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End Citizens United Appealing to the Congress to Keep the Johnson Amendment

The political action committee End Citizens United has had their hands full because of the recent changes in its field. The group of End Citizens United was created with the purpose to prevent the ability of companies to funnel large sums of money into politics almost without any regulations as well as to revoke the decision known as Citizens United. The job of the political action committee has become increasingly more challenging because of Trump’s continuous efforts to flood politics with copious amounts of money.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump decided to try and revoke one of the most essential regulations which exist to separate the church and government and prevent its symbiosis ala Medieval Europe. The document is called The Johnson Amendment, and it was passed in 1954. Since then, the paper has been enforcing the regulation that 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations (such as churches) are prohibited from endorsing or opposing any political candidate. The clergy still has the right to donate to some extent.

The problem that Donald Trump is stirring up lies in the fact that without the restrictions of the Johnson Amendment, politics can use churches for political endorsements and funneling money into their own political campaigns. When Trump signed the executive order to weaken the field of the power of the Johnson Amendment, the lines between politics and religious facilities started to blur. That stirred up a wave of concern among the public and even more, among the clergy. The White House has been receiving boxes of letters from all around the United States of America from churches and individuals stating that they do not wish to be forced into getting involved with politics. Trump ignored the clergy and signed the executive order anyway.

What will happen if the Congress accepts the removal of the Johnson Aendment? This document enacted a separation and honesty between the two parties. The States have been functioning as a country where politic and religion do not mesh to achieve anyone’s selfish desires. If Trump gets his way than churches will be turned into tools for businessman wanna-be politicians to get even more money. Representatives of the clergy have expressed their fears that they would probably have no choice in the matter.

Groups such as the End Citizens United are trying to educate people on the matter appear to the Congress not to revoke the Johnson Amendment as it is so vital for the United States of America. Without it, corruption and Big Money in politics would go haywire. Politicians would be able to freely exploit churches and religious communities to become more affluent and manipulate populations, and religious facilities t get their ay about political campaigns. Donald Trump has shown excitement about the potential future changes.

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