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Just Who is Doe Deere

When it comes to cosmetics, there are many different brands to choose from. Some of the biggest of names are present within this exclusive industry. This includes Almay, L’Oréal, Maybelline and others. One of the hottest cosmetic lines of today is known as Lime Crime, and its founder is blazing a path of success. Doe Deere has built this cosmetic line to represent a new standard in quality makeup. This extraordinary woman was actually born and raised in Russia, but she relocated to America for a brighter tomorrow. New York City was her destination of choice and what better city is there to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


Deere has always had a passion for music and this is the place to where she would get her start. After joining a local band, Deere got a chance to live out one of her passions. The band performed in and around The Big Apple, and it gave her an understanding of how the industry works from behind the scenes. Manhattan and Brooklyn were her stomping grounds, but she would soon turn to exploring other passions. Her next step was to attend New York’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology and here is where she would put her successful ball into motion. Lime Crime was actually conceived from this education and the rest was history from this point until present day. By studying fashion design, she would get a better since of understanding on how to successfully navigate the field. Learn more:


Lime Crime actually launched in 2008, and it took the world by storm. This brand was very different from anything else that was on the market. Unlike other brands, this cosmetics line offered some of the brightest of colors. Deere has stated that she could never find the vivid colors of choice to fit her personal style. By going the colorful route, she was able to carve out a special niche that she could claim to be her home. Doe Deere and Lime Crime is the perfect combination because this duo is giving consumers something extremely different than the norm and that’s a guaranteed fact.

Who is Doe Deere?

With an idol such as Karl Lagerfield, you get to become visionary, fearless and creative. Doe Deere, the face behind the whimsical yet innovative Lime Crime Makeup is a role model to many entrepreneurs in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The company is led with a touch of wit and playfulness that encourages close relations between the employees its leaders and the clients something that is admired across the globe. Doe Deere’s playfulness is seen through the choice of her brand names and collection of products that are all first tested by Doe before they are sold to clients.



Lime Crime Makeup is all about beauty, expression and happiness. Doe believes that whatever products ones uses should make you happy. Also they should express what you feel inside and be seen by others. Her colourful products tend to bring up all moods that customers may find themselves in. for instance, the red velvetiness ooze the sexy appeal of the clients while the purple colours give the self-made independent vibe. Whatever colour one may choose, is a form of expression that is encouraged by Lime Crime.



Lime Crime Makeup was founded in 2008 after Doe identified a market niche that needed pursuing. Before this, she worked as a fashion designer creating fashions for people and selling them on eBay. Through this journey, she has undergone so many challenges that she is so proud of today as they have motivated her to be smarter and do better.



Today, Lime Crime has launched shadow palettes, nail polish liquid liners and lipsticks. One thing in common about them all is the wit and the quality that is associated with them. They all come in different shades of colours that are unique and don’t conform to the common colours. The self-appointed Unicorn Queen encourages her clients to express themselves without feeling bad about it.



Doe is a smart business lady and a charismatic leader. She leads her employees towards achieving success and growing their career. She gets her motivation from her clients and reads thoroughly through their needs. Doe is also a firm believer in guiding her employees as their friend as opposed to being harsh to them.



Doe is a giver and a compassionate individual especially when it comes to animals. All products at Lime Crime are vegan. She is also involved with Bide A Wee, an animal rescue firm that rehabilitates stray animals and gives them a shelter.