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A Brief Background Into the Successful, Good-Hearted Eric Lefkofsky

Cancer is one of the world’s most deadly diseases. Despite having computers virtually everywhere we turn, people burying their faces into glowing smartphone screens, and Internet connectivity no matter where one travels, not enough businesses in technology have dedicated themselves to curing the evils of cancer. This much can’t be said for Tempus, a recently founded technological company based out of Chicago that rapidly contributes innovative digital means of preventing, diagnosing, and battling cancer.

None other than Eric Lefkofsky initialized Tempus, co-founding it alongside other innovative minds in medical technology. Despite the fact that Mr. Lefkofsky founded Groupon in 2007, still serving as the chairman of its board, and that he’s founded Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Uptake, Lightbank, and Mediaocean. Founding just one of these companies proves impossible for the majority of people around the world, let alone all seven of them and learn more about Eric.

Mr. Lefkofsky wrote Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation, a nonfiction publication that details how businesses relatively heard of in commercial circles can create and maintain competitive advantages with technology. “Disruption” comes from a modern-day phenomenon in which well-established organizations fail to take advantage of technological innovations, in practice allowing other businesses to run away with their marketplaces’ proverbial baton. While a great deal of actors write fiction novels or compile truthful stories about others’ lives, academic textbooks, or historical happenings, Mr. Lefkofsky’s extensive experience with designing, founding, and growing companies provided him with the knowledge for Accelerated Disruption and more information click here.

This reputable, good-hearted, technological visionary also puts his authorship to use on social media. Mr. Lefkofsky is consistently active on both Twitter and LinkedIn, a coincidental demonstration of his professionalism juxtaposed with kindness, caring for others and society at large, and creating and operating businesses that ultimately help others lead better lives. Some of his most recent Twitter posts include articles about ultra-precise applications of medicine, previously unavailable to practitioners prior to today’s advanced technology; research regarding the viability of gene therapy for curing cancer and its recent development; and business-related news, mostly about partnerships between his organizations and those in the medical field and Eric on Facebook.

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