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Sujit Choudhry; Using Law to Unite Communities

Every country needs a constitution in order to state the basis of its foundation alongside its principles and constraints on the law and the government. As such, every citizen is always advised to understand how the constitution works and adhere to it. Moreover, in most constitutional democracies, the constitution is always interpreted through the top-level court alongside major authorities. While those are basic facts in the comprehension of a constitution, it is still clear that not everyone can disintegrate the constitution like Sujit Choudhry has been able to do it. Having travelled in different states and grasped a multitude of lessons in regards to how every country approaches its constitution, he has committed himself to breaking it down for people’s understanding in every way he can. Sujit Choudhry addresses the issues that every community or state goes through with the hope of finding a common ground even for those who feel left out by their own binding agreement. Read more about Sujit on

The Background Look

Being a skilled and renowned lawyer known internationally, Sujit Choudhry has managed to offer his services to different people. With that said, he seeks to understand the design of every constitution then ensure that it is used to solve cases in different aspects including ensuring that violence is resolved through the same constitutional models. Moreover, since there are communities that have succumbed to ethnic divisions because of the differences they have, Sujit Choudhry steps in as a uniting figure with the ability to make such parties reason accordingly. With that said, he recently took to the platform with the intention of discussing Eric Holder’s tweet.

The Use of Social Media to Solve Issues

With the advent of technology being the major highlight of social media use, most people have taken their grievances to such platforms with the hope of finding solutions. Recently, Eric Holder did the same when he posted a tweet on how the dismissal of Robert Mueller should be taken seriously by Americans. Terming it as a redline he went on to say that citizens should riot against his dismissal, check Moreover, he proceeded to say that should Robert Mueller be harmed in anyway, peaceful demonstrations would overtake the state.

Choudhry’s Sentiments

Sujit Choudhry comes into Eric Holder’s tweet as a uniting figure, an advisor to him and the state. At first, he is surprised that with the legal experience that Eric Holder has, he still has the decorum of taking such grievances to a social media. Therefore, he categorically tells Holder that it is important for him to use the right channels and in this case, the court it is. While Sujit Choudhry seems disappointed by the entire issue, he also advises Holder to stop causing commotion when these issues can be resolved peacefully.

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NewsWatch TV Reviews Contour Computer’s Ultimate Workstation

NewsWatch TV is a promotional advertising show. They aim their promotion of products on technology and entertainment options. Their focus is to appeal to consumers with their video format advertising with engaging promotional material that is informative and personable for consumers.

The NewsWatch TV show is broadcast on the AMC and ION affiliate networks. They usually have their show on at 7am on Monday on the AMC network. NewsWatch TV is owned and operated by the video productions and communication company Bridge Communications.

NewsWatch TV promoted the Contour Design Computer product the Ultimate Workstation. The Ultimate Workstation is set up to limit fingertip impact and to keep hands comfortably situated on the keyboard. The roller mouse red keeps your hands on the keyboard but still capable of scrolling and clicking. This allows the user to limit the amount of reaching over they do such as when they grab a traditional mouse to scroll a screen or click. Another mouse option from the contour design company is the roller mouse 33.

The keyboard is perfectly balanced and angled for people to have a comfortable place to set their wrists while they type or work on their computer. The Ultimate Workstation keyboard is completely wireless, making tasks that much easier in a workplace environment. The keyboard has smart energy saving capabilities, so it can keep working for long periods of time.

The Contour Design Computer’s Ultimate Workstation was broadcast by NewsWatch TV and viewed by 95 million households. The online campaign came up to 697,924 impressions. The campaign proved to be a success for the Contour Design company, as they saw a rise in sales.


The Legends of Grahams Edwards

Graham Edwards is one of the successful CEO in the UK if not the whole globe. Currently, Graham is the CEO of Telereal Trillium where he has held that portfolio for more than twenty years. Before joining the organization it was merely known as the Telereal, however, under his leadership, the organization experienced tremendous growth becoming the largest privately has owned company in the UK. Recently, the company valued to own and manage a 6 billion Pounds worth of portfolio and a total floor of 86 million square feet. Thus the data shows that the company houses equivalently 1% of the UK’s workforce. The turnaround of the company can be attributed influence and the management capability of Graham Edwards.


