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End Citizens United: For A Fair Country

After the Supreme Court allowed the funding of politicians by interested individuals in 2010, there was a significant rise in the number of people who were bought, and they have ruined the democracy of the country and the way that things used to work.

The imbalance cause here can only be remedied by the enacting of an amendment that will allow the citizens to end the law which was dubbed citizens united. So, end citizens united was formed to combat that and turn the table back to the normal elections with integrity leaders who have not been influenced by the money that the billionaires pour into their campaigns.

Birth of End Citizens United

It was formed to combat this blatant abuse of power that has been seen across the elections that have taken place. Their aim is to get to the grassroots people who can then contribute towards building a better democracy.

By allowing the corporations to replace the voice of the people, this law has ruined the way that democracy is supposed to work.

The Goal of End Citizens United

When you have these big money players flooding the politicians’ campaigns with their money, there is a lack of transparency, and basically, the leaders are getting in power, but they have already been bought by these powerful people.

With that kind of money, these people posses that have the power to ruin the way that the elections have always worked to turn the leaders into some puppets. The president could owe them a favor and who knows what they will ask for in return.

If the people in the grassroots can be able to see what is going on here, may be they can help stop it by exercising the power of majorities to make an amendment to that kind of law. Follow the group on LinkedIn.

The Democrat Agenda

The group that wants to end citizens united is not in this for the political ideology. They want to end the way that these people are abusing the laws. They want to help the Democrats who are the ones facing the big moneyed people on the Republican side win.

Ending Citizens United

The campaigning process and the elections have been marred by these people constantly meddling here and there that there is the need to have them curbed and that can only be done if the people are willing to get together and say not to this.

The Koch brothers, for example, have invested heavily in these politics, and they are filthy rich which makes it hard to see what is going on behind the curtains.

In Conclusion

So far they have gotten the word out and hope that the people will see the things that are happening behind the curtains then help stop those things from happening.

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You Can’t Ignore Online Reputation Management

Reputations are necessary, possibly even more so online, where any individual can make a judgment based on whatever information appears on a web search or social network sites site.

The internet has made it easy for users to post reviews and make their experiences known to others. That is why it is necessary to have an online reputation management system. There are many firms out there rendering this essential service to both business and individual clients, and you ought to take advantage of it.

There is seldom a business out there that does not have an occasional matter arise with a client or customer. Ideally, you can deal with things before it gets to a point where a client feels they can only get resolution through a public forum or believes they must warn individuals about your business organization.

Having the very best rankings in search engines may not help your business organization if your reputation has been ruined. But if you have a great reputation then having top ranking position in search results pages will certainly boost your sales and revenue.

If you have organized and planned for how to deal with online criticism of your business, the effect of one or two complaints can be much lessened, and you may be better able to respond properly and quickly to reduce monetary effect.

With online reputation management firms, you can be offered the necessary tools and resources that can help repair a ruined image, establish a strong, positive one, and get the training course and support you need to continue to monitor and reinforce your reputation.

Reputation management experts like Status Labs reviews can help implement the long-term vision of your company through their strategies and help project your organization as an authority in the niche. Their strategies will compliment the value of your company and unlock the power or creative potential of the campaign.

Take the time to research the various reputation management companies out there and choose one that has a high rate of success. A renowned firm will assess your situation and devise a customized reputation solution.


Equities First US Should Be On the Top of Your List of Lenders to Potentially Borrow Money from

If you have been searching for a lending company that may give you some of the best offers of loan terms, then you may have found the page that will be suit you. Equities First Holdings is an organization that has been in the business of providing loans for potential borrows for quite some time. They essentially exist to ensure their borrowers are happy with the terms that they receive and can make repayments without any issues due to low interest rates.

