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Upwork Takes the Work Out of Completing a To-Do List

Do you like many others struggle to get through your to-do list? If so, you should go read, “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List” at

Upwork is the world’s largest freelancing website and links businesses and independent professionals together via a virtual medium. With countless freelancers offering over 3,500 skills, getting 10 powerful tips for sailing through your to-do list is but scratching the surface of a pool of business possibilities.

The article details different processes and psychological phenomenon that can get in the way of completing your to-do list in an efficient and timely manner. An example of this is a phenomenon called the Zeigernik Effect. The Zeigernik Effect leads to unnecessary stress due to incomplete tasks continuously pulsing through your mind. This negligible effect can be overcome by writing down all your tasks for the day. This way your brain can forget about the task because it is trapped on paper and allows you to focus on the current task at hand.

Is the task of delegating items on a team to-do list a struggle for you? The article gives a helpful suggestion on a tool that can help you. ClickUp is a delegation tool that can process comments and turn them into tasks. Stress mitigation is a major factor in improving your to-do list efficiency. It is stressful enough having to deal with completing your own tasks, not to mention the constant worry of if your team members will complete theirs. Clickup cleans up and compiles comments in emails, Slack and even notepad into an organized task list with the ability to create sub tasks. Helping to further eliminate stress and help keep the Zeigernik Effect away.

You may be working alone currently and wishing you had someone you could delegate tasks to. Upwork can provide you with the platform you need to find a freelancer that fits your needs. Add reading this article to your to-do list and let Upwork help take the work out of completing your to-do list today.


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