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Lee May Leads the Way!

Lee May is leading the way by encouraging people to participate in a 10k run in order to raise money for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The money raised will allow the club to buy a new minibus in order to help with their transportation and will allow for more convenient travel as a club. The club does so much brilliant work that all parts of the money donated will be given to the club to help them and their success.

The Nemesis Boxing Club enables people to improve all aspects of their training and provides the best opportunities for young boxers to gain the skills necessary to advance in this passion. But not only does this club help with boxing and training their students, but the also contribute to developing young people into people who will help the atmosphere around themselves by engaging in activities and participating in things they may not typically be so apt to do. These students are developing strong values at the core of their personalities and are striving to make themselves better each and every day, both in the gym and out in the real world.

But you might wonder where Lee May comes into this equation and why they would like to help raise money for this club. As avid boxing fans, they find it as the perfect opportunity to help out a community of people who may not have the necessary funds to progress and take things to the next level. The goal as of right now is to raise £20K but however much they raise, the boxing club will appreciate very much. Any donation small or large will be taken in with great thanks and will be put to great use.

If enough people can come together and donate some time and money, the Nemesis Boxing Club will be able to afford a minibus and can travel much easier with fewer worries about traveling separately. Lee May has been very passionate about his 10k run and is hoping to hit their goal as soon as possible and help out this club.


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