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Focus on Construcap and Its Completed Projects

Construcap is a Brazilian construction company that is among the ten largest in Brazil. The company is built on management that ensures continuous development of people and processes together with a high commitment to clients. The company aims at executing a number of sustainable projects while at the same time conserving the environment. The company has undertaken various construction projects in the past successfully.

Rio de Janeiro – Santos Dumont Airport

Santos Dumont Airport is one of the domestic airports in Rio de Janeiro. It is also among the top ten busiest in airports in Brazil. It has a departure lounge that is modern with transparent coated material that allows a broad view of the Guanabara Bay. The airport on was expanded and modernized as from 2004 in order to increase its capacity.

Temple of Solomon (IURD)

Solomon’s temple is the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God world headquarters. It was built in Sao Paulo Brazil in Bras neighborhood, Belem district. The temple is the biggest religious space in the country and was built at a cost of 680 million. The construction on was inspired by construction design of Solomon’s Temple, the first ever temple mentioned in the bible.

About Construcap

Construcap is a company based in the construction sector of Brazil. It was founded back in 1944 and operates in both the public and private markets in the infrastructure, energy and building sectors. In 2012, a multinational based in Sao Paulo, Fluor Corporation and Construcap came together and merged to form a single entity, CFPS Engenharia e Projectos SA. The new company was to engage in construction management, procurement and engineering in Brazil.

Construcap ranks among the top ten companies operating in the construction and infrastructure in Brazil. It has created a niche for itself by engaging itself in projects that are sustainable and with a great concern for the environment. Its processes are all based on a certified Integrated Management System on YouTube. The system has been certified by OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Early 2016, a venture of Construcap, Fiat in Goiana (PE), received an award during the ENR Global Awards 2015. The award was presented by the Engineering News Record Magazine, which does the awarding every year and has quite a standing in the sector.

Conquering Skin Discoloration With Makari Skin Lightening Cream

Think those facial dark spots have to remain with you forever? Not so, because Makari skin whitening cream has tried and true ingredients to help rid discoloration.

Why Skin Discoloration Occurs?

As skin ages, in many cases there is an excess production of melanin. When this occurs, hyper-pigmentation forms, creating deposits of colored spots that remain, unless treated. Makari manufacturers an all-natural product line that heals and prevents. Is all-natural better than traditional beauty products. Absolutely yes. A typical by-product of conventional beauty products are chemical irritants that either dry out the skin or cause additional redness, or an itching and burning sensation. All natural beauty products have become popularized because the ingredients are non-irritants and they stimulate healthy circulation while boosting cell renewal.

How To Lighten Skin

Lightening creams are always the best product to include in your skin care regimen when looking to lighten skin or dark spots. However, there are three great protocols for lightening skin;

  1. Makari Exclusive Toning Serum. Dermatologists agree that ingredients found in Makari like Mulberry Root Extract, Licorice, and Allantoin can treat pigmented patches and lighten skin.
  1. Whitening Exfoliating Soap. Best when used in conjunction with the lightening serum. This exfoliating soap gently removes top layer of skin cells with its apricot seed, and helps with cell turnover.
  1. Extreme Carrot and Argan Cream. This skin softening moisturizer is a multi-tasker. The cream hydrates and firms, without greasiness, while improving the overall complexion.

Makari offers a premium skin care line for day and night to protect and repair. For more info, visit




Why Evolution of Smooth Is The Number One Lip Balm

Lip care products such as lip balms are some of the most popular medicated products on the market. These small devices are a life saver for your lips throughout the year, especially during the cold weather months. Have you ever heard of Evolution of Smooth? This is the hottest new lip balm product on the market today. Most people think of brands like Chapstick or Blistex since they’ve dominated the scene for close to one hundred years. As of today, Burts Bees is the current best seller and Evolution of Smooth isn’t far behind.

Marketing plays a crucial role in a products success and EOS lip balm has changed the game with it’s selective marketing efforts. Since most women are the biggest users of lip balms, (EOS) specifically designed their marketing to women. The products are beautiful in color and the colorful egg shaped container is an eye catcher for sure. Company Marketers are targeted their marketing to a certain demographic. Millennials make up a huge percentage of the market and (EOS) definitely and effectively advertised to this specific group of people. It paid off big time and as of today the brand is selling about $1 Million Units each and every week. EOS products are available on Target and via Other online stores sell EOS as well.

