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NewsWatch TV Reviews Contour Computer’s Ultimate Workstation

NewsWatch TV is a promotional advertising show. They aim their promotion of products on technology and entertainment options. Their focus is to appeal to consumers with their video format advertising with engaging promotional material that is informative and personable for consumers.

The NewsWatch TV show is broadcast on the AMC and ION affiliate networks. They usually have their show on at 7am on Monday on the AMC network. NewsWatch TV is owned and operated by the video productions and communication company Bridge Communications.

NewsWatch TV promoted the Contour Design Computer product the Ultimate Workstation. The Ultimate Workstation is set up to limit fingertip impact and to keep hands comfortably situated on the keyboard. The roller mouse red keeps your hands on the keyboard but still capable of scrolling and clicking. This allows the user to limit the amount of reaching over they do such as when they grab a traditional mouse to scroll a screen or click. Another mouse option from the contour design company is the roller mouse 33.

The keyboard is perfectly balanced and angled for people to have a comfortable place to set their wrists while they type or work on their computer. The Ultimate Workstation keyboard is completely wireless, making tasks that much easier in a workplace environment. The keyboard has smart energy saving capabilities, so it can keep working for long periods of time.

The Contour Design Computer’s Ultimate Workstation was broadcast by NewsWatch TV and viewed by 95 million households. The online campaign came up to 697,924 impressions. The campaign proved to be a success for the Contour Design company, as they saw a rise in sales.


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