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NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes

NexBank Capital is a financial services institution that offers consumers in the United States commercial banking, investment banking, and mortgage banking. The organization mostly focuses on customized banking and financial services to the leading financial companies, individuals, and corporations in the country.

Since it was founded years ago, Nexbank strives to deliver the best valuable services to its clients. The financial institution ensures that the clients have access to custom tailored and sophisticated solutions that are always delivered by experienced professionals who have earned the respect of the consumers. The customer needs are given the top priority in the country.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is one of the non- profit making mortgage servicing providers in the United States. Just recently, the organization announced that it would be working with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. The two groups have announced that they would provide affordable loan programs to the families who are in the southern part of Dallas. The main aim of the two groups is to ensure that they provide one hundred or more loans during the year to the families with low incomes in Southern Dallas.

NexBank Capital will be offering the organization over fifty million dollars in loans so that the expansion of the affordable loan program is made possible in the next few years. Dallas Neighborhood Homes has announced that the proceeds from the banking institutions will be used to offer loans to the low-income families who have limited or no access to the mortgages provided by most of the banks in the country. Nexbank will also offer to counsel to the families about homeownership.

The new program from Nexbank and the two organizations will be very helpful to the families who have never had an opportunity to own a home in Dallas. If the plan is successful, more people will become homeowners in the region.

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