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Why Securus Is the Preferred Communication Provider for Prison Systems

Securus has been the go-to company by law enforcement officials and government agencies. The reason behind this is the provision of their highly secured information systems that can be used for various top-secret services and the provision of secure communication networks for the prison system. Securus also offers inmate and detainee tracking however it should be noted that their tracking services aren’t limited to this alone.


Securus is an American company; it has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. In as much as the company is located in Texas, Securus has other regional offices in Dallas metro and Atlanta Georgia. Most of the company’s workload is handled in the secure facilities in Dallas Metro and Atlanta Georgia.


As of now, Securus serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 American states. The company’s services aren’t limited to the American mainland as the Securus also provides its services for prison systems in Canada and Mexico.


The company’s objectives are centered towards crime prevention and solving already committed; this is the primary reason Securus is considered to be law enforcement agency’s number one companion. Recently Securus received emails from the local communities who were providing feedback for the services the company offered. Most of the emails thanked Securus for the services they have been providing in making local communities safer.


Among the emails was one from a prison system, the reason they wrote to Securus was to thank them for providing vital information that led to apprehending a rogue member of staff. The apprehended member of the team was corrupt, it was confirmed that he had the habit of sneaking in contrabands for prisoners and in return, the inmates were giving him financial compensation. Using the information provided by Securus, the prison system was able to obtain an arrest warrant and search warrant that proved vital in charging him.


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