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President Trump’s Latest Executive Order Fought By End Citizens United

One of the campaign promises of President Donald Trump was based on the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, a law many political experts was one of the few barriers to maintaining the separation of Church and State. The Johnson Amendment has now been placed under threat through an Executive order signed by President Trump which states the Internal Revenue Service should not actively pursue any groups crossing the rules and regulations introduced by the Johnson Amendment; End Citizens United is actively seeking to fight the introduction of this Executive Order which has been at the heart of the campaign financing rules since it was introduced in 1954. Visit to know more End Citizen United.

Before becoming Vice-President and then President following the assassination of President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson fought to ensure Churches, charities, and universities were not allowed to have a major say in the financing of elections across the U.S. Johnson’s Amendment, as the law became known passed the Senate with ease and has been protected by the majority over the last six decades as the separation of Church and State has always been seen as an important part of the U.S. political landscape; the unprecedented attempt to remove Johnson’s Amendment as among the most important in U.S. political history is now being fought by End Citizens United.

The End Citizens United group was formed in 2015 and is presided over by CEO, Tiffany Muller who has made it her mission to ensure the right to a fair and democratic vote in the U.S. is protected at all costs. Refusing to take the donations of major billionaire donors is a key part of how End Citizens United maintains its integrity as the group will only operate as a traditional PAC instead of taking the higher donations permitted to Super PAC’s.

As an endorser of many Democrats, End Citizens United has worked to protect many voting rights and fought alongside well-known liberal figures such as Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren who have promised their support to the work of End Citizens United. The Johnson Amendment states any charitable organization registered with the IRS will have its tax-exempt status removed if the group funds political parties or candidates in a bid to make sure these groups are not used by those trying to funnel cash into the political campaigning cycle. Not only will any repeal of the Johnson Amendment result in large tax exemptions being claimed by churches, charities, and universities along with the individual donors who will also benefit from their taxes. Read more:


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