Evolution of Smooth has quickly become a staple in this saturated market and projected sales over the next few years are expected to around $2 Billion near the year of 2020. Simply amazing! Chapstick and many other brands just do not have the same effect on this small buyers market and will soon become an afterthought in the wake of (EOS’s) success. To simply state it, “these lip balms have an emotional attachment” with their target audience and no other lip balm brand comes close. Evolution of Smooth is transcending the world of lip care products with it’s unique lip balm of the future. Visit for more info.


Changing the Industry by Storm: Waiakea Company Proves Bottled Water can be Better

Waiakea water is the newest sensation for health enthusiast due to its nutrient rich properties and environmentally sustainable packaging. Bottled water has been thrown plenty of hate in the following years and is often the example for waste. Just last year alone more than $1 billion of plastic were wasted instead of recycled.

Taking on the Accusations and Turning them on its Head

The Waiakea Water has been marketed for the last three and a half years to consumers using packing that comes from recycled (rPET) bottles. They’ve also partnered with charitable organizations like Pump Aid and have donated over 500 million liters of clean water to communities in Africa.

Ladisco said that Waiakea water success certainly hasn’t stopped there either. The company has seen an annual growth rate of 170% and the company itself is valued at over $10 million. Even premier chains across the country have taken notice with big names like Wawa and Whole Foods stepping in to sing up. This shows great potential for the water from Waiakea spring to spread internationally and to become a new phenomenon.

What Sets This Bottled Water Apart from Others?

The pure water has boasted of a unique mineral and nutrient rich content that has made it desirable. The water is naturally alkaline, mineral rich, and is the full electrolyte packaged product people desire. Even the source where the water comes from is one of the purest on the planet.

This bottled water originates from the Mauna Loa volcano that can be found on the Big Island. The water originally starts out as rain and snow melt on the volcano before slowly working its way down. The water passes through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock. When it arrives at the spring it’s one of the most electrolyte and alkaline rich natural waters to be found.

The continued success of the company stems from their mission for consumers to ‘drink ethically’. They have made sure their product is sustainably sourced and even made sure their packaging reflects their desire.

According to Specialty Food, Waiakea water has taken every possible step from providing their own sustainable energy, recyclable packaging, and other measures to ensure they cut down on their carbon footprint.

Even Ryan Emmons has commented on the success of his company and its continued growth in a once stigma filled industry. His company is the first premium bottled water to ever be certified as Carbon Neutral. The company’s focus continues to stay on ethics, health, and sustainability for their consumers and the environment.


A Shrewd Entrepreneur – Mike Baur

About Mike

Mike Baur is an astute businessman who has been in the Swiss banking industry for more than two decades. He was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland where he grew a passion for banking and finance. He spent twenty years in the private Swiss banking system. Mike then moved on to work in commercial banking at UBS. After a couple of years, a large private bank in Swiss appointed him as an executive board member. This was in his late thirties when this dream was realized. It is in his early forties that he discovered that entrepreneurship was his real dream. He engaged his close friends Max Meister and Oliver Walzer and formed the Swiss Start-Up Factory.



His Education

Mike Baur graduated with an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York. He used his experience, connections and skills to get the required financing and conduct a fundraising to kickstart the company. In only two years, it had swiftly become the Switzerland’s number one independent and privately financed ICT start-Up. The Start-Up Factory enabled Mike to work with other entrepreneurs and provide both financial support and mentorship to other upcoming Swiss companies.



The Swiss Start-Up Factory and Young Entrepreneurs

The Zurich- based company gives exciting opportunities to the digital entrepreneurs. They provide a program that lasts for three months. During this time, Mike and his professional team provide coaching, mentoring and a wide variety of services. The Company also offers office space in the heart of Zurich city. Also, it connects the young companies to entrepreneurs and businesses across Switzerland and globally. By the time this company completes the Start-Up Factory program, they are almost achieving their ambitious goals.


The Start-Up Factory team is aware that entrepreneurship is a challenge. The team also understands the imperative role that upcoming businesses play in creating opportunities and growing the economy. They help the young entrepreneurs to avoid mistakes that can hinder the young companies from achieving their goals. Swiss Start-Up Factory provides entrepreneurs with connections, financing and the direction they need to improve their chances of success. When the entrepreneurs finish the rigorous process, they are exposed to sources of funding, how to execute excellence, sales, finance, strategy, sales, technology, marketing and laws related to their respective industry and business. The Start-Up Factory provides the young entrepreneurs with conviction and passion the passion and gives them the support, guidance and skills they need to succeed.




