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The Propeller Behind Clayton Hutson Success in Music Industry

Discovering your talent and passion at a tender age is one of the best things you can have to enable you to shape your life properly. The renowned Clayton Hutson is one of the few individuals who were able to discover their passion when he was very young. He knew he loved music and wanted to make his dream a reality.

Clay Hutson’s passion shaped his education where he joined Central Michigan University for Bachelor’s Degree in theater designs. He later earned his MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

These made him work for various entertainment companies where he mostly worked as the sound engineer and also as a project manager. He was at first interested in corporate entertainment but later his taste for music industry grew waxed stronger and left the Billy Graham’s sound team to the music industry.

Clay Hutson was specifically interested in Rock ‘n’ roll music which he came to love as he interacted with various entertainment companies. After he had gained tangible knowledge and expertise in sound engineering, stage management, and live performances, he ventured into his own business. His knowledge in business administration boosted his entrepreneurial skills resulting in a boom in his business.

His business currently gives quality services to musicians and various event organizers where his business manages, produces, and designs various concerts. Most of his work has involved rock music where he was successful in offering technical and various managerial tasks for even globally recognized people like Kid Rock and Pink among others.

Clay Hutson has traveled around the world in various musician tours like the 2005 Bleed Like Me tour. He has also been with Garbage band as their monitor engineer when they had their tour in Europe, Australia and in North America. He was also part of the Honda Civic Tour which was in North America and Asia from July to September.

Although starting his business was a venture full of risk, his marketable skills and talents gave him enough confidence to step into the waters. He is committed to long working hours while paying close attention to details which has enabled him to grow his business. His thorough preparation and planning even the minutest detail before any event has made him successful in his business.

Clay Hutson is not ignorant of the new technology trends and hence he is always excited to entertain his fans using this creative ways and technology. He considers prioritizing his family before work and honest evaluation of everything and standing on the truth. According to Clay, it is great to focus on things that matter rather than on small irrelevant stuff. Learn more:


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