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Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three-Step Approach

One of the most valuable employees of Wealth Solutions is Richard Dwayne Blair. This individual is highly endowed with knowledge in financial matters. Mr. Blair has helped numerous clients to have a good financial plan that is a result of extensive planning. He knows how to tackle different client issues independently as each need differs from the other. Due to his influence on clients and expertise in financial management, Wealth Solutions has experienced rapid growth in the customer base as well as increased profits. Recently, Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair offered an insight of how he approaches a client’s issue.


The following is the stepwise plan of how he tackles it:

  • Step one. The first thing is building an interactive relationship with the client. This relationship is meant to create a deep understanding between the customer and the advisor. Richard Dwayne Blair refers to this stage as the time to develop a financial roadmap for the client. In this session, the client is asked to share his/her financial goals and fears. Richard, on his part, listens keenly while devising on the best option for a particular client.


  • Step two. This is usually the stage where the information obtained in the initial step is acted on. Richard Dwayne Blair proposes investment strategies to the client that matches their ambitions. Often, this investment is a long-term one. He also proposes means of ensuring that the investment is implemented within a particular timespan. Richard is keen to advise customers to invest at a stage when the market demand is high. This ensures that the customers are less prone to making losses.


  • Step three. This is the final stage, and it involves the actual implementation of the proposals made in the previous step. Richard Dwayne sees the client through the implementation process while making adjustments to cover for arising issue that was unprecedented. Richard Dwayne Blair also closely follows the progress of the client to see everything goes according to plan. If there arises a gap in the implementation, Richard advises the customer of how to overcome such an obstacle.


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