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Bob Reina’s Shortcut to Entrepreneurial Success

Succeeding as an entrepreneur can be an almost herculean task. There is no guarantee that your idea will fill any niche and it is entirely possible that you will simply be ignored. For Bob Reina, the founder and CEO at Talk Fusion, this risk was something he was willing to take on. It was a challenge. Reina had always dreamed of becoming his own boss and the development of Talk Fusion was the perfect way to accomplish that dream while providing game-changing products for companies all across the planet. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communication solutions company that helps people bridge the gap between their products and their consumers. Bob Reina started the company back in 2007 and over the past decade he has helped to grow it into an industry juggernaut, providing solutions to companies in over 100 countries around the planet. Reina’s work came out and filled an immediate need and his solutions have enhanced products on offer all over the internet. Let’s dig into what led Reina to this place and how he found success so easily.


Reina’s idea for Talk Fusion came during a walk-through at a potential house he had been considering purchasing. Reina took a video of the home on his phone, back in 2004, and he wanted to email it to family members for feedback. His email client, however, did not want to cooperate. This led Reina to start crafting the Video Email marketing application alongside his friend, Jonathan Chen — an IT professional. Reina knew that if he had a need to be filled, other people did as well. Learn more:


Working in network marketing can be intensely difficult. There would be times, Reina admitted, that his phone bill would exceed the earnings of his commission checks. So, switching to a product like Talk Fusion and leaving network marketing behind was a huge deal. Reina’s excitement for his product was palpable and soon people within the industry were feeding off of it. Before Talk Fusion was a year old they were already in the green and since then the company has continued to evolve. Learn more:


Beneful Grain-Free Dog Food – A Leading Choice in Dog Food Brands

As of today, many dog owners are feeding their furry pets grain-free food. This change in diet may be due to veterinarians recommendations. Most vets today will recommend a limitation of carbohydrates and grains going into their pet’s diet. A healthy diet recommendation includes 50 percent vegetables, 40 percent meat protein, and 10 percent grain. Most grain-free dog foods are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Due to this factor, this type of food will keep a dog fuller for a longer amount of time than when eating foods that contain grain. Other benefits of eating grain-free food include fewer allergies, more energy, and healthier skin. Grain-free food will not benefit every dog but is a good option to consider when handling your dog’s diet.

When purchasing grain-free dog food, Beneful is an excellent choice. Beneful is a leading dog food brand with an assortment of different types of food including grain-free. Beneful’s grain-free dog food is 100 percent wholesome and offers a balanced nutrition. Their food is made from farm-raised chickens and uses ingredients which people know such as pumpkin, blueberries, and spinach. To ensure that all of their food is top quality, Beneful offers an extensive quality check. When choosing Beneful, one will not be disappointed.

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Scott Rocklage Remains Focused on the Development of New Medicines for Incurable Diseases

Apart from working with many other venture companies, Scott Rocklage worked with 5 AM Ventures from 2003 where it did not take him long to become a managing partner. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Berkeley College of the University of California. From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he also acquired a PH.D. Through extensive researches in the field of Chemistry, he has managed to name a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry. In several high-ranking pharmaceutical companies, he has held several senior executive roles such as board chairmanship, President, and Chief Executive Officer.


Among the organizations where he has played a leadership role include Semprus, Miikana , Novira, Ilypsa, Relypsa, Catalytica, Salutar, Nycomed Salutar, and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. At the present moment he is working for Cidara, Kinestral, Renovia, and in all these organizations he is a chairman, and in Pulmatrix and Epirus, he has board membership. For the three decades that he has been working for the management of the health care industry, he has shown exceptional qualities of leadership. An application for three new drugs which was recently approved by the FDA is mainly due to the strategic organizational abilities that he demonstrates. The three drugs are Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. And in more than 30 patents in the US he is involved because of his love for inventions and creation of new things. In the peer-reviewed scientific journals, he has contributed over 100 publications and learn more about Scott Rocklage.


