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A Unique Online Shopping Experience Awaits at Fabletics

Looking for a place online where you can buy all your workout apparel at discount prices, with free shipping, and of the highest quality? The you should surf over to Fabletics and take advantage of incredible buying opportunities. To give you just a taste of what to expect, Fabletics is offering new customers the ability to buy anything on the website for only $25 with free shipping. That is only the beginning of the deals awaiting you.


As soon as your sports apparel arrives, you will rush back to the Fabletics to take advantage of all their incredible deals. Women have discovered it is best to apply for VIP membership first, because the savings are amazing. To apply, all you do is simply fill out a brief Lifestyle Quiz, then a sales associate will be assigned to your account to help you take advantage of all deals to be had. Once approved, your VIP status earns you the right to buy anything in the store for $49.95 for as long as you stay a member.


VIP membership also entitles you to free shipping on every order here out. One of the other advantages to being a VIP member is you have a store associate looking for sports apparel that matches your quiz answers and recommending new items for you to buy. At the beginning of the month you log into your account, if you like the selection made for you, just approve the choice and it is on the way. You also have the option to choose something else or even skip the month.


All this buzz about Fabletics has resulted in women posting comments on various review sites about their incredible shopping experiences.


Rachel left a comment at Trust Pilot, “When I heard Kate Hudson was the co-founder of Fabletics, I knew I found my new source for yoga pants and workout apparel. I love the choices made for me, i have not yet been disappointed.”


Donna remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “Each one of my orders has free shipping, the price of the apparel is a fraction of the stores at the mall. I use my extra cash to treat myself once a month to a little shopping spree at the spa.”


Jill commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “If you are looking for high-quality workout apparel that is priced like you are shopping at Target, this website is for you. My VIP membership has me locked in at one price, you will love saving all this cash too.”

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