Equities First Holdings is an organization that provides you with an opportunity of reaching your financial goals at a much quicker rate than you may have been able to had you not been able to borrow capital at all. This is why Equities First Holdings is a preferred lender in the industry, one that is nearly unmatched in the quality of services it offers. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives. They will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have in pertinence to the loan you may be wanting to borrow. All you will need to do is go through the application process and wait for an approval. Once the approval is completed, you will be asked a few questions so that the lending organization can get an idea of what loan terms may be best for you. It is a quick and easy process that is well worth going through. However, if you’re not necessarily sure about whether you qualify at this moment, please do not hesitate to ask one of the representatives. They will have a quick check conducted on you and may be able to let you know very quickly whether you qualify to obtain loan or not. Then, they may provide you with interest rates.

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A Review Into The Career Of Antony Petrello And His Successes

Success in the corporate world comes as a result of a lot effort. There is competition from other equally qualified individual and it takes exceptional effort to grow to a leader in the industry.

Some of the people whose effort has led them to achieve a lot in the corporate world include Antony Petrello, who is the current CEO and President at Nabors. He joined Nabors over 20 years ago and his competence has kept him at the top of the leadership chain. Antony Petrello has been leading the company with unique strategies that have helped it to remain relevant and a leader in the drilling industry.

In the U.S., Nabors is the best offshore drilling company and it ranks top internationally as the most reliable land-based drilling company. Founded over 30 years ago, the company has managed to sail through tides and challenges. When Petrello took over in 1991 as the CEO, it had little subsidiaries and only concentrated on serving the U.S. market. Today, it has expanded its operations to more than 20 countries and has several subsidiaries that deal with the production of drilling equipment.

Antony G. Petrello received an appointment in 1991 to join the Nabors Board of Directors. He also joined the executive committee of the board and supported numerous projects that were outlined to give the company a new face. In the same year, Nabors approved him as their CEO and President, a position he steered all along until 2011. In 2011, he again joined the company as their President and CEO and still serves in the position today. Apart from his functions at the company, Antony Petrello offers strategic planning initiatives and guidance that enables the company to adapt to modern practices that can support its agenda.

Before he joined Nabors, Antony built his career at Baker & McKenzie, where he maintained focus on international arbitration and corporate law. He worked as a Managing Partner of the firm in their New York office between 1986 and 1991. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in mathematics, which he earned from the Yale University. Antony also pursued law at the Harvard University.


Who is Doe Deere?

With an idol such as Karl Lagerfield, you get to become visionary, fearless and creative. Doe Deere, the face behind the whimsical yet innovative Lime Crime Makeup is a role model to many entrepreneurs in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The company is led with a touch of wit and playfulness that encourages close relations between the employees its leaders and the clients something that is admired across the globe. Doe Deere’s playfulness is seen through the choice of her brand names and collection of products that are all first tested by Doe before they are sold to clients.



Lime Crime Makeup is all about beauty, expression and happiness. Doe believes that whatever products ones uses should make you happy. Also they should express what you feel inside and be seen by others. Her colourful products tend to bring up all moods that customers may find themselves in. for instance, the red velvetiness ooze the sexy appeal of the clients while the purple colours give the self-made independent vibe. Whatever colour one may choose, is a form of expression that is encouraged by Lime Crime.



Lime Crime Makeup was founded in 2008 after Doe identified a market niche that needed pursuing. Before this, she worked as a fashion designer creating fashions for people and selling them on eBay. Through this journey, she has undergone so many challenges that she is so proud of today as they have motivated her to be smarter and do better.



Today, Lime Crime has launched shadow palettes, nail polish liquid liners and lipsticks. One thing in common about them all is the wit and the quality that is associated with them. They all come in different shades of colours that are unique and don’t conform to the common colours. The self-appointed Unicorn Queen encourages her clients to express themselves without feeling bad about it.



Doe is a smart business lady and a charismatic leader. She leads her employees towards achieving success and growing their career. She gets her motivation from her clients and reads thoroughly through their needs. Doe is also a firm believer in guiding her employees as their friend as opposed to being harsh to them.



Doe is a giver and a compassionate individual especially when it comes to animals. All products at Lime Crime are vegan. She is also involved with Bide A Wee, an animal rescue firm that rehabilitates stray animals and gives them a shelter.

