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Rocketship Education Is Changing Lives and Providing Quality Education

Rocketship Education is a non -profit public chartered school network headquartered in California. Rocketship Education was founded in 2007.Currently, they have sixteen chattered schools located in Redwood City, San Jose, Concord California, Nashville and Washington D.C. The school’s primary agenda was to provide an excellent education system for children who came from humble backgrounds. Students at Rocketship, get personalized instructions according to their educational needs and tailored to their unique learning styles.

Their learning model comprises of both traditional and technology instructions. Their mode of education allows every student to learn at their own pace. This model of education works for all students in the Rocketship program whether they are catching up or racing ahead.

Rocketship school is not just an excellent institute for the students only; it is also the best place to be as a tutor. Teachers and leaders are the most significant factors to ensure success in student’s education success journey. Rocketship provides Professional development to its instructors to help them grow through the provided learning opportunities, private coaching, and customized training as part of the regular working day. It gives Leadership programs to mentor leaders from within the school by providing leadership and principal training programs that ensure a clear path towards long-term career goals. It has also offered a Professional satisfaction which helps elevate and celebrate teachers by giving exciting rewards for tutors to feel empowered, appreciated and valued.

The Rocketship education has been a success, and this can be explained by the number of students they have served and came back each year. Rocketship was ranked number 2 in academic growth among all the seventy-three public elementary schools across Nashville. It was also in the top 10% in both English and arts performance among all elementary schools districts in California. In 2016 study by Innovate public schools identified six Rocketship to performers across the Bay Area. The results are hard work of students and cooperation with teacher and parents. Rocketship education has worked to provide quality education for the students who cannot afford to join descent schools. The school has also made parental involvement in its program.

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