Secrets to the Success of Brad Reifler

Pali Capital achieved a great deal of success. Much of this success was due to the brilliant financial mind of Brad Reifler. He took the reigns of the company as its chief executive officer and he flourished in that role. Brad has achieved many great things during a career that has seen him start a wide variety of financial companies. All of these companies have seen enormous profits. There can be no question that few people have achieved as much in the financial world as Brad Reifler has during the past 35 years.

So what has Brad Reifler been able to do that all of his competitors have not? What has made him able to thrive in an industry that is infamous for the amount of companies that go out of business? Brad has commented on this particular subject. He says there are numerous factors that have all played an equal role in helping him to achieve the tremendous amount of success he has experienced. For starters, Brad says the education he received while he was a student at Bowdoin College helped to lay the groundwork for his career in commodities trading and wealth management.

Another key factor is the practice that Brad Reifler got playing the markets at a young age. He spent much of his time in college investing small amounts of money in foreign markets. He would learn from his mistakes and make better investments the next time. He already had an enormous amount of knowledge about the global financial markets by the time he decided to start the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982.

Brad has said that running Reifler Capital Management helped to prepare him for the enormous amount of pressure that goes with running a large company like Forefront Capital. He considers all of his previous jobs as training for the position he is in now. He has allowed the experience he has gained in his previous positions to guide him. Brad says it is vital that you learn from your mistakes and make sure you never repeat them. He also says that you should not be afraid to take advice.

TechStyle thrives under Adam Goldenberg’s leadership

While Adam Goldenberg does not have an exact test for fashion and beauty trends, Adam Goldenberg has shown a keen interest in fashion through his fashion-based business. He has worked and started several fashion selling companies. One of his first company was Intelligent Beauty, a company which focused mainly on e-commerce and directing its brand building to beauty markets and personal markets.

Mr. Goldenberg recently got a celebrity endorsement with his interview at CNBC. The celebrity endorsement has enabled him gain popularity both for him and his company. He has earned a lot of respect through building a business model that works and having many people admire from him. Adam Goldenberg is one of the masterminds of TechStyle, a company that focuses on selling fashion through ultra-modern means.

Goldenberg’s experience with fashion doesn’t start with TechStyle he has worked in several other e-commerce companies that focused on fashion. Adam Goldenberg began working for Intermix Media at the age of 20. He served as the Chief Operating Officer before the company became publicly traded. While serving at this company, he met Don Ressler and together founded their own e-commerce fashion business.

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While Goldenberg and Ressler enjoyed working for Intermix Media, they found it so hard to build a company based on their ideas of activities. They did the unthinkable by leaving the company. They went forth to start their brand known as Intelligent Beauty, a firm that grew to become a world leader in distribution of health and beauty products.

Adam Goldenberg later decided to take their business a notch higher by focusing on fashion. They created a company that sells highly fashionable clothing that is both stylish and unique. Their business model is hardly found in the market and has paid them off. They first started with JustFab, a company that became a leading destination for venture capital providers and fashion models. The company sells everything in fashion such as fancy dresses, handbags, and denim jeans. Recently the company ventured to athletic wear by creation of a branch company known as Fabletics.

The funding history of TechStyle shows the extent of work input by Adam Goldenberg. The company received its first funding of $ 33 million from US venture capital. In the year 2012, the firm gave the company $ 76 million along with other undertakings such as Technology Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty and Rho Ventures. A recent funding advanced by the Adam Goldenberg saw the company raise close to $ 85 million. However, sources indicate that the amount was slightly higher than this as the total funding for that period was close to $ 300 million.

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EOS’ Growth Spurt

EOS started their operations just seven years ago but since then has been able to grow into a massive player in the lip balm market. How they not only created their place in the lip balm market but also created a lasting company that has been able to retain success is depicted for the first time in an article in Fast Company.

