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Class Dojo Is Bringing Students Together From Around The World

It can be difficult for parents to find the time to participate in their child’s schoolwork when they have busy schedule to attend to throughout the day. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on most students when they do not have the support of their parents, particularly in elementary grades. Class Dojo is a unique tool that entered the market in 2011 that allows parents, students, and teachers to stay connected through a special app at all times, greatly improving communication for all parties. Not only does this allow parents to stay more active in the school community, but it also improves on old methods of interaction between parents and teachers. Parent-teacher conferences and even phone calls during busy hours are a thing of the past with Class Dojo thanks to direct communication features.

Regardless of a parent or teachers schedule, Class Dojo allows them to instant message each other at any time to keep everyone informed on the progress of their students. This helps students stay focused in the classroom, especially knowing that their parents are watching in on them. Teachers are also able to update the Class board for all students and parents to read or watch. Students are also able to submit to the class board, including video of special classroom moments that can later be shared with anyone on the Class Dojo network. This has allowed students in various parts of the world using Class Dojo to share information with each other as well as videos that show what life is like in different regions of the world.

Allowing students to socially communicate with other students from different cultures and various walks of life opens their eyes a little to the world outside their own. Allowing students from different backgrounds to share with each other greatly improves their communication abilities as well since they have to find ways to show one another things despite language differences. Class Dojo is being used in more than 180 different countries today, with the majority of K-8 schools in the United States using the platform today.

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