In the recent times, The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has appointed Graham to become the head of the organization. Center for Policy Studies is one of the top UK organization of the respected think tanks. The mandate of the organization is to come up with policies and promote them to ensure the role of the state is limited in influencing the families as well as volunteer organizations. Thus having Graham Edwards as the chairman of the CPS will bring significant effects to the organization. Graham does not only bring the experience to the management of CPS but also bring negotiation skills that will enable the organization to benefit from working with the government and other stakeholders. One of the memorable and the turning point of the Telereal and Trillium was in 2009 when he was involved in negotiations of the possible merger between the two. Graham played a pivotal role in brokering the deal which enabled the combined business to generate yearly revenue of more than 1 billion Pounds.


Graham Edwards will join CPS as the chairperson of the Centers Housing Policy Group as well as the Research Fellow. However, he will still be the CEO of the Telereal Trillium where he is expected to continue with his duties and responsibilities of ensuring the company remains competitive. The primary mission of Graham Edwards in the new position will be to develop policies that will facilitate the increase in rates of home ownership as well as new homes to the community.

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Family Man turned CEO of Ovations Pharmaceuticals LLC: Jeff Aronin

How Jeff Aronin Chartered Innovation Through Paragon Biosciences: Recap


Jeff Aronin is an individual that eventually would have to make an ultimate decision on how to treat his patients ailments. He had a child in his care who was suffering from seizures. The choice between treating this condition with surgery (that could be a rough recovery) or a medication was a tough call to make. Aronin eventually decided to go the route of medication to avoid the possible complications due to surgery. Jeff Aronin believes that building a relationship with his patients is very crucial step to further his career. It’s his patients that motivated him to become the Chief Executive Officer and creator of Ovations Pharmaceuticals LLC.


In the beginning Jeff Aronin received his Bachelors Degree through Northern Illinois University. He later obtained his Masters of Business Administration through DePaul University. He soon began a career in the healthcare field. He later discovered he could better help people obtain the medication they needed through the pharmaceutical industry. He created Ovations Pharmaceuticals LLC in the early 2000’s. He wanted to be able to fully focus his career on drug development and the patients needs. What was going to make his pharmaceutical company stand out from others was that his focus was to address the specific needs of the patients. Especially the patients who had rare diseases or diseases with little to no cure. He wanted to be able to make a difference for those people.


In 2009 a Danish company named Lundbeck offered to buy Aronin’s pharmaceutical company for just under one billion dollars. Lundbeck decided the smart thing to do was to continue allowing Aronin to be the CEO of Ovations Pharmaceuticals LLC. This company still continues to be a huge success story and to think it’s all because of a physician who wanted to make a difference in the treatment of his patients.


IC System – A Community Minded Company Partnering With Charitable Organizations

Community Is Helped By IC System’s Employees Through Volunteering


IC System is a reputable debt collection agency that is well-known. They have a rich history of providing high-quality effective services to their clients in the recovery of debt collection. IC System is committed to ethical business practices and guidelines, with leading-edge proceedings and actions. Their code of conduct and values are centered around honor, straightforwardness, people, and dignity. They are committed to giving to charitable causes in many ways and to see their community progressing towards being the best they can be.


IC System’s Goals And Mission


IC System has a goal and a mission to continue to be the best company that can be trusted in providing debt collection services to primary creditors. They are among the biggest employers in its metropolitan area. Maintaining a charitable front in countrywide and state level is important to the company’s innovative philosophy.


In 1981, IC System created an in-house charitable team to help with the support and development of the culture of institutional responsibility. This team is named Employee Charitable Help Organization. The members of the team have the responsibility of organizing the organization’s charitable efforts. On a yearly basis, the team creates donation affairs, bringing the community together, while devising opportunities for employees to get involved by volunteering in humanitarian outreach activities.


IC System’s Charitable Associates


IC System works with many charities involved in an array of goals and ideas of the varied operation. Many of the charitable efforts of the company focus on raising funds where employees take part in seeking sponsors to donate to charitable companies or businesses. One of the yearly events was the Polar Plunge that supported the Special Olympics, at the La Crosse Office. A total of $8,986 was raised by the Polar Plunge team. This money will be donated to the Wisconsin Special Olympics.