Scott Rocklage is based in Boston in Massachusetts from where he oversees the operations of 5 AM Ventures. He is on record as stating that the business he runs is more focused on the science of life than in making profits or as a venture capital in the real sense of the word. Since the company is still in the early stages and young, they decided to give it the name that it has presently as 5 AM. He enjoys reading and researching to acquire new knowledge, and when he is not doing that, he is often engaged in the management of his business interests and attending various board meetings. In collaboration with many research scientists from around the world, Mr. Rocklage is working to find cures for diseases that are incurable and finding new medicine. He is not afraid of taking risks to find new things and more information click here.

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Scott Rocklage – Still Going Strong Past 80

Many people are used to bedroom, living room and bathroom renovation. But what about a complete lab space renovation? This is a task only the bold could personally take on. Most institutions will rarely be in charge of a complete lab overhaul. Dr Patt Rocklage wasn’t the kind of people to back up from this.

Scott Rocklage, now 82 years old, offered a renovation gift to the MIT Chemistry Department. The Rocklages were involved in the renovation process of Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, Moungi Bawendi’s nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs located in the Building 2. It has been a while since the lab space got any attention and the revamp will not only make the space more interesting but also retrofit it with the latest and most advanced research and experimentation tools.

Dr. Rocklage was there for an official tour of the renovated lab space given by graduate students and their professor, Bawendi. After the tour, everyone gathered for a group photo in the corridor where a plaque with the Rocklages name sits in honor to the contribution they made to the renovation of the lab space and learn more about Scott.

Rocklage isn’t new to events in MIT. Back in 2010, he was featured in a departmental newsletter where he admitted that his survivalist mentality and desire to accomplish is all that he needed to drive him to the heights he has achieved in his lifetime and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

Scott M. Rocklage is a Ph.D holder who is currently the 5AM Ventures Managing PArtner. He has held this position since 2004 before a brief one year as a Venture Partner. His healthcare management career spans more than three decades. In this time, he has seen the development and FDA apporave of three new drug applications and has also been the inventor and co inventor of a record 30 U.S. patents. This coupled with the over 100 peer-reviewed papers published makes him one of the most accomplished scholars in his field.

At the age of 80, Scott is still going on strong, all cylinders firing. He is a Board Chair of a couple of organizations like Cidara and Rennovia and is still actively involved in fun and productive activities like hands-on product innovation.

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JHSF: Synchronizing Progress With Sustainability

JHSF is a prominent name in the booming real estate business in Brazil. JHSF is real estate giant and has achieved a leading position given its unique and widespread operations throughout Brazil. The JHSF has been investing a huge amount of money in developing real estate business in the areas of residential buildings, commercial and upscale hotels and restaurants, and executive airports. The firm has made an exalted standing for itself for its innovative real estate ideas.The JHSF has been operating for several decades now. It was founded in 1972, and since then it has been investing a lot in the real estate business.

The innovative ideas brought by JHSF have dramatically revolutionized the real estate sector in Brazil. The firm has sought to make its real estate operations align with sustainable progress for the first time in the real estate sector. The firm is committed to providing sustainable solutions while developing infrastructure.The real estate operations of JHSF span over certain areas such as developing malls, standard hotels and restaurants, and state-of-the-art airports. The firm specializes in bringing the most advanced architectural ideas to the real estate sector. Having started its operations in one city, the firm has extended its real estate operations to other cities of Brazil.

Over the last several years, the real estate giant has completed different projects in various cities across the country. Not only this, the company has set foot on foreign soils as it is operating in the U.S., and Uruguay, thus taking its sustainable development mission beyond the borders of its home country. The company continues to expand the scope of its operations and persistently develops its revenues.Unlike the traditional real estate firms, the JHSF has a mission to keep the planet protected by ensuring sustainability. While the company develops projects according to the emerging trends in architecture and construction, it has been equally dedicated to synchronizing its projects to the greater goal of protecting the environment.The man who heads this unique real estate company is Jose AuriemoNeto who is the CEO, a position he holds since 2003. He is an excellent and successful businessman who is known for his business acumen in Brazil.

Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Is Here To Help

Talk Fusion is the company that wants to help people and prides themselves on helping people. It has been that way ever since the company was founded and created by Bob Reina in 2007. Ten years later, the mission and the goals have stayed the same. The only thing that has changed is that Talk Fusion has gotten bigger and better with changes to the product. It offers video newsletters, video conferences, video chats, and video emails. These are all designed to help the modern businessman or woman get their stay-at-home company started. That is the wave of the future and that is the direction that the world is headed.


