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Ronald Fowlkes, the Business Development Manager for Eagles Industries

Ronald Fowlkes is Eagle Industries’ Business Development Manager, essentially he has to follow inventory that crosses over into both the commercial and law enforcement categories. His category of goods must meet several extreme criteria. This tactical gear must be efficient, modern, resilient and powerful. Fowlkes is the perfect candidate to oversee this category of goods because of his in depth experience.


Ronald Fowlkes applicable experience began when he enlisted for service in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1989. He served for four years and left the corps as a Gulf war veteran. While he served he attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry receiving comprehensive Marine Combat training and attending engineering classes. From the Gulf, he was deployed to Iraq where he became a contractor for the Department of Defense. He now combines his military training with the experience he received after the military as a police officer.


After the military, he worked with the St. Louis Police Department for three years. From there he joined the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and served for ten years. Seven years of that ten year term were spent of the Human Rescue Team (HRT). His responsibilities included leading the team as of 2003 and he instructed team members in SWAT and urban warfare tactics. His group dealt with extreme situations such as high-level hostage events, after-the-clock events in violent neighborhoods, gang related events, drug deals and illegal firearms possessions.


Fowlkes also had a high interest in sports, especially hockey. Today, his authority spans law enforcement and sports applications. His positions requires that he travel extensively all across the U.S. He is responsible for product selection and he trains the sales staff consisting of 150 persons on how to operate all the products under his supervision. He is also in charge of educating the staff on the uses of the products he procures for the company.


Ronald Fowlkes has worked with Eagles Industries since July, 2008. Fowlkes is known for locating potent products that meet current standards that are useful in both tactical and in sports applications. He has been instrumental in bringing to the public access to equipment including chest rigs, armor carriers, slings and belts, all of which are necessary accessories for many tasks.


His findings are perfectly suited to fulfill the needs of Eagles Industries, a division ATK. ATK specializes in security and sports and is founded in a 30 year history with the military. To this day ATK still produces quality goods for the military, law enforcement and the sports fields.


Ronald Fowlkes has carved out the perfect position for someone like himself. Fowlkes has a complete understanding of the items he buys for Eagles Industries. He is then able to teach his co-workers at Eagles Industries so that they can deliver excellent customer service to any organization that needs or desires what they sell.


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