IC System has a strong volunteer program within its organization. Some volunteer activities are focused on food drives. They have collected and given food to needy people. In the past, IC have teamed up with charitable institutions, including Gillette Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.


Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas is a renowned financial expert who boasts of extensive experience and skills. Christopher has been managing a 20-people European Credit Group. The organization focuses on investment of principle opportunistic nature. Christopher uses his extensive knowledge of investment to guide other investors on the advantages and how to make investments. Chris has discovered that university and college students and other youths delay for too long when investing money.


Christopher Linkas advised that young people should ensure that they invest their money regardless of their economic status. Chris pointed out that many young people do not invest money hiding under the claims of paying back their student educational loans.


Christopher Linkas boasts extensive experience in international investment markets. He has a broad spectrum of various stock markets such as Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, and Greece. Chris argues that young people are not expected to retire for many years; hence they need to start investing at an early age regardless of their financial situations.


Christopher Linkas noted that it is also imperative for investors to reinvest. He pointed out that reinvestment helps in compounding interests hence fetching more returns for the investor. He quoted the saying of a great scientist, Albert Einstein that goes that compounding and reinvesting is equal to the natural wonders of the world. He said that investors are likely to have a substantial amount of money in their bank account if they consider reinvesting and compounding their dividends.


Christopher Linkas accused young investors of ignoring the attraction and fascination of dividends. He argued that young people want fast money forgetting that money takes time to accumulate. He encouraged young investors and businesspeople to consider long-term investments for them to reap sustainable returns.


Chris Linkas has vast experience across a range of industries. He knows the risks involved in investing. Chris confirmed that every investment is prone to risks. However, he cautioned young investors over investing in sectors that require high levels of risk-taking. He continued that there is no essence of losing 70% or more of one’s investment overnight as a result of one bad stock pick.


Glen Wakeman on What it Takes to Bring an Idea to Life

Glen Wakeman – world traveler, CEO, business owner, and mentor conducted an interview with Ideamensch to discuss his long, storied career in hindsight.


One of the companies created be Mr. Wakeman was LaunchPad Holdings, a company which, according to Glen Wakeman, was founded with the intentions of matching ideas with cash. In the interview, Wakeman talks about how he has heard so many incredible ideas from people without the knowledge or resources to make them a reality.


“An idea isn’t a plan,” said Wakeman. “So we thought we would make it easy and intuitive to build a plan with a simple software platform.”


That’s exactly what LaunchPad Holdings does. It takes an individuals concerns and ideas into consideration and produces a business plan for the customer.


Wakeman also explained his own personal techniques when bring a new idea together.


“[I] force myself to explain [my ideas] to others,” Glen said.


Before he speaks to anyone, he sits down and plans out his idea, creating an outline and going through the necessary steps required to bring the idea to life.


“Sometimes when you have to say [ideas] out loud, you realize how dumb they are,” Wakeman explained.


This process not only allows him to weed out the bad ideas, but it gives him the basic groundwork required to make an idea into something tangible. When Wakeman shows someone an idea, he makes sure that he is showing someone who will provide him with real feedback. He doesn’t want to explain his ideas to someone that is too nice or forgiving because they don’t have what it takes to criticize his work.


Wakeman also stressed curiosity in his interview, explaining that it is one of his most productive traits. In the interview, he explained that his curiosity makes him a better problem solver, encourage innovative, and creating a better experience for his customers.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Receives PUC Honors

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was honored by PUC-São Paulo pertaining to his position as State Court of Appeals Judge on April 1st. One of the new auditoriums at the Perdizes Campus took on the namesake of the magistrate, also a current professor at the institution for Criminal Law.


The ceremony began with Dirceu de Mello presiding, who praised Marco’s services and talents by stating that he is, “always ready to help with everything.” Dirceu continued that the judge helped oversee the construction of the new auditoriums and that the honor fit.


