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Paul Mampilly encourages investors to invest in electric cars

Stock markets investments are highly rewarding to the people who make informed investment decisions. This is a modern investment alternative that people are now embracing instead of the traditional investment options such as bank savings. The number of the people who have been adopting this investment alternative have been growing larger and larger as information on stock markets became available. There are experienced stock investors who are dedicated to training and advising the rookie investors on the ways to approach this investment alternative. One such person is Paul Mampilly. He has been a hedge fund manager at Walls Street and possess a lot of knowledge on how to make sound investment decisions.

Paul Mampilly is one of the best minds in the financial markets. He is the winner of a trading competition known as Templeton Foundation. His ability to analyze stocks that are likely to gain has been spectacular. Having worked in the Wall Street for about two decades, he finally quit to join private practice while at the same time helping more potential, investors learn how to approach stock markets investment. Paul Mampilly insists that stock markets investment is not risky as some people would like to assume. What is required in the markets is good analysis that is based on facts and not just mere speculations. Stock markets sis not gambling and therefore there is need for people to study the factors that influence the behavior of certain stocks before investing their hard earned money and Paul’s Website.

Paul Mamphilly insists that for potential investors who would like to make money in the future, technology have to be their friend. One must be updated on recent happenings in the field of technology. It is good to know which innovations are taking place. He adds that technological innovations present the best opportunities that can be very lucrative when well utilized. Paul Mampilly predicts some of the opportunities that should be looks at with keen eyes, and

One area that will prove lucrative in the future will be the electric cars manufacturing sector. This is a sector that have started showing signs of growth after American consumers started showing positive attitude towards these cars as opposed to the gasoline technologies that we are used to. The current gasoline cars are expensive to maintain and have not been efficient to the consumers in terms of both rate of fuel consumption and environmental degradation. Potential investors should now be looking at investment opportunities in companies that manufacture electric cars.

Bumble Is Becoming An Online Community Thanks To CEO Whitney Wolfe

Chances are that you’ve heard of Bumble BFF. It’s an app that’s really changing the way that making friends and forming relationships happens. Bumble is different from any app that has ever come before it. That’s because Bumble isn’t for people just looking for a hookup. Bumble is actually a community. A large portion of people who use Bumble is women. They are searching for friends and meaningful relationships.

Bumble is full of people who want to connect with others in order to share stories, life experiences, happy news, and much more. Bumble is now morphing into more than just an app. It’s all thanks to their CEO Whitney Wolfe.

Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble. In a recent article, she discussed how the Bumble brand is expanding. When Bumble first started, it was a way for people to make friends. Wolfe says that the app now extends far beyond dating. It’s more of a community that so many people are ready, willing, and excited to be a part of. Bumble is becoming something that people can say they are proud to be associated with. Bumble is opening its first physical location in New York. The new spot is going to be called The Hive and it’s a place for people to come together no matter what their intentions.

Whitney Wolfe wants friends to be able to stop in and connect with each other. She also mentions that it’s a place for couples to meet up as well. The Hive will also have coffee and a bar. The Hive isn’t just a hangout. It’s also a community place that will host a variety of different events. The events will focus on female entrepreneurship, relationships, and more. Wolfe is extremely passionate entrepreneur about Bumble and therefore she will even be hosting a panel with other founders.

Overall, this new dating app is an amazing way to connect people who are looking for friendships and more. The new Bumble is female-focused. Women are the ones who get to initiate conversations. They also get to spice up their profile with a new feature by adding video stories.

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Scott Rocklage Remains Focused on the Development of New Medicines for Incurable Diseases

Apart from working with many other venture companies, Scott Rocklage worked with 5 AM Ventures from 2003 where it did not take him long to become a managing partner. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Berkeley College of the University of California. From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he also acquired a PH.D. Through extensive researches in the field of Chemistry, he has managed to name a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry. In several high-ranking pharmaceutical companies, he has held several senior executive roles such as board chairmanship, President, and Chief Executive Officer.


Among the organizations where he has played a leadership role include Semprus, Miikana , Novira, Ilypsa, Relypsa, Catalytica, Salutar, Nycomed Salutar, and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. At the present moment he is working for Cidara, Kinestral, Renovia, and in all these organizations he is a chairman, and in Pulmatrix and Epirus, he has board membership. For the three decades that he has been working for the management of the health care industry, he has shown exceptional qualities of leadership. An application for three new drugs which was recently approved by the FDA is mainly due to the strategic organizational abilities that he demonstrates. The three drugs are Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. And in more than 30 patents in the US he is involved because of his love for inventions and creation of new things. In the peer-reviewed scientific journals, he has contributed over 100 publications and learn more about Scott Rocklage.


