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How Jason Halpern and JMH Development Firm has Changed the Real Estate Industry.

Jason Halpern is one of the lucky people who has had the opportunity of controlling the family business. Jason is a real estate developer who has been managing JMH Development as from 2010. What has enabled him to be in a position of being given the control of the family business is the mere fact he has over fifty years experience in the management and construction department. He has developed a variety of properties such as residential apartment and Westchester in New York. The real estate industry is filled with individuals who try to succeed in what they do regardless of the situation. Everyone in the industry wants to come out at the top stepping on everyone else.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

What has made Mr. Jason different and unique from other real estate agents is his dedication and passion when it comes to constructing projects. While working at his family company, he is still passionate about putting up properties that are of high standard and unique. Gradually, JMH Development has become o the full-service and leading real estate organization pioneering growing markets in Miami, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. It has also pioneered the construction of core commercial and residential properties all over the state.

Not only is Jason a successful real estate agent but also a philanthropist. Being a philanthropist calls for an individual think of other people and help them in any way possible. He has been seen in various instances to generously give his resources and his time to aid important charitable programs. He has made a generous contribution to a trauma hub in Westchester Medical center specialized in offering orthopedic surgery, heart surgery, and emergency neurosurgeries among other server cases. The Trauma Centre has experienced staff, high-quality equipment, and facility that help during these server cases.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

With the aid of his infused vision, know-how and insight, JMH Development has been able to acquire and develop numerous up to standard properties such as restoring historical structures. Ever since its development, the company has developed more than five million dollar properties all over New York with more than three hundred luxury apartments. The company is committed to ensuring all the projects they handle are up to standard and are finished on time.

Jason’s Family

In everything he does, Jason continues to be dedicated when it comes to utilizing his unique skills in putting up buildings that are unique while still helping the less fortunate people in the community. He hopes that with him leading the JMH Development Company, he will be able to change the whole aspect of real estate in a positive manner. In a way that doesn’t harm other real estate developers and companies. He believes in his capabilities in making the world a better place through real estate development.


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