The key factor that drove EOS’ success in the lip balm market was the opportunity they spotted in the lip balm market. Chapstick, the major player in the lip balm market, and their competitors, were simply not innovating and changing their product to meet modern tastes of their customers. There was no real differentiation between products and each brand was competing solely by lowering the cost of their products. Customers viewed lip balm with an non excited utilitarian view which did not elicit passion in them nor loyalty to a brand. To EOS this was a major opportunity to enter the lip balm market.

To make sure that they got their Ulta customers’ interests identified properly, EOS decided to interview one major segment of the lip balm market, women. Women stated that they were looking for more dynamic flavors and applicators for their lip balm, though they wanted their lip balms applicators to be sanitary. They were sick of losing their lip balms at the bottom of their hand bags. Further they wanted all natural and organic ingredients.

By making a product that met those needs EOS lip balm was able to capture a large portion of the lip balm market. EOS developed a lip balm that was in unique and colorful orb containers with unique fruity flavors. The product had all natural and high quality ingredients that met their high standards for products. While EOS charged a premium for their product, their female consumers were so enthralled with the product that they bought them and EOS grew and grew. Check out the evolutionofsmooth official website for more info.

EOS lip balm product links:


Geoffrey Cone Shares Knowledge About New Zealand

New Zealand is something that Geoffrey Cone is quite familiar with. He is a native to the country and he has worked with people who are planning on making a move to the country for many years. As a global attorney, it is his job to make sure that people know what they are getting into when they are making the move to a different country.


People who are global attorneys are professionals who make sure that people are making the right move when they are planning on immigrating to a different country. This is something that Geoffrey Cone does and something that he is confident about in the way that different things work. Geoffrey Cone makes sure that he is doing the best with what he has and what he can help his clients with so that they make all of the right moves when they are moving to a different country.


There are many people who want to move to New Zealand. The majority of people who want to move there are people who think that they are going to get a break on taxes when it comes to living in the country. Along with many other reasons to move to New Zealand, most people think that it is the perfect place to live because of the taxes that are in the area and because they think that they will be able to get a great break from the taxes that are a part of the country.


New Zealand doesn’t have lowered taxes, though. They don’t have a lack of taxes or anything of the sort. They only have tax transparency. This means that the country is completely open about what they charge in taxes and what people can expect to pay when it comes to the different earning brackets in the country. They work hard to make sure that people are aware of the taxes before they move there. New Zealand publishes their tax reports on a yearly basis in English so that anyone who can read English will be able to see what the taxes are like in the country.


People who wanted to move to New Zealand because of the taxes needn’t worry about what they will do. There are many other countries that are tax free and that they can benefit from. Many of these countries are just as nice as New Zealand and provide the same type of opportunity as New Zealand with the added benefit of not having to pay taxes. Geoffrey Cone advises people on what they should do when moving to tax havens. He knows a lot about this because he moved to a tax haven himself to help save some money.


Long Time SMU Supporter James Dondero Appointed To The Board Of The Cox School Of Business

James Dondero, the co-founder, and CEO of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management is one of those people that wants to make the world a better place. Dondero is known as one of the best investment managers in the financial industry. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia. He decided to become an accountant and investor early in his illustrious career.

In 1993, James and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management in order to give investors a vehicle to build wealth. Today, Highland Capital has more than $16 billion in assets under management. The firm has offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Dondero has been very active in emerging market investing. A 2015 investment in Argentina debt bonds is now returning more than 25 percent annually.

Under James Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital established the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is the giving arm of Highland Capital. The foundation supports several nonprofit organizations in the Dallas area. One of the foundation’s most recent achievements is their contribution to the Family Place.

The Family Place is a haven for domestic violence victims. Dondero’s foundation is matching all contributions to the Family Place Annual Fund Drive in order to reach a $16 million goal. The Dallas Foundation also supports the Dallas Zoo, The Bush Library, and the Perot Museum.

The Cox School of Business, on the campus of SMU, has also benefited from Dondero’s and Highland Capital’s success over the years. Highland Capital established an endowment called the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars at SMU. That program encourages and recognizes professional and academic pursuits.

The Cox School of Business recently added James Dondero to their board. Dondero brings a wealth of business knowledge to the school. Dondero is Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint Residential Trust, CCS Medical, and NexBank. Jim also sits on the board of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital. The Cox School of Business Executive Board is a large group of about 100 non-academics members. The members meet three times a year. They give advice and discuss strategies. The school contributes to the Dallas Community in several ways.