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End Citizens United Shows Success With Recent Endorsements

     The 2018 Congressional Elections are going to be regarded as the most important political elections in the United States of America in recent memory. The election of Donald Trump, a brazen nationalist with no regard for the office he holds, has only served to divide America beyond what many thought was possible in modern times. A big reason as to why this is happening is due to the influx of dark money that has been leaking into the political world for the better part of the last decade due to the Citizens United ruling in the Supreme Court. Citizens United, an outspoken and conservative propaganda group, argued for corporations and lobbyists to have more freedom than ever in their pursuit to influence elections. Now a political action committee by the name of End Citizens United is looking to try and turn things around by endorsing several great candidates in their 2018 electoral campaigns.

The first, and perhaps loudest, of End Citizens United’s recent endorsements was for Jane Raybould in her pursuit of a Senate seat in Nebraska. Raybould, like many other politicians, has proclaimed and summarily followed through with the decision to completely reject corporate money during her political campaign. Raybould is one of eighty recent politicians, all of which leaning progressive, that have made this monumental and potentially game-changing political decision. End Citizens United’s Tiffany Muller, President of the PAC, went on record in a statement of support for Raybould. Muller pointed out that Raybould was running a campaign to represent the people rather than the special interests that so often dominate Washington D.C.

The success of Conor Lamb’s recent run in a deep-red Trump district served to showcase that End Citizens United is tapping into something special and something important here. More and more politicians are choosing to sever the ties of their corporate handlers and this is, in turn, making their message all the more uniform and effective. End Citizens United should see this as a massive victory for the American people and a victory that looks like it will continue to grow and spread as the message gets around.

End Citizens United was established a couple of years ago in order to fight back against dark money in the political world. As a grassroots, political action committee, End Citizens United works to connect voters with candidates that are earnestly seeking to represent them instead of catering to and falling in with their corporate handlers.

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