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Fabletics Brings Back Authenticity and Comfort to Sportswear

Whether you run a locally based business or an online one, customer satisfaction is the primary determiner of your success. There are many ways to determine whether your clients are satisfied, but the best way is through reviews. Studies show that nowadays customers run to social media and business sites to give feedback on the service or product that the company offers.


Moreover, 50% of potential consumers visit business reviews before they make purchases. The kind of feedback they get there plays a significant role in their end decision. That is because most of them view reviews as recommendations from people who have used the goods before. Hence, they expect that the experience they had is the one that they too will have. That is why it is important for businesses to ensure that the quality of goods and services is flawless. Since they realized this, 76% of the successful business brands continue to add positive customer reviews to their websites to increase the purchases.


Another method that enterprises use to enhance their customer base is through search engines. Positive reviews also play a major role here. That is because the higher the number of positive appraisals you get, the higher your ranking will be in search engines such as Google. That means you will get even more revenue since many prospects will be driven to your business through this method.


About Fabletics

Fabletics is a good example of a company that uses the crowd power to their advantage, and that is what makes them stand out even in the face of stiff completion from other brands. They are highly active concerning the response they give to customer reviews. They boast about 30,000 reviews on Trust pilot a site, which assists businesses to increase their ratings and the biggest one at that. They collect the information they get from reviews and use it to improve the quality of the products of the company.


They can know what both the minority and the majority of their customers expect from them through the reviews. Hence, the kinds of products that they make depend on the direct opinions of their clients which make them feel valued. Thanks to this, Fabletics has seen a tremendous growth in the sportswear industry since it was established four years ago and prides itself on having almost 90 percent of its sales and profits coming from repeat customers. Therefore, by using information it gets from reviews, Fabletics manages to attract and retain 85% of its clients while at the same time attracting new ones. Today it ships over two million orders and makes millions in sales.


The company’s leadership has played a remarkable role in its high flying success and Kate being part of it has helped it rocket even higher. Due to her active lifestyle, she possesses an optimistic view on Fabletics brand and thinks that its authenticity is what keeps it at the top of the game. She has continued to show enthusiasm towards the brand and has been actively involved since the first day that it was launched. Kate is remarkably proud of working with Fabletics and is not planning to leave anytime soon. If you do not have a Fabletics gear, you are missing out on the best experience while working out. Take the life quiz today and get to know the one that suits your personal needs and in the best way possible.

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