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Dr. Johanan Rand Is The Man Who Can Turn back Time

What if someone told you that he or she could shade some years from your body. They could help you go back to your youthful self, where you do not feel pain anymore. Make insomnia, weight, erectile dysfunction, menopause, depression or even mood disorders go away. Will you agree? You may think this is a hoax or just a far-fetched dream but actually, there is a doctor who can do this, his name is Dr. Johanan Rand.

Dr. Johanan Rand is a doctor with over 15 years experience in integrated medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement. Healthy Aging Medical Centre is where the ‘magic’ happens, a hospital founded and led by Dr. Johanan Rand.

When you arrive at the hospital, the doctor together with the staff will compassionately take you the procedure. First, Dr. Johanan Rand will discuss with you about your current exercise routine and dietary habits. Secondly, the doctor will do a body system analysis and try and assess your genetic markup for any markers.

The next procedure is testing for the vitamin and mineral levels in your body. Dr. Johanan Rand will also ask you about any food allergies. The fourth stage is to test and analyze the body fat and hormones levels. This tests might look quite tedious but are very important in order to identify the source and cause of your ailment.

When the doctor has done his analysis he might recommend any of the three therapies, which are; physical, dietary and hormone. It is very normal for the doctor to recommend a combination of any of the three or all them.

Dr. Johanan Rand also performs acupuncture, steroid injections, nerve blocks or sometimes cortisol injections for patients in pain. It is also not uncommon for him to recommended IV nutrients as part of the wellness program. You do not have to worry because he is certified, qualified and experience to provide such treatment.

The Albert Einstein Medical Center graduate is a man that tackles the different problems from the source. His business is the overall wellness of the body, either by natural means or by advanced medical treatments.

Through his New Jersey medical clinic he has managed to turn back time for many patients and each passing day he continues to do the same.


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