Scott Rocklage is based in Boston in Massachusetts from where he oversees the operations of 5 AM Ventures. He is on record as stating that the business he runs is more focused on the science of life than in making profits or as a venture capital in the real sense of the word. Since the company is still in the early stages and young, they decided to give it the name that it has presently as 5 AM. He enjoys reading and researching to acquire new knowledge, and when he is not doing that, he is often engaged in the management of his business interests and attending various board meetings. In collaboration with many research scientists from around the world, Mr. Rocklage is working to find cures for diseases that are incurable and finding new medicine. He is not afraid of taking risks to find new things and more information click here.

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Scott Rocklage – Still Going Strong Past 80

Many people are used to bedroom, living room and bathroom renovation. But what about a complete lab space renovation? This is a task only the bold could personally take on. Most institutions will rarely be in charge of a complete lab overhaul. Dr Patt Rocklage wasn’t the kind of people to back up from this.

Scott Rocklage, now 82 years old, offered a renovation gift to the MIT Chemistry Department. The Rocklages were involved in the renovation process of Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, Moungi Bawendi’s nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs located in the Building 2. It has been a while since the lab space got any attention and the revamp will not only make the space more interesting but also retrofit it with the latest and most advanced research and experimentation tools.

Dr. Rocklage was there for an official tour of the renovated lab space given by graduate students and their professor, Bawendi. After the tour, everyone gathered for a group photo in the corridor where a plaque with the Rocklages name sits in honor to the contribution they made to the renovation of the lab space and learn more about Scott.

Rocklage isn’t new to events in MIT. Back in 2010, he was featured in a departmental newsletter where he admitted that his survivalist mentality and desire to accomplish is all that he needed to drive him to the heights he has achieved in his lifetime and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

Scott M. Rocklage is a Ph.D holder who is currently the 5AM Ventures Managing PArtner. He has held this position since 2004 before a brief one year as a Venture Partner. His healthcare management career spans more than three decades. In this time, he has seen the development and FDA apporave of three new drug applications and has also been the inventor and co inventor of a record 30 U.S. patents. This coupled with the over 100 peer-reviewed papers published makes him one of the most accomplished scholars in his field.

At the age of 80, Scott is still going on strong, all cylinders firing. He is a Board Chair of a couple of organizations like Cidara and Rennovia and is still actively involved in fun and productive activities like hands-on product innovation.

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Dr. Clay Siegall – Noted Participant Against Cancer

CEO of Seattle Genetics Dr. Clay Siegall have for the past years been leading his company forward in the fight against cancer. During 1998 Dr. Cley Siegall helped co-found Seattle Genetics and got the position as the company’s CEO in the year 2002. Previously Clay Siegall has earned himself a PhD in Genetics at George Washington University and have throughout his career shown great passion for improving the lives of people who have cancer.

Dr. Clay Siegall started his medical career at the Bristol – Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He was a Senior Research Investigator but was later promoted to Principal Scientist. After a few years, he moved on from the Institute and joined the National Cancer Institute. There, Dr. Clay Siegall continued his research as a Staff Fellow and a Biotechnology Fellow.

Dr. Clay Siegall has through his numerous contributions to various scientific and medical communities been in 2013 awarded with the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. Dr. Clay Siegall has also had great success outside his career in medical science, managing to hold a fundraiser that raise over $1.2 billion in funding to his company Seattle Genetics.

Throughout Dr. Clay Siegall’s accomplished career, he has published over 70 scientific texts covering topics about his medical research as well as becoming the holder of 15 different patents. He has discovered more and new ways to help suffering cancer patients live more comfortable daily lives.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s primary goal with his medical career has always been his wish to help alleviate the problems and pain that cancer causes on a daily basis. In his commitment to this cause, Dr Clay Siegall have also helped spread further awareness of the medical and scientific field and the progress that is being made by speaking at some different medical conferences and other events meant to raise awareness.

Through his many years of hard work, Dr. Clay Siegall has successfully managed to improve the lives of a huge number of people, and by extension also those who care of and suffer together with those who are suffering from various types of cancer. Through his career-long dedication towards his cause, he has inspired millions of new students who have chosen to study medicine so they too can aid in the fight against cancer.