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Brazilian Advertising Agencies Develop Unique Ads To Reach Consumers In Different States

The states of Brazil offer advertising agencies the opportunity to develop advertising platforms that reach the various social and economic differences that exist within the country. The disparities that exist in Brazil are the result of the historical development of the country, and the geographic characteristics of Brazil, according to Cláudio Loureiro, the creative director and the founder of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency. Loureiro has been studying these characteristics for more than two decades. His company has done an exceptional job creating ads that make the people that live in different regions of the country want to buy the products and services his clients offer the Brazilian market.

The people that live in Brazil may all be Brazilian in name, but in social, ethnic and economic terms they are radically different. The North region of the country is a good example. The North is primarily Amazon rainforest inhabited by native Brazilians who are untouched by the outside world for the most part. Mr. Loureiro and his team may use that area as a backdrop for an ad for a client like Petrobras, but that ad would never appear in the North region. Other areas of the country are almost as underdeveloped as the North like the Northeast, but some of the other regions are as rich and prosperous as the most developed countries in the world.

The state of São Paulo is a good example. That state has a population that matches the country of Argentina and the GDP in São Paulo is larger than the GDP of Spain. There is a lot of advertising activity in that state. Most ad agencies know how to cater to the audience in the state of São Paulo as well as the city of São Paulo. The city banned outdoor advertising a few years ago, so most advertising is television, radio, magazine and online advertising, according to Loureiro.

Another area of the country that is prime advertising territory is the Southeast region that is composed of four states. A couple of those states are the most populated and wealthiest states in the country. In the state of Rio de Janeiro tourism and industry are the main source of revenue and most advertising dollars are spent promoting them. Families that live in the Southeast region spend more money each month than any other region, so advertising agencies develop ads that take advantage of their propensity to purchase the latest trends and retail items that hit the Brazilian market.  The Southern region of the country is similar to the Southeast in terms of wealth, but the social and ethnic characteristic are different, so ad agencies create online, magazine, television and radio advertising specifically for that region as well.


Gabriel says:

Leisure and educational activities are especially important in the Southeast, so agencies like Heads Propaganda take advantage of that knowledge when they develop online as well as television ads. It could also signal a lot for and I know it will surely make it work for them.