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The Chainsmokers and Their Road to Success

Alex Pall never thought he would become a musical sensation before his success. He loved music and DJing, and he was a DJ part time for a long time, but he didn’t see it as something he could do as a career. He had so much fun in DJing that he didn’t see it as “work.” It took him a while, but one day while he was at an art show, he told his manager that he wanted to give it a go. So he quit his day job and pursued his dream.

Andrew Taggart is the second member of the duo group. Alex lived in Maine and was a college student right before he became a member of the Chainsmokers. He had plans to move to California after he graduated and finding his big break in music. He was greatly inspired by people around him that were running into success. To his surprise, Andrew got his chance to pursue his dream quicker than he had planned. He was told about a duo group that needed a new member one day. Andrew refused to miss the opportunity of a lifetime and headed to New York where Alex’s manager introduced the two of them.

Right after they met, they went to Alex’s apartment and started writing up and creating some music. They went on to create some hits that have reached the top of the charts. Their first popular hit to hit the top charts was their song “Roses” which came out in 2015, and they have created several hits since then. The Chainsmokers are still creating music in hopes to relate to their fans. They have topped the charts with several songs and they are currently creating more songs for their fans to love!

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