Tidal is expanding from Desiree Perez Leadership

Tidal is a company that offers music that is of high quality. Since it was re-launched in March 2015 by Jay-Z, the company has become famous to music lovers. Customers who have flocked in find that it is affordable and the monthly subscription is user-friendly. Among many artists, the company has also become popular. The cost of subscription is affordable going at $9.99 per month. It is also important to note that Tidal pays its artists well with the exceptional amount of royalties.


Tidal is also a unique in that its owners are musicians, so they know what the fans want. That’s why they work towards achieving that goal. Among the owners is Jay-Z, who has been in the music industry for years. He has been able to establish himself. It is the first musician-run streaming company. It is thriving in the entertainment industry. Other companies have already set such as Spotify and Apple Music. However, Tidal is working to ensure it is at the top.  Souce


It is quickly expanding, and it is currently excelling in the iTunes store. The albums of the famous artist, Kanye West, made a lot of attractions and within just a month there were million trial subscribers. The app is becoming popular among many music lovers. Jay-Z wants the company to excel. There had been a series of leaders defecting from the company, and that prompted Jay-Z to appoint the right person to head the company. The head has become a significant force in the business and has contributed a lot since she rose to the position.

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It is Desiree Perez who has been an associate of Jay-Z for a long time. Even those who are working with Desiree say that she has worked and contributed a lot the company since she was appointed. She plays a significant role in getting artists to put their music in Tidal. She has an excellent reputation in the music industry since she has made achievements. She is also a member of the Hova influential Circle together with her husband, Juan Perez.

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Major Contributions of Sujit Choudhry in Field of Law

Sujit Choudhry is the Faculty Director and also the founder of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions which is basically the first university-based center in the world that mobilizes and generates knowledge in of support of the constitutional building. When it comes to comparative constitutional development and comparative constitutional law, Sujit is internationally recognized in these authorities.

His primary focus when working majorly addresses the fundamental methodological questions in the field of comparative constitutional law. He has also gone ahead and written on constitutional design claiming to be a tool used to transition from conflicts filled with violence to peaceful politics that are democratic.

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According to Sujit Choudhry, this change can apply better in ethnically divided societies. He is also studying constitutional design that may result in transitions from an authoritarian type of government to democratic rule. He has published more than seventy articles, book chapters, reports and working papers where he has shared his point of view and knowledge on matters comparative constitutional law. Check his

He has edited collections such as The Migration of Constitutional Ideas among others. Currently, he is co-editing some collections which include Constitution Making and The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law. Choudhry is also a member of the International Journal of Constitutional Law Board of Editors. He has the opportunity serve as a member of the International Society of Public Law Executive Committee.

He is also a member of the UN Mediation Roster where he has helped in different mediation scenarios. He has also been a consultant at the World Bank where he was seen being consulted on some issues. He has also worked as a foreign constitutional expert where he was supporting democratic transitions Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, (with the assistance of International Institute for Democracy) Nepal (with the assistance of Nepal bar association) and lastly Sri Lanka (with the assistance of the Forum of Federations). Follow him on

In Canada, Choudhry was seen to be a part of the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel which in most cases was seen to propose major reforms to Toronto’s municipal government. He had the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors of one of the legal assistance program in the world, Legal Aid Ontario. In 2011, he was named by the South Asian Bar Association of Toronto as the practitioner of the Year.

Before coming to Berkeley Law, Choudhry was a professor of Law at the NYU School of Law and also Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto. In 2010, he was among the four individuals who received the Trudeau Fellowship which is equivalent of the MacArthur awards. What has made him understand law properly is his education background. He holds degrees from Toronto, Harvard and Oxford University that opened his mind to the law environment.

To him, Law is everything, and in his own unique way, he is trying to make contributions to the world and make it a better place for every human being.



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Wedding Photography at its finest

Your wedding is one of the most important days in any couple’s lives. One of the best ways to commemorate your magical day is through wedding photography. Choosing a photographer can be a difficult experience, but you lay your fears to rest when you hire George Street Photography. George Street Photo and Video Locations are all over the United States.

