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IC System – A Community Minded Company Partnering With Charitable Organizations

Community Is Helped By IC System’s Employees Through Volunteering


IC System is a reputable debt collection agency that is well-known. They have a rich history of providing high-quality effective services to their clients in the recovery of debt collection. IC System is committed to ethical business practices and guidelines, with leading-edge proceedings and actions. Their code of conduct and values are centered around honor, straightforwardness, people, and dignity. They are committed to giving to charitable causes in many ways and to see their community progressing towards being the best they can be.


IC System’s Goals And Mission


IC System has a goal and a mission to continue to be the best company that can be trusted in providing debt collection services to primary creditors. They are among the biggest employers in its metropolitan area. Maintaining a charitable front in countrywide and state level is important to the company’s innovative philosophy.


In 1981, IC System created an in-house charitable team to help with the support and development of the culture of institutional responsibility. This team is named Employee Charitable Help Organization. The members of the team have the responsibility of organizing the organization’s charitable efforts. On a yearly basis, the team creates donation affairs, bringing the community together, while devising opportunities for employees to get involved by volunteering in humanitarian outreach activities.


IC System’s Charitable Associates


IC System works with many charities involved in an array of goals and ideas of the varied operation. Many of the charitable efforts of the company focus on raising funds where employees take part in seeking sponsors to donate to charitable companies or businesses. One of the yearly events was the Polar Plunge that supported the Special Olympics, at the La Crosse Office. A total of $8,986 was raised by the Polar Plunge team. This money will be donated to the Wisconsin Special Olympics.


IC System has a strong volunteer program within its organization. Some volunteer activities are focused on food drives. They have collected and given food to needy people. In the past, IC have teamed up with charitable institutions, including Gillette Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.