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Kamil Idris Details the Potential Conflict the JASTA act may Cause in his Book, JASTA and a Third World War.

Scholar and international law expert Kamil Idris has published a new book, JASTA and a Third World War to explain what he feels are the repercussions the U.S. JASTA act will cause in the current global scene.

After U.S. led investigations into the 9/11 attacks and the full list of the complicit partners who provided financial support to Al-Qaeda were uncovered, the United States Congress established the legislative act, Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism or JASTA, which provided the means for the victims of terrorists attacks to sue, for damages, the countries that have financially supported terrorist groups.

Kamil Idris, PHD recipient from University of Geneva, believes this law, while intended only to provide fair and adequate compensation to the victims of terrorist attacks, also provides a path to challenge the sovereignty of a nation. He also fears that JASTA related trials will increase the current nationalism and populism waves spreading across the world and will encourage the development of another worldwide tinderbox of defensiveness and hate. Kamil Idris believes the current situation is similar to the climate preceding WWI.

As the current president of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM), Kamil Idris has the experience in international law to examine in detail the ramifications JASTA could potential cause on the world stage and while he doesn’t suggest that 9/11 victims be ignored, he feels the JASTA act isn’t the best way to remunerate these victims.

According to Kamil Idris’ research, JASTA has the potential to cause other countries to develop similar legal ramifications, affect other nations autonomy and ultimately cause resistance with other nations as the United States pushes through with this act.

Hoping for a peaceful outcome to the pressures JASTA has put upon the internationals stage. Kamil Idris looks to spread the education and implications of the JASTA act, with his book JASTA and a Third World War.

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