There are a lot of bright minds out there, and they do not want to be stuck in a cubicle. They want to branch out and they want to do something with their creativity and their ideas. They want to be their own brand and they want to have the ability to work from home, which allows them such freedoms as setting their own hours, spending more time with their families, and having a stress-free, and worry-free life. All of the products that were mentioned are there to help spread the word.


That is a big part of the process. Someone might have a genius idea and an idea that is really going to set the world on fire, but if no one knows about it and no one is aware of it, it is hard for it to gain any steam. The various platforms that come with the Talk Fusion program are designed to show the customers how to spread the word, get their name out there, and let people know they are for real. They will be heard and they will be seen by as many people as possible.


Bob Reina is also active and busy with charity work. Talk Fusion has 30-day free trials for new customers that want to give the product a shot and see how it can make their lives even better. Also, if someone works for Talk Fusion, they can give it to their own special charity.


A Shrewd Entrepreneur – Mike Baur

About Mike

Mike Baur is an astute businessman who has been in the Swiss banking industry for more than two decades. He was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland where he grew a passion for banking and finance. He spent twenty years in the private Swiss banking system. Mike then moved on to work in commercial banking at UBS. After a couple of years, a large private bank in Swiss appointed him as an executive board member. This was in his late thirties when this dream was realized. It is in his early forties that he discovered that entrepreneurship was his real dream. He engaged his close friends Max Meister and Oliver Walzer and formed the Swiss Start-Up Factory.



His Education

Mike Baur graduated with an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York. He used his experience, connections and skills to get the required financing and conduct a fundraising to kickstart the company. In only two years, it had swiftly become the Switzerland’s number one independent and privately financed ICT start-Up. The Start-Up Factory enabled Mike to work with other entrepreneurs and provide both financial support and mentorship to other upcoming Swiss companies.



The Swiss Start-Up Factory and Young Entrepreneurs

The Zurich- based company gives exciting opportunities to the digital entrepreneurs. They provide a program that lasts for three months. During this time, Mike and his professional team provide coaching, mentoring and a wide variety of services. The Company also offers office space in the heart of Zurich city. Also, it connects the young companies to entrepreneurs and businesses across Switzerland and globally. By the time this company completes the Start-Up Factory program, they are almost achieving their ambitious goals.


The Start-Up Factory team is aware that entrepreneurship is a challenge. The team also understands the imperative role that upcoming businesses play in creating opportunities and growing the economy. They help the young entrepreneurs to avoid mistakes that can hinder the young companies from achieving their goals. Swiss Start-Up Factory provides entrepreneurs with connections, financing and the direction they need to improve their chances of success. When the entrepreneurs finish the rigorous process, they are exposed to sources of funding, how to execute excellence, sales, finance, strategy, sales, technology, marketing and laws related to their respective industry and business. The Start-Up Factory provides the young entrepreneurs with conviction and passion the passion and gives them the support, guidance and skills they need to succeed.




Hedge Fund Investment Star Kyle Bass Thinks Investors Have A Love Affair With Gold In 2016


There’s little doubt that the gold market is going to reach new heights in the investment world. Gold is the darling of the investment industry in 2016, and the love affair with gold is just beginning, according to hedge fund investment, Kyle Bass. Kyle Bass is the vocal hedge fund manager that likes to pontificate about the investment world. Bass founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006. Hayman Capital was one of the few hedge funds that bet the subprime mortgage industry would fail in 2008. Bass collected on that bet while the rest of the country went into damage control mode.



Bass became a superstar in 2008, and his hedge fund attracted investors from all over the world. But over the last three years, Hayman Capital has been struggling to produce average returns. In 2015, Hayman Capital was in negative return territory, and 2016 doesn’t look much better. But the demise of profits hasn’t stopped Bass from talking about his bet that China will be forced to devalue its currency, and that interest rates would not increase in 2016.



In fact, tells that Bass thinks China is going to have a major banking collapse sooner-than-later, and that collapse is going to ripple throughout the financial world. But the Chinese bailout, if it happens, will give Bass another sizable financial windfall. That’s the way Kyle Bass rolls. He likes to bet on windfall profits. Kyle lives for the thrill of betting against the system. He took Argentina’s side when that country defaulted on their debt bonds a couple of years ago. The default left four hedge funds holding bad paper. Bass sided with General Motors when people had fatal accidents due to the faulty airbags and steering mechanisms that GM installed in some cars.



