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Doe Deere Shares Her Beauty Philosophy

The idea of beauty is something that can change from person to person. What one person may see as beauty, another person may feel is not so beautiful after all. The same is true of that of fashion. Fashion is one of the world’s most important industries. it is also an ideal that many people around the world find useful both as a means of self expression and as a way to learning how best to dress for an important occasion such as a job interview or date with someone they want to be around for the rest of their lives.

In many instances, people have turned to skilled fashion guides for help as they figure out how best to use existing fashions to their advantage. Many people provide fashion advice of all kinds as well as demonstrate how old rules can be remade for the needs of today’s contemporary woman. One such person is fashion pioneer Doe Deere. In an article for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks to her readers and fans about the kind of fashion they can adopt to their own needs and wants. She also talks about the kind of ways they can take contemporary fashion rules and break them effectively.

Fashion has been governed by an unofficial series of ideas for many decades. Such ideas are typically based on what works for many women. For example, as Deere points out, people are told not to pair a thick eye that catches attention with a lip that also aims to show off at the same time. She tells readers to ignore such rules in favor of their own belief system.

Her entire career in the field has been based on the idea that people should be able to make their own fashion rules. Deere is the founder and owner of her own highly successful line of cosmetics. Retailed through a site called Lime Crime, her cosmetics line features items that are unique, high quality and can help people figure out their own color and fashion style. This has allowed her to develop a huge base of fans who are devoted to her ideas and want to use them as inspiration for their own personal fashion expression.

Her work in this field has focused on providing her clients with the opportunity to be part of the world of fashion. She offers highly innovative fashionable looks on her own site. In her world, it is possible to break any fashion rule desired and still look great at the same time. Many of her clients have been happy to work with her to achieve their own personal kind of fashion understanding of the world and use her specific understanding of the world of fashion to help them create their own looks at the same time.


Gianna Kolby says:

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