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Getting Caught up on the United States vs. China Trade War with Stansberry Research

Get caught up with the latest in current trending news topics with Stansberry Research, a leading news publisher based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Stansberry Research serves up informational products, consisting of both a monthly and bi-monthly newsletter that circulates through users based in over 100 separate countries. With tens of millions of readers worldwide, Stansberry Research is one of the largest alternative media startups out there. The firm is still privately owned and independently ran, although the company has considered going public on more than one occasion. Being a private news company, you can be sure that outside investors are not dictating the news topics that Stansberry Research focuses on, meaning the company isn’t lobbied to produce tilted content.


Recently, Stansberry Research has been paying close attention to a terrifying trade war that Donald Trump recently started with China. Without much of a forewarning, Trump came out swinging on China recently by announcing a full $100 billion US dollar tariff plan that could see several Chinese industries brought to their knees. Trump seems to have mostly taken aim at China’s industrial manufacturing goods, placing $40 billion US dollars in tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports alone. It is not currently known how China plans to protect its metal manufacturing industries, perhaps they will be forced to seek out non-US based customers in an effort to move a vast amount of metal products. It’s not completely out of the question to see major industrial companies put out of business across China’s recently struggling economy.


If you are interested in staying current with up to date information on breaking news regarding the new Chinese American trade war, then be sure to subscribe to Stansberry Research’s feed so that you can be alerted any time a new article is published. With dozens of leading journalists and researchers at their disposal, Stansberry Research continues to impress with all of its informational products. For more information about Stansberry Research and its products, be sure to visit their website at your earliest convenience. Outside of the trade war topic, you will be able to browse many other news articles that focus on a vast number of current events happening around the globe.


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