Ricardo Sayeg spoke about the career of Marco Antono Marques da Silva. Born in the city of Itapetininga in 1958; decided by age 15 to study Law. He started law studies at PUC in 1977 and graduated in 1981. Marco also pursued degrees for specialization, masters, doctorate and teaching at Pontifical Catholic University. In 2005, Marco’s postdoctoral fellowship was at the Faculty of Law of Coimbra. In 1982, he was already teaching at PUC, earning his tenure in 2003. Marco joined the State Judiciary in 1983 and was promoted to substitute judge and then became Court of Appeals Judge in 2007. Marco wrote 40 articles and 13 books including: “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity”, which he edited with the European Constitutional Law Professor Jorge Miranda, with entries by European and Brazilian jurists. Sayeg continued, “He fills us with pride and satisfaction, unanimously recognized by his fellow professors and students as one of our esteemed and most prominent teachers, and as a good man, honest, zealous and loyal… Long live! Here at PUC, you are immortal.”


In an emotional speech, Marco thanked everyone present. “I am aware that nothing in life is accomplished alone and therefore I am a man who values family, friends, education, justice and especially God.” He finished by saying,”I keep my restless spirit longing for change. Change that ensures human dignity is not just a figure of speech, rather makes it real and available to all our fellow human beings, without distinction of race, sex, age, or social, economic, or political status“.


Perry Mandera Supports Charity and Youth Aid Movements!

Perry Mandera earned his respected reputation within the business industry. Mandera founded The Custom Companies Inc., a service that offers business support to clients of different backgrounds across the globe. His company has existed for over thirty years, but his recent charitable sprees have shed new light on his character and his personality, especially when looking at his efforts to assist The Mercy Home.


Perry Mandera served in the armed forces, which brought him a different perspective on some of his life experiences. Mandera supports a large selection of charitable organizations that are related to his personal beliefs. Mandera’s history in the armed services personally connected him with charitable organizations that aid struggling veterans. He endorses charitable organizations that support the armed forces. Mandera has a wish to prevent the years of suffering that can be caused by devastating sicknesses. He makes an effort to focus on helping companies that support children who are in need as well.


Perry Mandera is a supporter of The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. This organization is a charitable company that focuses on preventing child abuse across the globe. The organization has assisted thousands of kids in several different ways such, one of which is the excellent youth mentoring services that are available. The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls provides efforts in providing resources to support abused children through various techniques. The mission has always been to help as many people as possible, to try and change the world for the better.


Mandera has a personal motivation and will to aiding young kids in his home community. He’s a big fan of youth sports, and helps kids get involved in sports like football and baseball. Mandera also wants to set a good example to try and teach kids the fundamental values that are important to finding success in life.


Jorge Moll Gives Thoughts On Effects Of Technology In Healthcare

The day will soon be at hand when physicians will be able to access all the information of a patient they are treating with a single voice command.


Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist and President of the D’Or Institute, says that technological innovation is a rapidly growing trend across the globe and is causing it to become impossible to have a discussion regarding the healthcare industry without talking about the benefits of technology.


Moll, who is from Brazil, says that the many technological advances made in the United States like have spilled over into the healthcare industry. Moll also fondly recalled a visit he and the D’Or Institute received from Dr. Albert Chan, of Sutter Health, who has become the largest network for healthcare in Northern California.


Jorge Moll says that the work Dr. Chan and Sutter Health is doing mirrors the work of the D’Or Institute in that it utilizes new technologies to improve the patient experience.


While in Rio De Janeiro, Chan spoke about major trends in the industry and expressed a passion to instruct others on how technology can be used to improve the way patients receive care.


Jorge Moll is in agreement with Dr. Chan and says that aligning medicine with technology is benefitting physicians upon initial consultation with patients because never before has an entire patient history been available to a doctor with a voice command. Google Glass is currently being used to provide this technology.


Moll also says this technology also improves interaction between patient and doctor because now that doctors no longer have the need to dig through mountains of files to access information, more time can be spent and more attention can be paid to patients.


Jorge Moll says that the process is becoming much more efficient as all information is stored remotely after a patient consultation and is available for review immediately by a specialist. The increased productivity allows the physician to provide a different level of both convenience and interaction that patients are responding to in a favorable way. Moll also reports on the trend that is seeing smartphones and tablets playing a larger roll in the retrieval of patient information.