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Commercial And Residential New York City Real Estate Markets Remain At High Levels

A report in The Real Deal provides information on the real estate markets of New York City has revealed certain aspects of the industry are seeing high levels of movement. For example, the commercial leasing of office space across the first three quarters of 2015 has seen more than 22 million square feet of office space leased across the island. Alongside the high level of office space leased the markets have also seen the rents charged for both office and retail space rise by more than 14 percent over the course of the year between 42nd and 49th Streets.

Rentals and sales are handled by some of the best known real estate agents in the world within New York City. One of the best known entrants onto the market is Town Real Estate, which has become a major player in the real estate industry despite only being established in 2010. In only five years the company has been guided by founder Andrew Heiberger to the top of the new York City real estate industry, which he has a long history of working within.

Heiberger was sure to make his first moves in 2010 with the aid of many of the best known names in the New York City real estate markets being employed as agents for the company. Town has also undertaken an aggressive employment strategy with many experienced and inexperienced agents employed to drive the real estate markets of New York City apartments for sale.

The article from The Real deal also provides information on the strength of the residential real estate markets. These markets remain high with luxury home sales on Manhattan Island reaching record levels for November that have not been matched since 2006. The rising area of Brooklyn has become an important area for real estate agents across New York City who have found this growing market selling the latest new developments almost as soon as properties are listed.


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