. One area of life that she believes is a representation of every other aspect of life is dating. When it comes to dating and relationships, women are told that they have to wait for a man to come by. Women are also told to approach other aspects of their lives in a similar way.

Whitney Wolfe is one of the women who only want some of the same freedoms that men have. She wants women to be able to live in the world as actual human beings instead of pieces of property that is up for grabs by the first entitled man. Whitney Wolfe wants to be able to encourage men to treat them right and enforce her boundaries. She is hoping to inspire women to do the same. One thing that she has done to help inspire women is expose the people that have harassed her and demanded that they be held accountable for their actions.

About Whitney Wolfe :

Online Women Empowerment By Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a co-founder of Tinder, an online matchmaking site. She recently sued the company for sexual harassment with substantial evidence that was used in the lawsuit but has since been settled and dismissed. Her former co-founder and ex-boyfriends dismiss from the company earned her full control of the whole premise. Bumble her current venture is a feminist self-proclaimed dating app with a requirement that women make the first move.

In eight months after its launch, Bumble gained more than 500,000 users, each of them spending at least 60 minutes on average daily. Another achievement for this app is that the men-women ratio is almost even something that is uncommon in other dating apps. Bumble began as a free site for its users but started monetizing in late 2016 via purchases that are in-app.

In an interview conducted by Vanity Fair, Whitney Wolfe said that her inspiration to create Bumble was her high spirit against bullying among the youth. Currently, physical harassment has shifted to cell phone bullying. More impact is on the girls who are facing terrific pressure on social platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook among others. Her idea of leaving Tinder was to create girls chat room by the name Merci, where young girls would exchange photos as well as chat to promote positivity among them. This idea changed after Andrey Andreev, CEO and founder of Badoo approached him with the words that she would better do what she is good at and knows best. His influence is what led to the creation of Bumble, and they currently are this App’s partners.

Her creation is made 100% feminist to encourage equality. She states that this has earned the women a lot of respect from men. The behavior of men toward these women has also improved. Her view is that when women approach men, they feel flattered making them soft toward them unlike when they get rejected. Bumble’s employees are about 70, with 85% of them women occupying even the top positions in the company.

Whitney Wolfe has generally been a successful lady. She was named one of the top 30 under 30 in the Forbes in both 2017 and 2018, one of the 15 Female Entrepreneurs of Inc. to watch out for in 2017 and has featured on several Forbes covers just to mention a few achievements.

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Is Changing Online Dating For The Better

It is not easy being a woman who is looking for love on a digital platform, not only do you have to sift through potential partners who are not at all compatible with you but you also have to deal with being sent tasteless and insulting messages from other users. This can make the dating experience and one’s experience as a user of a technology platform, two experiences that are seemingly converging to the point where they might one day become totally unrecognizable, a very harrowing one. This is where tech entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the online dating platform that is known as Bumble, comes in. In an online world where harassment and incivility is increasingly defining the way that people interact with the strangers that they meet online.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s company Bumble is working to change the world of online dating by creating an app that gives women control.In an interview with the fashion publication Refinery29 Whitney Wolfe Herd discussed, in detail, the features that make her app stand out among the plethora of online dating tools that are currently available to young, single, twenty somethings. One of the aspects that Whitney Wolfe Herd mentioned in the interview with regard to Bumble is the fact that the app allows the women who are using it to initiate the first interaction. This is important because the barrage of messages that female users receive on dating apps, largely from the opposite sex, can be overwhelming and incredibly toxic.

By incorporating a feature that allows female users to decide whether or not they want to initiate a conversation with male users the power to control the interaction shifts back to female users and allows them more room to avoid messages and potential partners that treat them in a discourteous fashion.In the interview Whitney Wolfe Herd pointed out that the way that her app is designed also makes things easier for the men who are using it because it can cut down on the pressure that they might feel to start the conversation. When the pressure to reach out to female users on a dating site or app is taken away it can also cut down on the risk of rejection that Whitney suggested that some men feel when they are on the dating market. All in all Whitney Wolfe Herd has proven that her company Bumble is changing the way people date in the modern age for the better.

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Skout and the Modern World of Dating

It can be so difficult in today’s climate to meet people to date. Skout on zendesk is a popular app that allows you to meet people from around the world. You can use this app absolutely anywhere and at any time. The app allows you to choose what types of people you want to meet, to follow these people, and then to get updates about their activity. You can even view their profiles and pictures and send them presents! You can rest assured that your privacy will always remain intact. We guarantee that your personal information will never be given to third parties without your expressed consent.

There is no pressure to meet anyone face to face. You and your new friend can definitely schedule a time to get together or you can opt to keep your relationship entirely online. The choice is completely yours. Skout simply gives the interface for the social media meeting. And this app is available for full use on both iOS and Android. If you want, Skout can help other locate you via your phone’s GPS device. Although Skout will never reveal your specific location, you can still opt out of this GPS procedure if you wish. This feature is only for its adult clients; Skout will never use the GPS method for its teen crowd.

Skout is the brainchild of Christian Wiklun and Niklas Lindstrom who founded their company in 2007. Originally just a social networking app, studies showed that more than 80% of their clientele were using it as a dating site. With that in mind, in 2009 Skout reinvented itself to market itself specifically as a dating platform. It was around the same time that the app was made available for the first time to iOS and Android users. It has since risen to enormous worldwide popularity, being available in 180 countries and 14 languages.

During these years of early success, Skout gained a lot of investors with a lot of money. All of this helped it hone its product. In 2012, it ran into some major legal trouble after teens set up meeting dates with adults pretending to be teenagers and ended up getting raped. However, incidents like this has helped it to see where its security and protocols needed to be strengthened.

Nightlife allows users to see what night time events are taking place, to purchase tickets for those events, and even to see who is going to those events. Skout says that at present it has around 10 million clients.