The widow of American Sniper, Chris Kyle, thinks Hayman Capital investment tactics border on unethical behavior, and many of the pharmaceutical companies that are being targeted by Kyle Bass and his patent troll partner, Eric Spangenberg, think the same thing. But the questionable investment strategy that Kyle Bass stands behind doesn’t stop him from being one of the media’s favorite experts on investing. The press keeps asking Bass what he thinks about important issues and Kyle never disappoints them with inflated answers.

Appreciating The Contribution Of Mike Baur Through The Swiss Startup Factory

One of the biggest ideas that Mike Baur has ever come up with is the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, which has embarked on a mission to support startups within Switzerland by offering them platform on which they can launch their ideas. The platform runs a program that incubates startups for three months and offers the successful applicants financial support if they require any.


It is a well-networked system that offers startups the most conducive climate to help them thrive even when the times are turbulent. There are all kinds of professionals starting with lawyers to successful entrepreneurs, all tasked with educating the startups about the business world.


Market research

Before investing in an idea, it is advisable to first research about the market it is founded on. The Swiss Startup Factory offers this support to ensure the businesses presented by startups are established on a platform that is secure and they get to learn about the things likely to occur in future that can bar their businesses from achieving their goals. Note that most young professionals are not aware about the challenges they are likely to face once they implement their ideas, and this explains the high rate of failure among startups.


Product development

Additionally, the Swiss Startup Factory offers information about product development that is vital to help a startup come up with products that solve a problem. In this case, they are presented with the need to offer creative solutions that can guide the startup when designing the product to make it more aligned to solving the problems available in the market.


Marketing and IT support

In the process of developing the product, one needs IT support and marketing, all which are concepts new businesses may not understand quite easily. The Swiss Startup Factory marketing and IT team comes up with ideas that are aligned to enhancing the performance of marketing campaigns and streamlining IT and communication for efficiency. These are some of the elements that are capable of earning the business success and the Swiss Startup Factory takes them seriously.


Mike Baur

As a founder and CEO of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has lived his dream of offering solutions and through his company, many young professionals are getting support to set up their businesses. Mike boasts of over 15 years in banking and he holds an Executive MBA. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory immediately after resigning from his banking job in 2014.


The Business Of JustFab Empire

By now everyone has seen those beautiful shoe commercials by JustFab. I can be sure too, that there is something that has already caught your eye. The brain behind all this is one of its co-founders, Adam Goldenberg. At the very young age of fifteen, he began Gamer’s Alliance, which is an advertising network of gaming sites. After selling the company to Intermix Media in 1999 he came aboard, taking up a position as Chief Operating Officer. It was at this company that he struck up a friendship with Don Ressler.

Intermix was then sold to News Corporation in 2006, for a whopping sum of over $650ml. Goldenberg and Ressler made a decision not to stay but, instead teamed up to begin a new venture, known as Intelligent Beauty. The two partners started JustFab, Inc., in 2010. It is an online subscription fashion retailer that carries a wide selection of products, such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, and clothes. Membership cost is thirty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents monthly. First, members have to complete a survey about their fashion style on Then each month a fashion stylist will select an item, based on the initial survey. Members have a choice. They can accept, choose another selection, or even opt out for that month. All this at no additional charge.

In 2011, the company received thirty-three million dollars in funding, from Matrix Partners then, another seventy-six million from Rho Ventures, which is the parent company of the Matrix Partners. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg look for passion in their employees. Each individual must have the desire to push a little harder because this is what keep the company strong. Member concerns are also what drives the business. When they weren’t willing to pay higher prices on certain items on, the company made some adjustments.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler dedicate time out of their busy schedule, to mentor their top employees. They are focused on what they do and proud of the product they produce. They know that paying attention to detail, makes a happy and returning subscriber. In August 2016, JustFab, Inc. changed their name to, TechStyle Fashion, because they operate so many brands, such as FabKids, Fabletics, and Shoe Dazzle. The quality and impeccable service are still the same.