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Dr. Villanueva, partner of Dentist

Dr. Villanueva’s has a wide range of experience in dentistry, as he has held a number of separate positions in this medical field. He has been both an associate dentist and trained a diverse group of students striving to work in this field. He has also been a Dental Director and now holds the title of CEO for MB2, one of the only Support institutions in the country created for Dentist and owned by fellow Doctors. Dr. Chris Steven’s vast knowledge of business and corporate strategy has made him remain effective in assisting institutions in making certain that they remain within the clinical autonomy’s standards and guidelines. He has a true desire to uphold the integrity and nobility that the Dental Industry has strived to maintain. Dr. Villanueva continues to enjoy practicing dentistry for his patients, while remaining passionate about assisting budding dentist with direction, after they complete their dental schooling.
After being born in Ohio, Dr. Villanueva spent a majority of his child and teen years traveling to a variety of countries in the Asian and South American Continents. He graduated from High School in Venezuela and went on to marry his loving wife, Carol. She is also a Doctor who practices at her own institution based out of Texas. Dr. Villanueva and Dr. Carol are proud parents of their four lovely kids.
Dr. Villanueva’s company, MB2 Dental Solutions, is a dental institution designed to serve the role of a partner to dentists and dental practices all over the country. They give their affiliates a unique set of services that assist in helping maintain and advance their practices in the most efficient and practical ways while continuing to provide their patients with the highest standards and expectations they have already set in place. The company assists its affiliate practices in always remaining within the tight guidelines and regulations of clinical autonomy. MB2 makes sure that their partners maintain efficient techniques and methods regarding the everyday operations of their practice and ensures that they continue to provide care at their highest potential.
MB2 strives daily, to be a community in which dentist across the country can come together to provide outstanding dental care to their valued patients. By assisting their affiliates with maintaining the business realm of their practices, Dentist are given the opportunity to dedicate their time to doing what they love doing most; providing each individual patient with care and treatment they need to ensure they leave with a smile.

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