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Nathaniel Ru Makes Healthy Eating a Major Priority

Nathaniel Ru is giving people something to think about when it comes to making a better decision on eating healthy. He has proven that people can still get food that they believe is delectable even if they are eating something that is healthy. This is what Nathaniel wanted to do when he created Sweetgreen.

Ru and his partners wanted to be able to get people to be excited about eating healthy. He wanted them to feel like they were really in a restaurant where the choices were abundant, but the menu was still filled with healthy choices.

This is the choice that Nathaniel Ru was making for Americans that really want it to embrace healthy eating. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune

The problem with many other fast food establishments is that there are too many temptations on the menu for people to even consider healthy eating. It is true that there are restaurants like McDonald’s where salads are being served.

The trouble with this is that there are also double cheeseburgers and McRib sandwiches on the same menu.

There are fries and a plethora of other items like apple pies and chicken nuggets for consumers to consider. In both cases people are totally going to overlook salads for the staples that they are familiar with from the McDonald’s franchise.

This is why Nathaniel Ru is doing something different when it comes to fast food. He wanted to create an experience where people were actually going to have the ability to engage in better eating habits because they were looking at a menu where everything was healthy.

They did not have to contemplate the temptation of choosing a salad over a double cheeseburger or any other type of crazy high calorie meal.

The warm bowls are the staples that people hear about as the signature meal that comes from the Sweetgreen franchise. This is something that Nathaniel Ru put in place because it brings to life fresh produce in a way where people also have access to meats and delectable seasonings.

Nathaniel really wanted to build the type of fast food establishment that was almost considered an alternative to traditional fast food. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

He still wanted this to be food that was prepared quickly, but he wanted people to have a better chance to engage in regular healthy eating. He wanted people to have consistent pattern for healthy eating with Sweetgreen restaurants as they chose healthy eating.

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