One of their premier locations is in Chicago Illinois. Imagine your pre-wedding pictures with Wrigley Field or the Sears Tower as a backdrop. On your magical day, the photographer will arrive early and begin snapping candid and posed shots throughout the ceremony and reception.

George Street Photography has another premier location in Massachusetts. If you are from another state and having a destination wedding in Boston, the photographer will spend as much time as necessary on the phone or Face-timing you before she meets you face to face to get a feel of what you want your photographs to be for your wedding day. For more info, visit


A Unique Online Shopping Experience Awaits at Fabletics

Looking for a place online where you can buy all your workout apparel at discount prices, with free shipping, and of the highest quality? The you should surf over to Fabletics and take advantage of incredible buying opportunities. To give you just a taste of what to expect, Fabletics is offering new customers the ability to buy anything on the website for only $25 with free shipping. That is only the beginning of the deals awaiting you.


As soon as your sports apparel arrives, you will rush back to the Fabletics to take advantage of all their incredible deals. Women have discovered it is best to apply for VIP membership first, because the savings are amazing. To apply, all you do is simply fill out a brief Lifestyle Quiz, then a sales associate will be assigned to your account to help you take advantage of all deals to be had. Once approved, your VIP status earns you the right to buy anything in the store for $49.95 for as long as you stay a member.


VIP membership also entitles you to free shipping on every order here out. One of the other advantages to being a VIP member is you have a store associate looking for sports apparel that matches your quiz answers and recommending new items for you to buy. At the beginning of the month you log into your account, if you like the selection made for you, just approve the choice and it is on the way. You also have the option to choose something else or even skip the month.


All this buzz about Fabletics has resulted in women posting comments on various review sites about their incredible shopping experiences.


Rachel left a comment at Trust Pilot, “When I heard Kate Hudson was the co-founder of Fabletics, I knew I found my new source for yoga pants and workout apparel. I love the choices made for me, i have not yet been disappointed.”


Donna remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “Each one of my orders has free shipping, the price of the apparel is a fraction of the stores at the mall. I use my extra cash to treat myself once a month to a little shopping spree at the spa.”


Jill commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “If you are looking for high-quality workout apparel that is priced like you are shopping at Target, this website is for you. My VIP membership has me locked in at one price, you will love saving all this cash too.”

Evolution of Smooth’s Lip Balms Hydrate, Heal and Taste Great

Evolution of Smooth burst onto the oral care scene with their unique spherical shaped containers of lip balm. The founders of EOS lip balm company took it upon themselves to redesign the way lip balms looked and performed. Choosing women as their target audience, they conducted an in-depth panel to find out what elements women preferred in their beauty products. This led the team at EOS to develop a lip balm brand that appealed to all of the senses using ingredients that were not only beneficial to the lips, but deliciously refreshing as well.

When it comes to combining beneficial healing properties with delicious flavor the tantalizing goodness of their medicated tangerine lip balm stands alone. Found in the EOS lip balm line of organic smooth sphere balms this particular flavor is enriched with vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil to restore dry damaged lips to their naturally healthy state.

Also in the organic smooth sphere line is the company’s sweet mint version of their moisturizing lip balm. Made with the exhilarating flavor of mint, this product contains organic ingredients that are specially formulated to help keep lips soft and smooth. This balm comes in a pastel green colored sphere and is designed to glide across lips in a clear translucent color. This variety is available on Walmart.

The zesty yet slightly sweet taste of Evolution of Smooth’s fresh grapefruit flavor is found in their category of active protection lip balms. Made with an SPF of 30, this invigorating flavor is the perfect choice for people who enjoy spending time outdoors. The built-in sunscreen protects lips while the other organic ingredients help hydrate and soften.

The delectably sweet flavor of this company’s coconut milk lip balm is available in their line of visibly soft balms. Enriched with vitamins C and E, the unique blend of natural ingredients in this balm condition, nourish and moisturize lips.

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EOS lip balms are available in top stores such as Well, Walmart, Target and Walgreens. EOS lip balms are also available online. They can be found on many websites such as, and